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  1. Crotalus

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    It is definitely a different Punia. That joke must have gone over my head. Not sure how good this one is.
  2. Is everyone sleeping in? I had to go to USA wrestling's twitter to find this morning's results. J'den has teched his first two opponents (Kazakhstan, Algeria) 11-0 each to make the semis. Downy lost 11-5 to Punia (India). Snyder wins his first match (Turkey) 13-2. Gave up a takedown. Burroughs wins his first match (Hungary) 10-0 then wins 6-4 against Slovakia. Close match. He had a takedown, two pushouts, shot clock point, and a failed challenge point but gives up a takedown and two pushouts.
  3. Crotalus

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Sorry, the first part of my comment was addressing your post. The second part was hyperbole and more aimed at KCMO2's comment when he said "Hell no" to Eierman. I agree that Maple is a fantastic hire. I like Waters, but Maple may be actually be a step up.
  4. Crotalus

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Mizzou does really need to step up their staring game. Reece Humphrey would make a good coach, but you wouldn't bring him in as an associate HC without any experience. Plus they just brought Todd in for that job. I'm not sure why some are so violently opposed to Eierman. But it doesn't make much sense. At his age, would he want to leave what he is doing to be an assistant coach? I can't imagine there is some bad blood between him and Snyder, though, unless it was recent, or Jaydin probably doesn't wind up at Mizzou.
  5. Crotalus


    I would put it at something like a one in ten shot. Masvidal game planned that. Ben's strategy has never changed in MMA. Barrel his way in, eating a few shots if needed, get the guy down and smother them. He leaves him self very open when trying to get in. It is a narrow window in which to capitalize, but this is where his lack of any stand up really hurts him. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Crotalus

    Downey vs. Yazdani

    He's trolling you. It's not really subjective. Yaz has had the better career, but at least prior to his injury, Taylor was the better wrestler at 86 kg.
  7. Crotalus

    Stevo Poulin

    I hear he's growing it out while he decides whether to go the Molinaro or Nickal route with his next do.
  8. Crotalus

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    Then you weren't trying hard enough. Laminate it and use all the safety pins you have dangling off the front from your wrestling career to pin it to the back. Also, it's never too late.
  9. Crotalus

    PDIII Needs your dough

    While making comments about him being lucky that Nickal didn't drop down.
  10. Crotalus

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    "Hasta lasagna don't spill any on ya"
  11. Crotalus

    PDIII Needs your dough

    If you don't give him money, he's going to have to go around mugging old ladies. And it will be your fault. It's never his. So please contribute.
  12. Crotalus

    Stevo Poulin

    A half century ago is 50 years. "Around/almost/about a half century ago" could be acceptable for 40-60. And google tells me several means more than 2, but not many. So 10 is too much for several. But perhaps 8 years is still several? Anyways, he needs to put on some size before I see Cael offering him any money. If he has a Zahid style growth spurt, he could be a beast.
  13. Crotalus

    Cox in MMA would be unstoppable

    I was referring to Cox. Scramble said he didn't want to go to Mars. And I said "at least he'd fit in the shuttle". Because Coon won't. You missed it. It's fine. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Crotalus

    Cox in MMA would be unstoppable

    At least he'd fit in the shuttle.
  15. Crotalus

    Does a full-sized Nickal beat Cox?

    Based on Bo's history of weight class jumps and complete lack of muscle tone, he must hate both cutting weight and lifting weights. The only way he adds 10 lbs is by putting in time in the buffet line. He wrestled 197 this season and apparently weighed in at 193 this past weekend. If he felt he needed to get bigger to compete with the bigger guys, he had more than enough time.