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  1. He's already signed with Rudis, which likely covers all apparel, so what sponsorships could he get that would add up to anything near that? Especially sponsors that he could only get by a move to NLWC. Also, why would sponsorship money be included in a base salary? Considering wrestlers for these clubs don't really bring in money directly to the club like pro athletes do in other sports (via ticket sales), I can't imagine they could afford to pay Snyder anywhere near that amount. I'm willing to bet that figure was pulled straight from someone's ass.
  2. I'll give you two. Tim Vanni and Zeke. I really hope we can find a way to get at least a couple more weights added to future Olympics, but those should not be one of them.
  3. Why would his junior world medal be notwithstanding? That was in 2015, not last week. You could argue he hasn't focused on freestyle much, but he is not new to it.
  4. Folks on the forum like to make fun of your posts, but you're not wrong here. He's more than repaid his debt to tOSU, and at this point, they owe him a debt of gratitude. He is an adult and has the right to make whatever choices he feels are best for him and his family.
  5. Yeah, it really leaves Nickal as the odd man out. He clearly didn't wrestle 86 kg just to avoid Taylor (who didn't have the courtesy to tell him he was out for the season) and now they bring in the top dog at the weight he's stated he wanted to go for the Olympic trials. I can understand Cael not turning Snyder away if he came asking, but if they courted him like Iowa did Dennis, Nickal should be pissed (if he really cares about the Olympics).
  6. It was a travesty that Taylor tried to break his leg and still couldn't score on him.
  7. I won't deny that this is a possible outcome. But the change is inevitable. No longer (or not much longer) will these institutions be allowed to make billions while telling these young kids (many of the impoverished) they can't make a dime (literally). In my opinion this is a better route than trying to figure out how to pay some kind of even stipend across all sport at a university. A lot of kids still won't make any money, but for them, a scholarship will be worth it. And the idea of amateurism in football/basketball was dead long ago, anyways. Much like the Olympics. So this is a positive/logical step. They won't get anything directly from the NCAA or the Universities (other than a scholarship) so it won't directly cut into the NCAAs profits. But they will be able to make whatever anyone is willing to pay them outside of that.
  8. Well, California's Gov. signed the bill into law. Obviously there will be court battles, but I don't see this getting over turned. It may not have as big of an impact on wrestling as football and basketball, but it will definitely change the way the NCAA operates. Other states will undoubtedly soon follow in order to remain competitive (I would expect Alabama, Ohio, Texas, and FL to be among the first). I think this could solve the Title IX issues of paying player directly through a stipend as athletes could seek endorsements that are not directly from the University. But I could see things getting a lot messier, too. I wonder if the Living the Dream fund could be paid out to a college wrestler rather than having to wait like Snyder did?
  9. He likely has some idea of where he stands with Snyder based on their training together this past year. So I don't think it makes sense to wait and wrestle the Yarygin hoping to get a match with Snyder. I also don't know why some folks think he will be surprised by the strength difference at 97 kg. He wrestled there for a couple of years before dropping to 86. He knows full well what lies in front of him at either weight. A year ago I would have thought there is no way he goes 86 with day of weigh-ins, but given he's even contemplating it, makes me thinks he would prefer to go down if he thinks he can handle the cut.
  10. Yeah, if anything, he has really kept his weight down to where 86 is still possible. In an interview at the world team trials he said something along the lines of being underweight a day or two ahead of weigh-ins which led to early speculation on this forum that he might be looking at going down. If he didn't think it was a possibility, he would just say he can't make it and go 97, so he is clearly thinking about it. It will come down to how big of an impact he thinks the cut will have on his performance given the same day weigh-ins.
  11. No. They can take a year off of college wrestling (without losing a year of eligibility) to train for the upcoming Olympics. But they don't have to got the the OTC to train.
  12. Taylor hardly had to work to make it through that bracket. It was nothing like the brutal 74 kg bracket he was in years prior. They have both improved significantly in the past couple of years, so I don't think their prior matches can be used to predict the outcome of future matches, anyways. If J'den does drop, the match up between these two may be more anticipated than Burroughs and Dake.That said, the competition at 86 kg will be much tougher overall than what it was in 2017, with a couple of guys who will be game to give Taylor and Cox their best shot.
  13. In an interview right after winning worlds, he said he needed to make his decision in the next few weeks. But as far as I know, he has not made (or at least announced) that decision, yet.
  14. Yeah, as good as Snyder is, and he is one of the greatest American wrestlers of all time, he doesn't stand a chance against those two. Which puts him as a bronze medal potential depending on draw. So he is basically even with Gwiz in that regard. There's no logic in him moving to 125. Especially since the team race doesn't exist. Also, as big a fan of J'den's as I am, I can't bring myself to call him any kind of favorite over Snyder. But I also don't get the comments about J'den not knowing the strength difference at 97. He's wrestled 97 in the past and has trained with Snyder this year. He knows what he'd be getting into if he goes up. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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