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  1. This sounds to be about as disgusting an act as we've seen in college wrestling in a long time (excluding criminal type actions that were not wrestling related). Who was even at this "open"? Given the number of ISU vs ISU matchups, it almost sounds like it was basically an intersquad tournament with a couple extra guys thrown in. Does this kind of "open" have to be sanctioned in some way or can a coach just randomly set something like this up? I agree that this sounds like match fixing and should be punished. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. The number of opportunities internationally for US guys is definitely a part of the reason they compete a lot less. The number of tournaments they are able to wrestle as well as how many USA wrestling is willing to foot the bill for. But some guys also seem to think it gives the competition too much opportunity to scout you and figure you out, so they also limit for that reason. Or maybe they just don't like traveling internationally very much. Jordan Oliver is an example of one of those last two scenarios. Not sure which one. Also, it seems whenever we send a contingent somewhere, we inevitably have Americans facing each other, sometimes in the first match. Which always sucks.
  3. I would say Lewallen/Lugo is a 50/50 match. And I might even favor Boo ever so slightly. But the others don't seem to match up well.
  4. It is often pointed out on this forum that Americans compete WAY more than international wrestlers do. At a young age without weight cutting, it is probably not a bad thing, as it can keep kids interested in a world where there are so many other activities that kids can do. Non-stop training without much competing is not fun. Though 120 matches is excessive. But I do think we are seeing a change at the college level, at least. With many coaches limiting the matches their guys get in a year. How many guys break 40 matches in a year any more? Maybe this will trickle down to the high school level and we won't see kids with damn near 60 folkstyle matches in a season.
  5. Don't bring facts on to an internet forum. They have no place here.
  6. Good question and I have not the slightest clue. Can't imagine why the ref would do that but I've never been a fan of refs interfering with the wrestlers. Unfortunately it is just part of international wrestling.
  7. Yeah, that is not a good knock against Snyder. Akgul has and will continue to destroy every American heavy until he gets too old. And he's not there yet. I'm of the belief that Snyder would be in contention for the spot, though I would not pick him to win it. Hell, it probably walks around at about 230 when not cutting, so adding any weight would probably only hinder him. That said, heavy is not the best place for him and he wouldn't medal without the right draw. But that is true of all of our heavies.
  8. I think they should count for guys that are not redshirting, but not for guys that are redshirting. Just like if the met at an open tournament. I don't know if it should be that high. You could have a redshirt basically wrestle the whole conference schedule if the starter was recovering from injury or you had someone going with a Snyder type schedule. Or if you have a blue-chipper like Mark Hall or Spencer Lee, they would be able to wrestle the whole big 10 schedule before the coach has to decide whether to pull the shirt or not. I don't think that would happen often, but the opportunity for abusing this rule would be there.
  9. This is the way I see it, too. I think if he had committed on a few of the counter opportunities he had in the first period, he could have followed this script exactly in the first match. But he got too defensive immediately after the first takedown and didn't take any risks. If he gets on his offense early and keeps attacking, he could pull it off, but his tank will need to be much improved to weather the late storm he would face. I don't see it happening.
  10. Yeah, it's completely ignorant to the fact that both fan bases value the rivalry. We love to hate each other.
  11. The first time through 7th grade or the second?
  12. After Pletcher scored that first takedown he turned into the Pletcher of old and tried to lock down his defense. He had multiple counter opportunities he didn't fully commit to. I believe he will score in future match ups, but he will need to score more than once to beat Lee. Lee is just too relentless and will eventually get his own. I have Lee winning both because I don't believe Pletcher will do enough.
  13. Conversely, MU won 5 out of the last 6 football games (I'm still bitter about KU getting selected over MU for the Orange Bowl in 2008 BECAUSE they lost to MU). Of course, neither football team is as relevant as KU's BB team. But Mizzou doesn't have the recruiting ability that Bill Self does (said tongue in cheek).
  14. Yeah. KU was butt hurt that Mizzou was jumping what seemed to be a sinking ship. When the ship was righted, KU wasn't going to do MU any favors. I'm sure that rivalry made both schools a lot of money, though. It's sad that the hatred is slowly fading due to the lack of any rivalry games (I'm not even being sarcastic). The Chief's superbowl victory even brought both states together in celebration, with only Trump's lack of geographical knowledge (a subset of his complete lack of knowledge) briefly bringing those strong tribal emotions back to the surface.
  15. And as a Missourian, KU not having wrestling means I don't have to hate any team. So that's great. Beyond rooting for MU, I root for guys that are exciting to watch and against (though I don't wish anything bad on them) guys that are boring. Pretty simple. Pretty much every top D1 program has someone I will root for and against.
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