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  1. Recruited in that sentence meant to imply successfully landed, as in "Iowa recruited Brent Metcalf". I can edit if you like but hoping and thinking you knew the intent.
  2. The fact that the examples given, with the most recent being recruited 23 years ago, kind of reinforces the original point doesn't it. You guys can LOL at "it wasn't in the last 15 years" but c'mon. This is getting a bit comical. Again, not one/uno/single high level black athlete recruited out of high school with the current staff despite them being in place a decade and a half. Apparently saying something like this is "playing with numbers" or "insinuating" but this is just head in the sand mentality.
  3. You do realize that almost all wrestlers at IA were multiple time state champions right? i didn’t grab some crazy sample criteria that applied to the rest of the roster also. Jeez!
  4. Maybe, how is that representation versus say the rest of the B1G track and fields rosters?
  5. I don't. If Iowa is pursuing them strongly or as strongly as their white or latino counterparts in the rankings then there clearly is nothing to see here. Did they pursue and offer Gable, Hall, Brooks, Red or Carr similarly to Marinelli, Evans, Lee, Dziewa and Kemmerer? We don't know but the results make you go "huh?" and they continue when you go down the roster to the top 50 recruits, the top 100 recruits and the top 150 recruits. I am merely suggesting there is a lot of smoke here in that they haven't signed anyone and their colleague sports in the University have some serious allegations pointed to them, those don't reach the wrestling team but the chances of that happening are super slim because the wrestling team has very little representation, particularly from athletes with strong credentials and secure backgrounds that carry program influence.
  6. But he doesn't sign black kids. I am not insinuating that, it is a fact. Does that make him racist? He hasn't signed one with a state title out of high school at Iowa yet.
  7. I guess I find that there is 'evidence' of a program that hasn't included black athletes. I am not in anyway suggesting either Brands of being racist, but their program has some sort of underlying problem. It is becoming very clear that Ferentz himself isn't racist, and for the most part is liked by the black football players. If by 'evidence' you mean some sort of direct accusation by a black athlete I would actually suggest that personal circumstances, successes and emotion would make that much less reliable then something like solid, verifiable numbers. Now, if dozens came out saying the same thing then that is another story, see the S&T guy Doyle.
  8. Perhaps, but 15 years! Also, your counterproof is Gable Steveson who has admitted on numerous occasions that he grew up a huge IA fan and remained a strong IA lean into high school. Your making a presumption that IA pursued him appropriately to his talent level rather than him listing them in his final 4 due to that early fan pull.
  9. The only 2 strongly credentialed (by D1 B1G standards) he has signed are Montell Marion who came from a previous relationship with Terry when he spent a year at the OTC and Ed Cooper who had a stint at Community College first.
  10. Do you all really not see it. Lets look at it this way. Tom Brands came to IA in 2006, he just completed his 14th season. Since Tom Brands arrived he has not signed one black athlete directly from high school that at least won a state championship. NOT ONE. Is this OK? In an athletic department that is under a self imposed review of the black athlete experience. Of course the few he has brought in show appreciation, because he has only brought in those that certainly appreciate the opportunity because they have credentials that usually don't get them into the Iowa wrestling room or they have come from some past that has them on a short leash. Let me just say it again. Tom Brands has not signed a black wrestler directly out of high school that has won a state championship in his 15 year tenure!
  11. Anyone who read the article(s) should now have some knowledge of how blacks are treated within the athletic department and it doesn’t appear to be very good.
  12. Wisconsin should be represented by black athletes. Their athletic department is also not under a self imposed review of inequities in the black athlete experience. The top P4P is only to illustrate that there are certainly countless top wrestlers that Iowa should be looking at that are black. It isn't that they haven't gotten a top 5 P4P that is black, they haven't gotten ANY that are scholarship worthy in 5 years. Top 5, top 50, top 150 even.
