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  1. Lee and DeSanto could be huge draws.  The next set of guys would be on par with the intrigue of the recent NLWC card.  That would be Marinelli, Kemerer and Eirman.  Being an active NCAA wrestler gives an automatic interest boost.  After that—any current HWC members well that is another level down.  They will need to maximize everything to make the $30 worth it for fans not considering this a charitable fundraiser for the club.  

  2. 27 minutes ago, Henry said:

    Generally speaking, you should avoid forming an opinion about someone based on a documentary or edited interview.  A good director or editor can make Stalin seem like the greatest guy in the world or Mother Teresa seem like the essence of evil. 

    Couldn't agree more.  BM did and said some very questionable things during his 3-4 year stint in IA.  He beat some very special and extraordinary competitors during that time.  For example, they showed the end of that big 10 final against Schatter and IIRC Metcalf got the go ahead takedown very late and then decided to put his forearm in the back of Schlatter's skull.  Like why?  Awesome competitor in this awesome sport gave you all he had and you bettered him, but you need to do that?  Plenty of other examples like the way he spoke about Lance Palmer in interviews.  Forgot the unflattering term that Burroughs had for him in the docu but I would bet the mortgage it didn't come from a complimentary place.

    That makes episode 2 and 3 intriguing to me.  Has BM learned and grown as a man since leaving that culture and how does he feel about "you have to be an a$$hole to be a good wrestler" that Tom Brands is famous for saying.  Has he transformed himself like Ramos or is that all still in his beliefs?  I really hope Flo asked some tough questions about that departure and philosophy.

    The cool thing about PSU and Cael is that they have proven that logic to be very untrue.  It is OK to be a dominant wrestler and a good human simultaneously.   See JB as well.

  3. What a great time to be a fan.  $30 is certainly testing the limits of what these events are worth though.  The UM/PSU meet was loaded with stars and only $9.95.

    Great to see these different streaming competitors put out a product.  With 4-5 now active perhaps we will see some best practices from each as they learn how to commentate, stream, fill dead air, transition from match to match, etc.


    Odd name for this Hawkeye one though.  Why would you call this an 'Open'?

  4. I enjoyed this docu as well.  The Schlatter interview was awesome and both of their perspectives on the rivalry were cool.


    I hope that they get deep into the Caldwell match and fall out, his room battles with Schwab early in his freestyle career and most importantly any and all drama on him departing from the Hawkeye family and specifically Tom Brands.  Episode 2 and 3 could be awesome, just hope Flo asked the tough questions.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    It has nothing to do with a sanctioning body. Last week CP made it clear on FRL that his lack of USAW membership had nothing to do with PDIII not being welcome.

    CP expanded on that this morning on FRL. He went through the timeline of support that Flo showed to PDIII. That included the statement that there has not been a more supportive media entity of PDIII than Flo. They view PDIII the person as endearing and PDIII the social media entity as doing himself no favors. Prominent coaches even contacted them to tell them not to get involved with PDIII. But they pushed forward with films, paying him to appear at Who's Number One, and including him on their initial Flo card.

    What really set CP off, and the stated reason for not including PDIII this time, was that two weeks prior to the event PDIII tweeted he was withdrawing because there were no woman's or greco matches 3 days after going to war with women's wrestling. They were angry that two weeks before their first event they were having to replace him in their main event. That kind of instability means they have no desire to go down that road again.

    So basically, Flo feels betrayed after showing loyalty that was not shown back.

    Do not listen to FRL so thank you.  If that was the case it is understandable.

  6. Not to belabor my rant too much here but Flo and their response to out of the box ideas reminds me of pro golf when the sport was being reintroduced to the olympics.  They sent surveys to key players about what they could do to drive interest and what format they should use.  The players came back saying "how about 4 rounds of stroke play, 72 holes total" and the outcome was an event that drew perhaps a touch more interest than a normal PGA tour event that is a non-major.

    Flo gets an A on the great concept, structure and potential of this event and then they falling back on basic wrestling tournament limitations and norms to defend in the box policies for entries and rules.  This could be the event of the year, or similar to golf and the olympics it could be another wrestling tournament bracket with perhaps a touch more interest than the normally scheduled ones.

    When CP dismisses someone like Downey being in the bracket (and trust me, no Downey fan here) it shows that either he has no situational awareness at all about promotion or it shows that Flo is unable to make the right decisions from the top down.  Because right now, for a small point in time, Downey is a hell of a draw and why on earth would you not make that happen?!?!  If that means changing a sanctioning body then do it.

  7. Also, just to preface that I am not anti-Flo conceptually, because the idea of an open weight class perhaps chosen to pull in competitors from two surrounding weight classes that are star studded is quite cool, especially to die hard wrestling fans.  Great idea and the potential to have something unprecedented was there (Dake, DT, Bo, Dieringer, Cox, PD3, Zahid -- amazing marketability and wow factor), but the result thus far is a Bill Farrel 86kg type bracket where none of the interesting guys show up.  For their sake the next 4 are the announcement worthy ones.

