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  1. Not much of a gimmick. Flo had high school wrestlers do a 35 minute match so adding 2 minutes on a match for senior level athletes isn't outside the box. No need to stress on the PD3 side though as Flo has taken the fall as Jaraslov is alluding to the ironclad contracts between amateur wrestlers, that must be in the 4 if not 5 digits, being too onerous to amend with 45 day notice. They get to protect one of their contracted athletes from looking hypocritical from his chest thumping insufferable social media personality with the small expense of appearing to be a small time company with the nimbleness and speed of US Steel. That is no big deal though as their customers are more or less assumed loyal.
  2. Fair enough but a bit disappointed in a heavy sarcasm post responding to a request to change some non-material aspects of a contract between amateur wrestlers. Send me a version and if both wrestlers are willing I can update those 2 rule set terms and get you the executed version tomorrow. If your organization isn’t dynamic enough to get that done in 2020 at least spare us the heavily sarcastic response implying impossible beuracracy you can’t overcome for an event a month and a half away. You see what Dana White can get done? Do better! I am a fan, feedback is a gift.
  3. Huh? No need to reopen negotiations, the claim was Taylor proposed it and Flo said no. Only now suggesting to reach out to Pat and ask him if all remains the same but the bout is 2 minutes longer and no TF is he agreeable. Surely there is some way to just ask Pat, if only he was available online or via social media = ). Heck, I can ask him, if he is cool with it is Flo?
  4. You don't present it, Taylor does. Now all you have to do is wait to see if Downey accepts or not (as stated above it may be wise for him not to). Flo doesn't need to get involved other than see if Downey accepts. I am sure the difficult logistics of changing the time on the clock for an extra minute can be worked through by the operations team at Flo. You did unlimited overtime for WNO so it isn't like there isn't precedence for altering formats slightly which is what this is.
  5. Then why in the world would Flo reject it? Consider the thread the audience (many of us are members I am sure, including myself) want to see it and increase the drama surrounding the match. Re-open the consideration Flo -- For your fans!
  6. It is because he claims Mark Hall has no offense and hasn't developed in 5 years.
  7. Mark Hall is a great individual. His celebrations rubbed some the wrong way but he is a quality human being. His wrestling was based on amazing technical detail and I am not surprised that as a clinician he was shining. hamerlockthree might be the dumbest person on the internet today.
  8. There may be some aspect to the crowd at NLWC around his weight but think this is more about a very tight relationship he has with Slay.
  9. If you are sticking to folk style in your assessment of James Green I believe you have to put Ness ahead of him. Had head to head success and outplaced him in March.
  10. Class

    Ufc 249

    I am quite sure the projections in the millions were with mitigation efforts.
  11. Class

