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  1. Ok my .02. I'm a BIG Dake fan. I'm from Long Island so I know the NY wrestling scene. I'm also an old guy. But I think that if Dake can wrestle in July. He should wrestle Dieringer first period.Yes Dieringer can go to the tournament too. But he shouldn't have to take a chance on getting injured. Too me it just looks like Dake is ducking.
  2. garyc

    Suriano has the last laugh

    It's great that we can all have an opinion on this and have a good debate on it. That's wrestling. There will always be disagreements. But in the end, we all love this sport, and can agree to disagree!
  3. garyc

    Suriano has the last laugh

    Well, if Fix was actually trying to turn Suriano with both legs in, I could see your point. But, to just throw in the legs and ride parallel like that is stalling. So that stale mate was a good call.
  4. garyc

    Coach John Smith

    Lol, I did say I lost a little respect, not all respect. I'm sure he could care less either way. I do understand looking out for your guy. But I just didn't see the infractions. Also bo, we share the same last name
  5. garyc

    Coach John Smith

    Lost a little respect for coach Smith during the Fix, Suriano match. Really, you want to win by a hands to face, pulled headgear call? Which by the way didn't happen! You came across as a crying sore loser. Ok,rant over.
  6. garyc

    Suriano has the last laugh

    I couldn't have said it better. Congrats to Nick! Great match!
  7. garyc

    How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling

    I stand with you also!
  8. garyc


    Good match today. I was pulling for Nick. I was glad to see him open up more. He's right there. But, Micic is so solid. Should be a real good big 10 tourny. Man, any one of these top 5 or 6 guys could win the whole thing!
  9. garyc

    Sea Bass

    Big props to Rivera for bumping up to wrestle Micic today!
  10. garyc

    DeSanto to...

    So to keep this on track. Any news yet on where he is going?
  11. garyc

    Iowa vs Okie State Thread

    I dont usually pick on refs calls. But I think White got robbed of that takedown on the edge of the mat. Just saying.
  12. garyc

    Mudflap = Mark Perry? Bet on it.

    I say he's one of the Hand brothers.
  13. garyc

    Chance Marsteller

    Glad to see he's wrestling. I guess old age brain fart thought he was wrestling for Lehigh. Thanks for the updates guys!
  14. garyc

    Chance Marsteller

    Haven't heard anything on his matches yet. Is he not wrestling for Lehigh?