  8. 4 hours ago, gimpeltf said:

    If this is USAW sanctioned, Downey still is on the interim suspension list so couldn't compete.

    What is the benefit to Flo, or anyone involved, in having this be USAW sanctioned?  If the entertainment value goes up in any way, shape or form by being independent from that then for goodness sakes do that -- because these events are 100% about entertainment.

    Based on the first 4 names either Flo is holding onto the big names for a significant promotional announcement or they need a stronger mind involved in overcoming obstacles to enhance their events (example -- their rigid and lame excuse for not accommodating DTs no tech fall request when facing PD3).

  9. On 9/17/2020 at 12:49 PM, Class said:

    With all due respect to Gabe Dean I doubt he is who they had in mind.  You have to think they want Taylor, Cox, Snyder, Downey (not due to talent mind you but interest) and Nickal.

    If all are absent a bracket with Dean, Macciavelo, MyMar, Sam Brooks and Drew Foster and the like would certainly be interesting but on the level of perhaps a US Open bracket.


    So -- The interesting thing to watch now is will that prize money bring out those big guns and can they all make 195 (Cox/Snyder)?


    Well 3 of the 4 were in my “a little interesting “ grouping.  Hoping the other 4 are of the big name variety or the bracket and event will equate to a US open bracket minus the top 2-3 seeds.

  10. With all due respect to Gabe Dean I doubt he is who they had in mind.  You have to think they want Taylor, Cox, Snyder, Downey (not due to talent mind you but interest) and Nickal.

    If all are absent a bracket with Dean, Macciavelo, MyMar, Sam Brooks and Drew Foster and the like would certainly be interesting but on the level of perhaps a US Open bracket.


    So -- The interesting thing to watch now is will that prize money bring out those big guns and can they all make 195 (Cox/Snyder)?


  11. If this is true it is pretty baller!

    However, it is possible he is saying it is his "vision quest" to get some revenge on Spencer however, despite Spencer's reputation and stellar 2 NCAA tournaments , he is also moving away from a loaded, landmine filled 133 bracket that potentially includes Fix, Micic and RBY and his odds to win a title may actually increase just a bit at 125 considering some of Lee's inconsistencies.

    Now if Fix and Micic also went 125 well then.....lookout!

  12. I look forward to cancelling Flo I just have the subscription through some time in October so not much point doing so now.

    Their documentaries have gotten to feel like "rinse and repeat" and the coverage of Big Ten duals and other key duals seemed to fade away from must watch ones to the "all others".  My only reluctance now is that I love to watch the Scuffle and Midlands and the UWW events of Fila Jrs, US Open and WTT but their current personnel behavioral has made a borderline decision for this upcoming renewal an easy one for me.

    And LBJ I realize, that is just me.  They are not the devil, they just suck at a lot now. 

  13. 2 hours ago, MSU158 said:

    Actually, it is VERY common for multiple stalemates to be called during tiebreakers.  Rightly so!  The rules tighten, since nearly all in the top position are no longer actively pursuing the fall.  As such, if you aren't improving in the top position, a restart is warranted.  I believe this to be especially true with legs when you are in the "backpack" position with a wrist ride.  Fix is doing NOTHING BUT hanging on.  This goes on from 16 to 9 seconds without argument.  

    This is ABSOLUTELY how it should be called.  

    This suggests that it isn't a skill to get the boot in and punish with it.  A skill Fix has that many others don't, because if they did they would use it.  Had this been a spiral ride or a mat return while keeping the bottom man flat almost certainly a stalemate wouldn't come, but those are not as skilled a ride as what Fix did here and so what is the difference?.  Very, very poor call.

  14. Was contemplating attending and in looking at the tickets it says that the arena is cleared to allow 50% capacity but then all seating in General Admission?  Anyone know logistically how that will work?

    First come first serve but then everyone ensures they don't sit in consecutive seats?

  15. 1 hour ago, bnwtwg said:

    Routinely got beat up in his own high school room. The undefeated Indiana record led to being overhyped but this wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone wrestling at the time.

    I remember not just the Midlands appearance but also a little senior freestyle success as well while in high school.  Some of the hype went away when he lost to post Soph Dustin Schlatter at Fargo.

    That Fargo bracket had a ton of high level studs and if my memory was better I would list them off.


  16. To the bad — CP Schlatter, think he was ready to high AA out of high school then redshirted and tore his ACL.  Showed flashes during the regular season at times but never shined at NCAAs.  Destin McCauley, Alex Tsirtsis, Derek Garcia and Luke Kemerer.  Andrew Alton was sooo good as well.


    To the good — Johnny Thompson, Pletcher Mack Reiter, McDonough and Bubba J.

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