    Ufc 249

    Damn -- 2 full pages had me excited to click and read about the absolutely fantastic card and fights last night, then I had to read through this. It was a wonderful event that brought joy, distraction and fun to millions that needed it last night. Kudos to UFC, Dana White and everyone else. If there are people out there that don't see all the great benefits that this brough and can only focus on a positive test of Jacare and how that was handled, well thanks for the preview of all of the pain the A$$ stuff we have to read through the next 12-24 months. Yeah, COVID is serious, everyone please try to remember and treat it that way. Bitching up a forum about Jacare when the event was FANtastic shows you really are looking for something.
  12. Could you imagine if that match had to wrestle through the next 4 minutes. Downey would need an iron lunge to hang with DT for a full 6 minutes. His conditioning is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was in this match however. This linked match would have been 100-0 without TF rule. Now, maybe he fights him off for another minute before the collapse....maybe 25-0 now. LOL. Downey is just trying to stay relevant. Sadly for him if he is anywear near the top challengers to DT then...well....there just aren't any. He isn't though, in his freestyle match with Bo he would have been projected to lose by about 60-0 if there wasn't a tech fall, yet he and Dad seem to take a moral victory of Bo pushing out of an upper body tie or something like that.
  13. And a well done by CP and FRL getting the right questions answered.
  14. "We are paying you until this time and then we will figure it out" quote from Miracle. "We are paying you until July and then funding is cut" quote from Alli "We have unlimited funds and will do what is best for our women" quote from Terry Brands.
  15. So, now it appears one of the other 3 women (Miracle) is stating that her funding situation was never discussed at all and that whatever arrangement she had financially still stands indefinitely, or at least she is suggesting it in so many words as a counterpoint to Alli. Alli has since doubled down on her statement that a zoom call did in fact occur indicating that funding would end in July. Miracle is going to join FRL tomorrow and perhaps there will be a bit more directness, even if we are left with a he said/she said or she said/she said. The situation is getting a bit more bizarre by the moment. An interesting strategy by the HWC in the midst of the accusations announcing that the club is adding Moody, Lugo and Glynn. While the temptation to wait until some smoke clears out of respect for the situation and women's wrestling may have been prudent perhaps they felt pressure that the other RTCs would be pursuing those free agent hammers (hoping sarcasm meter is on).
  16. Christian Pyles reporting a quote from Tom Brands to the effect of "The girls left voluntarily and we wish them luck and if they want to come back we will support that decision" which is bordering on as non-answer as the dude from HR was given. Can we all just agree that if they didn't pull funding from the girls currently or in the imminent future then one of them would have just said that? Taking it a step further then Tom and Terry both did some serious BSing in their interviews immediately following the backlash, and while Tom decided not to double down with the quote today he is trying to take the high road in an ingenuine and very transparent way. And really Pyles, I mean really, you couldn't just ask him the obvious, elephant in the room question?!?!?! Whatever role you claim to have in this situation whether it be a journalist, interested observer (or whatever it is semantically because I genuinely don't know how you position yourself) why would you put yourself in a position to share the same poor corporate speak they are delivering on HR right now. Because truly what Tom is saying is "hey I am not going to pay you anymore but if you want to stay here for free great. If someone else is going to pay you and you go there you can always come on back here and represent us for free"
  17. BELDEEN on HR making some clear answers that are very contradictory to the Brands interviews and does nothing to actually address the policy towards the women and funding policy with them. He seems to be in leadership or influence with the HWC. A bit disappointing.
  18. Maybe a theory is that the club is anticipating a slew of new athletes from the senior class next year. Lee, Marinelli, Kemerer and Desanto all could possibly be considering wrestling beyond college
  19. What is the story here? Interview from Alli Ragan states that the females were told funding ended this Summer. Seems to contradict a lot of interviews from HWC leadership stating that funding was a 0% factor in the Perry departure and previously speculated (perhaps now confirmed) departure of their females.
  20. Suriano was in on Micic and couldn't finish. Micic was in on Suriano and finished very cleanly and smoothly. A high level match where ability to finish (A Micic trademark) was the difference maker. Micic was heavily hampered at NCAAs, he was out a significant amount of time prior to Big 10s. Agree to disagree but I think the reversed result at NCAA is attributed to that and not Suriano adjustments.
  21. Still contend that Micic is better than he gets credit for because he was so hampered in the last half of his last season. I thought he was (albeit small) a level better than Suriano when they wrestled in the dual meet that same season Suriano won it. Micic was still formidable at NCAAs that year but was forcibly defensive. I think he is still a favorite over Suriano. Rivera and Fix would be interesting stylistic matchups for him however.
  22. Seems like a bright, dynamic individual from the outside looking in. Congrats to him.
  23. I don't really recall him being ridden as well, although the visual of the Caldwell cross face in the finals is ingrained in my memory because of the "disrespect". Stealing that wording from Blatnick in the headlock sequence. Back to the original topic there are these instances where Metcalf was punished a bit in his career, whereas there are not equivalents in Zain's career even considering a true freshman year in a very tough weight class including an at the time 3 time champion.
  24. OK, in the B10 final Palmer rode him most of the 2nd and built up a lot of riding time. Then in the third he choose down and escaped to make it 3-2 and his riding time had gotten to about :50 from Metcalf's ride. Going into that last minute and scramble BM did lead by 1 but once the takedown was secured in addition to those points and back points riding time was also pretty quickly secured as well for LP.
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