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  1. Seconded. Very impressive RTC results.
  2. Anyone have video of the outburst after the Eirmann match? What model behavior!
  3. Is anyone investing in these long term? There was a hot period in 2020 where they appreciated about 250% but then pushed back down and now they are stuck in the mud. Relative to other cryptos that is putting it very lightly. I have a little $ in them and am really wishing that was bitcoin or ethereum now. Anyone here can convince me otherwise or is it time to move it?
  4. Any ideas yet on who we might see as the front runners at these weights? 61--Nashon, Graff, Gross, Colon -- Any way McKenna can make it? 70--Pantaleo, Green 79--Mark Hall, Zahid? 92--Does Cox re-emerge here or too much pride. Can he make the weight = ).
  5. But an extra year.....on top of an extra year.......on top of another extra year.....
  6. Semantics but he did miss. He weighed in over at the time of weigh ins. What he does after does not constitute making weight. I was going to throw a UFC analogy and even reference the DC fingers on the towel trick which was at the final minute of weigh ins (whereby if he was still over Dana wouldn't have said "he try again and if you make it in 13 minutes then all good!"......but then I thought, this is wrestling and we are the OGs of weight cutting. Do I really need to explain that?
  7. As an outside observer with no allegiance to Cox or Snyder (they are both very likeable IMO) my view on Cox is really starting to get critical. 1-The way he worded in his interview "I was told by a USA wrestling employee"..........."who is also my coach". For the love of god he must really be thinking of politics. I would respect him a lot more if he changed the order of those 2. As said he just looks transparent. 2-Can we all remember that he had a drawn out and fairly public decision between 2 weight classes and he chose to go up. He went up 24 pounds from the other class he was apparently strongly considering. He went up! And still missed! No pity for that.
  8. Snyder really peaked for this. He was ready for the challenge of Cox.
  9. NLWC on their way to having 50% of the team. Crazy!
  10. As they should, and we should now. This tourney could have much some simple adjustments to significantly improve the fan/viewer experience.
  11. Semi losers forfeiting may be common. Both Fix and Colon listed as FF now as well.
  12. Probably the semi losers forfeiting don't show yet, if there are any that is.
  13. There are a lot confirmed and up on Track FS-- Amos, Gross, Cenzo GR -- Jake Clark, Provizor Not sure how formal the FF process is to know if this is all inclusive or there will be more.
  14. Yep, I watched that sequence from about 0:15-0:10 remaining and thought it was a clear exposure, but guess I didn’t get what constituted exposing himself versus Gross putting him there. Thought Gross put him there but maybe I am ignorant on that rule.
  15. Have watched a lot of freestyle, but don’t consider myself super educated about some scoring that gets nuanced, and that said I feel like something was egregiously missed at the end of his Colon match. With about 10 seconds left he is in deep and while he may not have had a finish it seemed like clear exposure. Can someone explain why that wasn’t 2?
  16. These 3 matches shouldn't be at the same time!!!
  17. Well that is a big part of the problem = ). Do Tom, Terry and Den Dennis attend tomorrow? They could watch online from the hotel room the HWC is paying for them even though they don't really need it. Do they go to the arena and sit as spectators or they could be among the athletes/coaches and watch from down there pretending they are involved.
  18. A total of zero, 0 , no wins in the entire WTT tournament.... List the excuses, injuries, timing problems, etc. However, shameful any way you look at it.
  19. Finals tonight are 2 of 3 in addition to tomorrow night, or is it just the finals tomorrow night that are 2 of 3?
  20. Tie Eustice. Due to 1-1 at end of regulation matches.
  21. Go get em old dude!
  22. Kennedy can just redshirt next year can't he? If Marinelli and Kemmerer return then isn't that the play for him?
  23. Hall is simply a tweener. Similar to Pantaleo, Nashon, James Green, etc.
  24. Ah just an auto correct coupled with a lazy poster.
  25. His little Schlick where he tries to kick out inferior opponents legs while in the rear standing position is bush league. Guys not at his level get his little bully tactic so jackals in CHA can laugh. It makes his ‘Jesus Trained’ MO a joke. he should reallocate his time practicing how to humiliate guys not competitive with him to finishing takedowns on long, quality opponents.
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