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  1. If this match was in Madison I think it could be tight. Carver is another beast though, I would favor Iowa. I am very high on hamiti as well. Until he losses a match, I'm taking him against whoever tows the line in front of him.
  2. I believe they are two separate events at this point in time, the new "midlands" will be in Illinois on Dec. 29th and 30th and the Hawkeye open will be in Iowa on January 1st and 2nd.
  3. I agree with this. Hamiti has looked tough, high attack rate, very dynamic and fun to watch.
  4. I don't think that the decision to start Rotondo was all that controversial, he has a win over Brandon Courtney (ranked third at 125 per Intermat) in freestyle that is very recent and is comparable to Barnett in skill imo, he has improved considerably since his freshman year and the Badgers have a lot of depth at that weight. I don't think Barnetts results would have been all that different, Rotondo wrestled Cronin tough. I don't think that the coaching staff was trying to preserve seeds as much as they were trying to give Rotondo an opportunity to prove himself in a big time match.
  5. Cant wait to see how he matches up with otoguro from japan. Unstoppable relentless leg attacks vs. the defense and scrambling ability of yianni...could be an amazing matchup!
  6. that moran v morris match on the backside was crazy. moran down 10-0, morris totally gasses and moran comes back to win 16-10.
  7. Bono also lost Hunter Ritter, who would have been a top ten 197 this year. Also Tragically lost Eli Stickley. The Badgers lost just as much as they gained in the transition IMO.
  8. Gilman must be so darn strong, nothing flashy, but the dude is just tough as nails. looking forward to match number 2.
  9. Snyder will double the number of leg attacks in all matches combined so far in the first three minutes, easy.
  10. As an avid fan of the badgers... Super disappointed with the effort from the badgers. Tough to watch...
  11. I remember there was a match a couple years ago where carson Kuhn wrestled tyler cox (couldn't find the match on flo unfortunately) and gassed big time late in the match after getting a pretty big lead early. I know n=2 in this case but this isn't the first time Kuhn has gassed late in a match.
  12. Wisconsin vs northwestern is also down for me as well. Can hear audio but picture is not working. Very disappointed.
  13. Feed is choppy for me on my roku via the flosports app. Things work fine on my laptop.
  14. Looking forward to seeing Evan Wick compete. With the seeds out, I believe he could wrestle McFadden in the quarters, whom he has a win over in freestyle this past summer.
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