  13. I saw some Q&As on Twitter today, does anyone have a Cliffsnotes version?
  14. The article speaks to the entire athletic department and so I am sure questions will be asked regarding each sport's handling of the black athlete experience. Football is under the gun per se but the article refers to the athletic department as whole. Perhaps a poor choice of words being "unable" to look at rosters but rather I just didn't have time during the work day, but I do now. Of the 14 B1G teams Iowa ranks 13th in black athletes on the roster (7 of the rosters are 19-20 and another 7 were updated to 20-21 including Iowa's). Iowa has just one black wrestler listed, true freshman Charles Matthews. By quick review to see if this was an aberration their totals on the last 5 rosters are 1, 1, 1, 1 and 2. (Jeremiah Moody being the sole individual 3 times and then also Faraan Brantley 5 years ago being a second). It is very possible that Jeremiah Moody (3rd in state, 3rd in cadets @ Fargo), Faraan Brantley and Charles Matthews are not scholarship athletes. Meanwhile during the same 5 year period taking the top 5 P4P from Flo senior recruits 28% of them are black (Bartlett, Kerk, Gable, Teemer, Carr, Hall and Red). B1G rosters = 14 Iowa rank = 13th with 1 (Wisconsin has 0!) Average = 3.3 Are there conclusions to be drawn from this? I don't know, but looking at the activity of top P4P recruits and the actual roster of IA were two quick data points and they both tell a bit of a story and that is that the IA team doesn't spend their scholarship $s recently on black athletes, despite the fact that they are a significant part of the upper echelon of our sport. Why is that? (Some possibilities = better guys on the roster, recruit in love with another school, those wrestlers weren't interested -why-, those wrestlers weren't targets -why-, target a 'certain' type of wrestler that fits the mold).
  15. Am sure Gable and Kerk would be a pass due to Cass
  16. I honestly wasn’t cherry-picking but was top of head thinking of top 5 P4P guys that were black. MyMar certainly and Kerkviket as well. Not questioning Iowa for not landing them, but we’re they top 3 on any of them? Top 5?
  17. I didn’t have much credibility to begin with. Let me just put it this way. White males probably will be OK, even if painted with a broad brush. I say that being one and considering myself pretty conservative/libertarian. Albeit I don’t hunt or wear camo.
  18. Moody’s testimony helps. I would be curious how many black rostered athletes the average B1G team has. I think the research isn’t too difficult but I can’t do it myself. Remember though speaking out takes a different kind of courage and challenge most can’t empathize with. Especially from someone currently in the program (see football players, even when gone it is sooo much easier on them to say ‘me too’ IA seems lightly represented and to me the biggest question is why top 5/top 10 P4P black athletes don’t go to IA and seemingly don’t consider them? Hall, Stevenson, Brooks, Bartlett, etc. not that Brands and Gable are racist—similarly Ferentz seems to be liked by the football players alleging problems— rather what culture have they allowed to be perpetuated in their programs. it is easy for an IA fan to say we just take the best wrestlers we can get, but why isn’t that the guys listed above? IA should certainly demand to be in their top 2, top 3 right?
  19. OK. I will restart. It is becoming more and more clear that there is a racist culture in the University of Iowa athletic department stemming from a sport that is highly inclusive of black athletes. The individual at the center of the allegations worked with the wrestling team as well and the wrestling team seems to have a smaller % of black athletes compared to other programs in the sport. Pushing glasses up to nose. Is this succinct enough that we can discuss now? Hopefully any references to "looks like a duck, quacks like a duck" type of bias and intolerance have been cleared here.
  20. The front page of ESPN has lit the firestorm, just click on it the page you can't miss it. Can't we just be big boys and be OK with front page national news being discussed as a possible implication to wrestling as well? Or is there some hope with the wrestling program at Iowa that they won't or shouldn't be looked at or talked about laterally from Doyle and Ferentz. Clearly Doyle was and is a bit of a patsy for the larger department but it is well known he has worked with the wrestling program throughout his tenure. Is it not OK to discuss that here? Hoping it will just go away?
  21. ESPN article on the football program is very enlightening. Seems to be less about representation and more about being held to different disciplinary standards and discomfort in being themselves around the program. It is well written and really an eye opener regarding systemic, and often subtle, daily racism that blacks endure. On the outside looking in the wrestling team doesn't and hasn't had a lot of black athletes, which isn't unusual for Iowa City, but is there any review of the experience of those black athletes, either with the current administration or past? It doesn't fit everyone but there definitely is an underlying preference in the program for hunting, country music and camouflage. I will go ahead and be hypocritical here and mention that those traits often fit someone who isn't.....ahem....tolerant.
  22. Dake/Chamizo was great. There are so many positions I want to see those 2. Think if they did tango at 74K it might pull the odds over to Frank. Think that cut takes a bit out of Dake.
  23. You are right and I don't mean to just hype with recency bias. There is an eye test thing with RBY and his FR to SO jump was big and I just see something that makes me thing another jump of that extent has happened. He looks longer, stronger but still so fast and quick with some PSU pace and aggression when a superior wrestler being mixed in.
  24. Are the previews due to crash or are we still going on schedule? Need to know if it is worth the wait if we are running as expected or if it is time to just focus on UFC.
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