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  1. Logistically is that going to happen though, and when? In the interim however if Bryan Glynn has a high temp and needs to be tested is that getting out (as it should) to quarantine down the rest of the Iowa team? Not trying to be an Iowa hater, replace that with any team. we would all be naive to assume there isn’t one Rudy Gobert out there on a wrestling team training in the same room as a national entrant. The question is, would the coach jeopardize the entrant for the good of the public? What if it is Spencer Lee or Mark Hall with program success riding on them?
  2. Tom Brands/Cael/Mark Manning. if their star has a temp of 102 tomorrow how are they handling it? I would not have high expectations that they would risk their teams NCAAs by disclosing. Do you?
  3. Agree. Think 197 just doesn’t have the firepower and intrigue that 125 does, although outside of Picc Spencer hasn’t wrestled any exciting names. The only seed of doubt is that he bowed out of 2 opportunities to face Glory.
  4. If Spencer Lee has a 101 temperature tomorrow does anyone really think Brands is making that known and holding him back? The governing has to occur at a higher level here. If the event isn’t cancelled by the weekend several schools will start to prohibit participation. At the very, very best I think we will have some small brackets but smart money says the tourney is scrapped very soon.
  5. Also, would be quite surprised if NCAAs proceed as planned. Even with a non-spectator consideration some athletes will be held back undoubtedly whether sick or not and you can expect that a coach with a title contender will disclose possible illnesses about as well as an NFL coach willfully diagnosis concussions.
  6. Ah--I love Steven King. Some long reads that were very enjoyable include Under the Dome and 11.22.63 (going off memory on that date) among others.
  7. If not Penn State then simply no one. Nobody else has high end firepower to threaten Iowa.
  8. He is getting “in” and stopping. As in very quick and clear settle for a stalemate before. Particularly when taking the left leg single that guys are gift wrapping for him. I never noticed it ever before with him but it has been constant for 3 str8 matches.
  9. I would implore everyone to watch the Lovett match. He shut him down more than RBY did....while not getting that ever important takedown mind you = )
  10. The Decatur match makes me question the non-100% thing though. While Fix and likely Suriano are back next year I think a healthy Micic is a nightmare for Desanto. Last year at NCAAs Micic was very limited and still was not threatened by ADS. Point being I don’t think an NCAA title is happening next year.
  11. I think the poor choice of top by Lovett really gave Desanto that match. He had ADS completely shut down on the feet.
  12. Since he is so polarizing why not another thread? He now has 0 takedowns in three consecutive matches. I don’t know that I have witnessed an overly active buzz saw shut down in sooo many positions. What is going on in his head and why are the Brands struggling so much with the big right leg lead left arm back tactic. Bizarre that a basically in-defended single to the left leg is a position he wants nothing to do with all of the sudden.
  13. Colaiocco lost to Hofstra. Went down 6-0 in an Oliver tilt. Got to within one and thought he had 2 at the end, was quite surprised Penn didn't challenge.
  14. Lurker, a raise of the glass to that wonderful response.
  15. Who is the guy in the glasses? He enjoyed happy hour.
  16. They don't really think that turn was in bounds do they?
  17. McDonough is crazy good when he is extended.
  18. True, but they seem to have gotten scores wrong in Stroker-Kemmerer and Welch-St John even after the delays.
  19. These stoppages are not helping the show.
  20. The videos have been great!
  21. Keddy and Winn, perhaps some 'stocky. builds.
  22. Wow this is freshman year film study quality work.
  23. Didnt think 5 bucks could be a rip off but I guess my wasted Friday night hitting refresh is worth something as well.
  24. I got most of the Stroker match and then it died during injury TO
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