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  1. Vak--While being too lazy to re-watch the Palmer/Metcalf big 10 finals I believe that Palmer put a pretty punishing ride on Metcalf in the 2nd and that Metcalf may have then chosen neutral in the 3rd. In the NCAA finals 2 weeks later Metcalf again chose neutral in the 3rd with a 1 point lead because of his own riding time.
  2. So to me the question is does Metcalf get Zain's lungs to wear out cause I don't think he has a takedown advantage in the first and perhaps second. Come the third he could and it would have to overcome a mat advantage from Zain, although outside of Palmer and Caldwell in the final I don't think Brent was ever ridden much.
  3. Breaking Bubba > Breaking Micah, but....... Bubba got some easy initial takedowns, Micah not even close. How does Metcalf have an advantage on the feet? Caldwell when prime made Metcalf look sloppy on his feet. A 3 year older Logan Stieber couldn't do that to Zain. When facing great wrestlers Metcalf was not strong on his feet, until they got very tired. Zain tech falled Micah which is breaking him and did so when Micah had lungs. Metcalf was inferior to Bubba until his lungs gave out, only then could he handle him.
  4. Interesting. David Taylor one of 2 undefeated years? I think Gable Steveson was there through big tens this year.
  5. Total team “punts” by Michigan and Cornell will end up allowing them to gain on Iowa and PSU. Lots of Olympic redshirts in there but both will get the full 4 years for most of their stars due to their down year. Michigan certainly wishing they had held back Paris as well.
  6. MSU well said on his senior year and those echo my thoughts as well. He really reached a new level and his progression from Jr. to Sr. was really remarkable. Regarding his freestyle aspirations the rule set at the time was not conducive to his disability. if you recall this was the 3 period best of 2 wins era and the tie-breaker was starting with your opponents leg, an obvious (and perhaps totally impossible) disadvantage for Robles.
  7. Well it was in reaction to the previously laid out “formula” for wrestling Robles and that McDonough simply dismissed it. I was suggesting that beating Robles his senior year wasn’t just going to happen by opponent game planning, strikingly similar to SL this past year. If you applied my response to another point that doesn’t mean I was ignoring it.
  8. They apparently all didn’t pay attention to the formula listed to beat Robles that year
  9. McDough and the other 35 opponents he faced that year. Acting like there was a formula to beat him is downplaying the force he became his senior year and that version of McDonough was a prime very high level wrestler.
  10. Class

    Penn State

    Will be a very interesting year for PSU with two very high potential guys in Kerkvilet and Starocci emerging, although Kerk is entering such a star powered weight class. I think some interesting scenarios at play: 1-Is Berge a long term health concern? His potential at 157 was very high. 2-Does Bartlett take over right away at 149? 3-What happens with 125? Howard, someone serviceable or transfer portal? 4-Are Joe Lee and Beard 4 time AA threats or not?
  11. 125---Arjau, Lee, Glory 133--Micic, Fix, Suriano 141--Lee, Eirman, Red 149--Yanni, Mauer, Boo 157--Deakin, Carr, Hidley 165--Marinelli, Kharchla, Griffith 174--Mekhi, Kemmerer, Starroci 184--Amine, Brooks, Hidley 197--Darmstadt, Adams, Brucki or Warner HWT--Gable, Kerkvilet, Parris
  12. Assume that is the big Schultz at ASU with many Greco credentials
  13. Class

    Lee Kemp

    Thanks for the heads up on the documentary. Really enjoyed it.
  14. Pitch count or not hopefully you can see the point of the argument being relative here versus say the Hodge. When looking at a metric like this the quality of his performance at the us open is a strange counter argument and irrelevant. ( hopefully it is clear that I understand it was super impressive, it was).
  15. Yeah, but doing the midlands and skipping the semis and finals?!?! Cmon, his US Open prep didn't really require that kind of pinpoint ceasing of folkstyle? Outside of Picc those would have been 2 of his toughest matches of the year with the dual against Glory being the other. Perhaps an argument could be made that Schroeder was a tougher opponent then the Midlands semi. Surely MSU you can understand Mokoma's argument as it relates to this award no? Taking away 2 or 3 of Hall's toughest matches which Spencer clearly did then he would have been higher in this scoring formula. Your counters are valid for the Hodge, no doubt but not in this one.
  16. Not sure what the best solution is but MSU articulated my intent. Maybe a consi round is pulled from the Friday AM session shortening that one a bit, pull that in to Friday night to run at the same time as the semis and then when they conclude the blood round begins and has it’s own attention. That pulls the consi quarters into Saturday AM so potentially 3 matches in one session for a competitor which isn’t ideal. but man as a fan that Friday night session would be amazing!!! I truly think the bloodround for a casual fan may not take as much but for us diehards it would become a very marketable and potential highlight of the tourney.
  17. Has to be the lack of attention to the Blood Round which gets overshadowed by the semifinals. Not sure just what the solution is but man Saturday morning session is soooooo drawn out anyway that there must be one right? There is amazing drama in this round with huge team score and individual dream implications. Do you all agree and if so can we start some sort of petition now in this ‘down’ time?
  18. Steveson never showed up? He was a pretty dominant force this year taking care of Cassiopi and Parris, while Parris cleared out everyone else comfortably as well. In fact I don't think Steveson gave up an offensive point this year did he?
  19. Makes sense. More Stephen A Smith type than journalist I suppose then.
  20. Just an interesting choice of words is all. I think they would be fine words for a fan to use, but if he is representing himself as a journalist. Hey, it was the very likely outcome but his word choice was that it was a definite.
  21. "They would have won NCAAs" -Christian Pyles Kind of an interesting quote from a journalist. I mean, I agree and think this would be a reasonable quote from a fan, but bigger collapses have happened like the total swing that occurred in 1997. Just thought it was kind of interesting for CP to say that. Surprised he didn't include his reverse, quadruple reverse psychology go to disclaimer that he knows people think he is a PSU homer!
  22. Interesting match and 2 move sequences could have gone either way, plus while I think Ruth went deep 1 year it didn’t seem like he ever totally took to freestyle. Taylor did get some extraordinary gains since that video however. Physically, skill set, international results, etc.
  23. Granting the eligibility would reduce parity in our sport which is already In a rich get richer phase because of how the transfer portal has played out. the further reduction would be 2 fold. 1-the qualifiers given the option have a direct correlation between potential NCAA points and the quality of their teams. The maximum benefit goes to teams 1-5, next is 6-10 and so on. If you limit it to seniors then an element of randomness is introduced. For example, Ohio state and PSU would benefit more than Iowa. If it is all qualifiers then the best teams get more than good teams, good teams get more than decent teams, decent teams more than crappy ones, etc. the only exception would be those teams that used Olympic redshirts. 2-If some % of wrestlers chose to exercise the option those % would likely skew higher for the top level of wrestlers as their priorities in life center around the sport more than others. Wrestlers fighting to be 1 time AA may not want to do the 6th versus one that may be going for high AA and title contention bridging to a life in wrestling through coaching, RTC stipends, etc. granting the extra year further kills parity and let’s face it we really don’t have much.
  24. it isn’t their athlete really at risk though, these guys have top level immune systems and might have a day of diarrhea, headaches and a fever. Are they shutting Spencer Lee or Mark Hall down for the benefit of the greater public.. when come on....we all know this thing will pass anyway.
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