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  1. I've been watching a lot of American Ninja Warrior lately and it got me thinking. What current or former wrestlers would thrive at American Ninja Warrior? One name that comes to my mind is Mark Schultz because of his gymnastics background. I could see Reece Humphrey being great at it as well. Any others? What are your thoughts?
  2. I'm a Wisconsin guy and have watched Jesse a number of times. He seems to lose focus at times and give up easier than others in some scramble type positions. He also needs to work on his bottom game. In high school in Wisconsin, his only loss was because he could not get out from bottom. Granted, he did wrestle a pretty good guy in that match, Jake Sueflohn. He also tried to make 133 at the beginning of the year and couldn't quite get there so he may be a little undersized. I would never count this guy out though. He can takedown close to anybody in the country if he gets at it. If he locks up a throw, you better watch out!
  3. Here are my predictions. 125 1. Alan Waters 2. Nahshon Garrett 3. Jesse Delgado 4. Thomas Gilman 133 1. A.J. Schopp (is he healthy?) 2. Chris Dardanes 3. Ryan Taylor (Taylor vs. Hall this Sunday) 4. Earl Hall 141 1. Logan Steiber 2. Devin Carter 3. Mitchell Port 4. Anthony Ashnault (complete wildcard pick) 149 1. Brandon Sorenson 2. Jason Tsirtsis 3. Josh Kindig 4. Dave Habat 157 1. Dylan Ness 2. Isaiah Martinez 3. James Green 4. Ian Miller 165 1. Alex Dieringer 2. Issac Jordan 3. Bo Jordan 4. Nick Sulzer 174 1. Robert Kokesh 2. Logan Storley 3. Matt Brown 4. Mike Evans 184 1. Gabe Dean 2. Jack Dechow 3. Max Thomusseit 4. Blake Stauffer 197 1. J'Den Cox 2. Kyle Snyder 3. Morgan McIntosh 4. Scott Schiller Hwt 1. Connor Medbery 2. Mike McMullan 3. Nick Gwiazdowski 4. Adam Coon Those are my way too early predicitions for NCAA's. Lots of great wrestling to happen between now and then!
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