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  1. He'll just pick a new name. Won't take long for him to out himself, though. I swear when he came back as blue dragons he claimed to be a family friend and not actually PD3's dad, but no one believed him.
  2. Has Mekhi stated he's going up to 174? I missed that if he did.
  3. I thought I saw him accept three bets. He demanded 10 to 1 odds and when he got them, he accepted.
  4. 65 is the deepest weight in the world. The parity we see domestically is bad for us, despite being fun to watch. Until we have a guy who can separate himself from the pack, we will need a great draw to have a chance at a medal.
  5. I am a fan of J'den's and out of my own fandom, I wanted them to let him wrestle, whether it was right or wrong. But the more I think about it objectively, I think they should have let him wrestle to avoid the cluster**** that will happen if he wins his appeal. He wouldn't have just had to beat Moore, he would have had to win 2 matches to get to Snyder. So now you would have a mini tournament or sorts. Now, I don't think he will win his appeal, but it seems clear they are going to play the "USA Wrestling employee" angle, and there is a slim chance it will work. If they can prove, via texts or emails, that KJ told him to be there at 8, he is a USA Wrestling employee and they are putting on the tournament. I understand the argument about it setting a precedent, but don't think it would actually be a problem, and this could turn in to a much bigger mess than if they had just let him wrestle.
  6. 57: GIlman has a silver, if he gets a good draw again, it could happen. But 57 might be the deepest weight after 65 so a DNP would be a higher probability 65: I don't think we are even going to qualify the weight. If JO can get that done, I might change my tune, but he just doesn't do enough to string wins together in the toughest weight in the world. 97: Snyder's still has silver potential. But bronze may be more likely. Are they seeding the Olympics or at least separating 1 and 2 like they have recently? 125: If Gable doesn't come home with at least a bronze, it will be a disappointment. I can't wait to see him against at least one of the two big guns.
  7. Nick Lee is receiving a lot of praise, and rightfully so, but McKenna not so much. I guess the was no true second, which makes sense given McKenna had two rounds against JO, but would have loved to see those two wrestle. I'm not surprised they are surpassing Retherford. His folkstyle instincts are just too ingrained. But surpassing Yianni surprised me.
  8. Isn't Burroughs an alternate this year?
  9. He absolutely did and there was some bad blood between J'den and Taylor afterwards. J'den has since said he's over it and forgiven him but Taylor has never admitted to being a bitter, classless, douche. But I'll still root for him in Tokyo.
  10. My comment wasn't a knock on Dake. I will be rooting for him. I'll also be rooting for the guy I was implying lacks class, but will feel sick if he loses.
  11. If Dake loses a match in Tokyo, guaranteed that JB doesn't immediately tweet about feeling ill.
  12. Just quoting myself. Not a bad assessment. And I'm ready to drink the Gable koolaid. He's ready to give Geno and Akgul a shot.
  13. Not sure the final score, but I don't think Snyder will be in danger and wins 2 matches to 0.
  14. You have a point, but even at his best, Geno and Akgul were miles (kilometers?) beyond Gwiz. And Gwiz is slowing a bit. Despite the familiarity, I think Gable needs to show a whole new level for me to believe he has a punchers chance against those two. Doesn't have to tech him, but just show that they are not in the same class.
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