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  1. They both went up to 86, and they still couldn't make the team (and Taylor still couldn't beat Dake). I'm with Lurker on this one. It would be revisionist to say Taylor outgrew 74. The excuse people made for him in his first year at 86 was he was too small and hadn't filled out the weight yet. No doubt he fled 74. That said, it was the right decision. Filled out Taylor is clearly better than stick figure Taylor ever was, and there is no way he is getting back close to 74 now. But JB still gets all the trash talking rights.
  2. Be honest. How many thought this thread was going to say he died? Glad to see he is coaching and seemingly doing well.
  3. Thanks for that info, as well. I think giving McFadden 2 is the wrong call there. I do see it similar to a crotch lift or chest wrap situation. You can expose your own back while countering. If McFadden had held him on his back for a moment, before getting rolled, I could see a call for 2 and 2.
  4. Ah, thanks for posting so I didn't have to dig through the whole thread. That's 2 for Nolf and I don't know why there would be any question about it.
  5. It's surprising how many on this board can't wrap their head around freestyle scoring. As others have mentioned with chest wraps and crotch lifts, if the defensive wrestler stops the initial scoring attempt of the offensive wrestler, or changes their direction, the defensive wrestler will get the points. We had a similar debate about the Yianni/Retherford matches where people didn't understand why Yianni was getting exposure points on his crotch lifts. I didn't see the Nolf match, but it's clear some folks don't understand how the defensive wrestler can score exposure points.
  6. Any chance we see Fix and Suriano wrestle again immediately makes a weight class less interesting. I hope one goes 125 and the other 133. Don't care which. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. I agree. Other than risk of injury, what would a loss do to him? This isn't MMA/boxing where he could lose a chance at a belt. And he isn't going to mentally break down and lose all confidence if he loses. It's a great opportunity to see some high level competition.
  8. If we assume that wrestling was their chosen sport from a young age, then Barry wouldn't have likely added as much muscle. Hell, Jordan Burroughs is 5'8 and Kyle Dake is listed at 5'9" and they are both pretty solid. If Barry had gone the wrestling route, he could have wrestled less than 190. I think guys like Bolt or MJ would have a much tougher time fitting into a weight class. Bo would have been a great heavy. Similar size to Curt Angle with incomparable athleticism. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. That is correct. So he could not us a RS to preserve eligibility during his suspension. But if there is no additional NCAA sanctions and his suspension is up in early Feb, is there any reason he couldn't immediately be eligible to compete? I'm not real familiar with NCAA guidelines regarding this type of stuff.
  10. I've been a big fan of Fix, but despite him passing a polygraph, I have become too jaded about PEDs to believe the story. It's just like every other "accidental" ingestion of a banned substance (I'm sure Z accidentally snorted his dad's coca-cola). And in general, "small amounts" just means they tried to get it out of the system in time to not get popped and it didn't work. I would love someone to talk me into believing him, though. Regarding his NCAA eligibility, does he actually lose a year? I didn't read everything, but his suspension would be up in early Feb, right? So he could be eligible, especially if the season is pushed back to spring only (I still doubt there will be a season).
  11. Yeah, I guess I could see Cael still beating anyone in folk, which is the style he much prefers and was much better at. But it would be a waste of time for our world team guys, especially J'den and Kyle, to spend any time training for a folk match. Cael might get a takedown or two, but he can't hang with them for 6 mins in freestyle.
  12. Cael got 5th at worlds in 2011. So 9 years later he's going to beat guys who are currently winning world/Olympic championships/medals? I'm taking that bet.
  13. Yeah, so RBY thinks Cael would make the Olympic team at 97kg with only 1 month prep? He isn't getting by Snyder or Cox regardless of prep time. I'll take that bet.
  14. Not forgetting at all. I'm remembering that when J'den got bronze and Yazdani won gold, Taylor couldn't make the team. Same with 2016 when J'den won bronze and Sadulaev won gold. Taylor didn't even make the team trail finals. The weight cut argument is valid. J'den was huge for 86 and stated how tough the cut was with day before weigh ins. Hell, he's huge for 92 and will easily be a full sized 97. The cut to 86 with same day weigh ins could have a very negative impact in J'den's performance. My point is that the "Taylor did what Cox couldn't" argument is logically flawed because Taylor was literally in the same weight class those same years. And he couldn't make the team. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. But how much do the number of entries really matter? All the top countries are fielding guys at every weight. And while the best may be going the oly weights, the number 2 and 3 guys at any weight for Russia, Iran, etc. are often medal contenders. I'l fully agree that 86 is tougher than 92 or 79, but that's almost solely because of Yazdani (to Taylor's credit, he's 2-0 against). The J'den where seen the past 2 years since he's been training with KJ handles everyone else at 86 (Dake probably does, too).
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