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    Class got a reaction from gallison in Tigerstyle WC   
    Seconded.  Very impressive RTC results.
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    Class got a reaction from AHamilton in Brands   
    Anyone have video of the outburst after the Eirmann  match?  
    What model behavior!
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    Class reacted to Drake_Mallard in NCAA All Heel Team   
    Way to add to the discussion. I bet you're fun at parties...
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    Class got a reaction from Perry in Hawkeye Wrestling Club (HWC)   
    But an extra year.....on top of an extra year.......on top of another extra year.....
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    Class got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in J'Den Cox Misses Weight   
    Semantics but he did miss.  He weighed in over at the time of weigh ins.  What he does after does not constitute making weight.  I was going to throw a UFC analogy and even reference the DC fingers on the towel trick which was at the final minute of weigh ins (whereby if he was still over Dana wouldn't have said "he try again and if you make it in 13 minutes then all good!"......but then I thought, this is wrestling and we are the OGs of weight cutting.  Do I really need to explain that?  
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    Class reacted to Antitroll2828 in This is Iowa's time to strike   
    Has yianni ever actually beat zain other then that one meaningless tournament overseas? And now he’s unlikely to get past him? I love yianni but my god he is the most overhyped wrestler in America, he’s lost to JO, Zain, McKenna and Nick Lee domestically the last 2 years, yet still hear people say he’s the future of the weight 
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    Class reacted to swoopdown in OTT Finals Thread   
    They need to interrogate Cox under a bright light and see if he sweats 
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    Class reacted to SamStall365247 in Semis Thread   
    Wow, going to take my socks off and go for a nice long walk outside after that one. 
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    Class got a reaction from Lunaticfringe in Best "Stall" Nicknames   
    Tie Eustice.  Due to 1-1 at end of regulation matches.
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    Class got a reaction from jross in David Carr Twitter   
    Also some people that carry themselves very well.
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    Class got a reaction from BigTimeFan in David Carr Twitter   
    Also some people that carry themselves very well.
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    Class got a reaction from JasonBryant in Jake Clark   
    Go get em old dude!
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    Class got a reaction from Plasmodium in Marinelli does not AA   
    Hall is simply a tweener.  Similar to Pantaleo, Nashon, James Green, etc.  
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    Class got a reaction from dman115 in Marinelli does not AA   
    Again, the goal posts are changing.  His only losses his last 3 years were to Zahid and once to Kemmerer, which he reversed almost immediately.
    As a freshman he was raw and talented but not as good.  Bo Jordan is not Zahid and Alex Meyer is not Kemmerer.  
    You get this right?  Simply put Hall as a Jr would beat Hall as a true frosh.
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    Class got a reaction from simple in Marinelli does not AA   
    His little Schlick where he tries to kick out inferior opponents legs while in the rear standing position is bush league.  Guys not at his level get his little bully tactic so jackals in CHA can laugh.  It makes his ‘Jesus Trained’ MO a joke.
    he should reallocate his time practicing how to humiliate guys not competitive with him to finishing takedowns on long, quality opponents.
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    Class got a reaction from RealAmericanHero in What's going on in Columbus?   
    A number can certainly be applied to the positivity that is for sure.
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    Class got a reaction from BobDole in What's going on in Columbus?   
    A number can certainly be applied to the positivity that is for sure.
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    Class reacted to jross in Stalling on top ....It's a PROBLEM   
    Your method of expression reminds me of the old man that goes out to sea every day and fishes for marlin in Earnest Hemingway's "The Old Man in the Sea."  The world passes him by and his fishing style sadly becomes a lost art.  The top man applying pressures and torques while riding parallel does not entertain the masses.  This forum is full of fans that care enough to bicker on the internet and spend money on the sport.  Their feedback is more valid than the traditionalist and less valid than the masses in regards to wrestling's future.  When wrestling was pulled from the Olympics, the IOC stated "It's not a case of what's wrong with wrestling; it is what's right with the 25 core sports."  The rules need to evolve to influence more entertainment.  This means less ankle sitting, less leg-driving quality kids out of bounds, and overall encouraging more action.  I wonder if rewarding the top man significantly more points for riding time would encourage more action.  What if the top-man was given 4-pts for a full period ride out?  What if top-man was given 2 pts for every 30 seconds of riding time AND both wrestlers were stood up after any 30 second where no backs are awarded?  The bottom man better get out quickly... will expend energy... the top man is rewarded for his work... there is more action for the fan.  One of the boring problems with freestyle is that the bottom man is not incented to escape... it is too risky to move off one's belly... so top and bottom lay there until the neutral restart...
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    Class reacted to 152lbs in David Carr Twitter   
    Pretty Cool
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    Class reacted to BAC in So can Iowa stop destroying Lee future now?   
    By sitting out the NCAA season to focus on surgery (as needed) and rehab, and getting ready for OTTs. I am puzzled that I have to explain that. It is now clear that his 2019 injury has never been addressed as Spencer explained. Frankly it probably should have been an Olympic redshirt last year, to give ample time for surgery and rehab — and then he probably could have competed this season with rehab done. But they had him compete last year, and agin this year, and now it has been compounded with another injury to the other knee when he should not have been on the mat in the first place.
    Just unbelievable that one of the best lightweight Olympic prospects this country has ever seen is being handed to the USA by Iowa with two bad knees — one which hasn’t been operated on or given time to heal for 2 years, and the other of 2 weeks ago which never would have happened had he not been on the mat in the first place and has been getting beat on some more the past 2 weeks.
    Thanks Iowa, Team USA really appreciates it.
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    Class got a reaction from Tofurky in Desanto sanctioned   
    Oh the days when people got away with their abusive behavior!  I pine for them.
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    Class reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Desanto - what happened   
    Men have looked like women, and vice-versa since the dawn of time. It's not new. It's why baby boys are traditionally dressed in blue and girls in pink - otherwise you may not know.
    Until recently, society has known this full well and has had the decency to not make a big deal about it.
    When someone decides to make it a big deal, you have to ask yourself. What's the point? (More often than not, it's an effort to make fun of the subject. Which is stupid.)
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    Class reacted to drag it in A plea for unity   
    PSU and Iowa people going at each other across forums and threads.  Can't we just all get along? 
    It's well proven that the best way to bring warring factions together in a community is by uniting against a common enemy.  
    I propose:  The Refs.
    Yeah, I know, they didn't get a lot of matches this year, either.  But the quality of the officiating this month was not good.  
    I thought the way stalling was called tonight was brutal.  First of all, the officials have hurt the sport badly in recent years by not calling stalling nearly enough, and by being almost universally afraid of calling it near the end of a match no matter what was happening (or waiting until 10 seconds to go to give a worthless warning).
    Then tonight, they finally start calling it (1) apparently out of the blue (although I do wonder if they got a memo or other directive on this); and (2) badly and inconsistently.  
    Several stalling calls on sprawls, but not on backing away.  The RBY calls were egregious -- I've never seen three calls like that in an important match, particularly when the opponent wasn't being aggressive.  To be consistent at all, Ferrari should have been penalized a point while riding before the escape in the second and/or on his feet in the third.  (Please don't sic your dad on me, A.J.; if you dead lift 665 he must do 1,665).  Etc.  
    Anyway, the wrestlers in black, blue, and all other colors were out there giving it their all all weekend.  Let's give them a quick break and rip into the guys on the mat without the singlets.
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    Class reacted to LifeintheRed in Finals Discussion   
    I feel like I knew what Austin O'Conner's mom looked like before I saw her.
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    Class got a reaction from sisi in Parco   
    What a competitor and the "out of nowhere" eye opener for me this tournament.  Good on you kid!
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