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  1. Cant wait to see how he matches up with otoguro from japan. Unstoppable relentless leg attacks vs. the defense and scrambling ability of yianni...could be an amazing matchup!
  2. that moran v morris match on the backside was crazy. moran down 10-0, morris totally gasses and moran comes back to win 16-10.
  3. Bono also lost Hunter Ritter, who would have been a top ten 197 this year. Also Tragically lost Eli Stickley. The Badgers lost just as much as they gained in the transition IMO.
  4. Gilman must be so darn strong, nothing flashy, but the dude is just tough as nails. looking forward to match number 2.
  5. Snyder will double the number of leg attacks in all matches combined so far in the first three minutes, easy.
  6. As an avid fan of the badgers... Super disappointed with the effort from the badgers. Tough to watch...
  7. I remember there was a match a couple years ago where carson Kuhn wrestled tyler cox (couldn't find the match on flo unfortunately) and gassed big time late in the match after getting a pretty big lead early. I know n=2 in this case but this isn't the first time Kuhn has gassed late in a match.
  8. Wisconsin vs northwestern is also down for me as well. Can hear audio but picture is not working. Very disappointed.
  9. Feed is choppy for me on my roku via the flosports app. Things work fine on my laptop.
  10. Looking forward to seeing Evan Wick compete. With the seeds out, I believe he could wrestle McFadden in the quarters, whom he has a win over in freestyle this past summer.
  11. Andrew Alton vs. Eric Grajales was one of the wildest matches I've seen.
  12. Deakin looks huge compared to Yianni in that match.
  13. I really like evan wick from Wisconsin, believe he will be 165 this year.
  14. McKenna weighed 60.0kg on one scale, 60.1 on the official weigh in scale. Gotta calibrate. Crappy situation for all involved. info per flo
  15. What year is huntley? For some reason I thought he was a senior last year.
  16. Gotta wonder exactly how much weight theses guys are pulling to miss
  17. Agree with poeta as well. Explosive, fast, great scrambler, his match with gregor gillespie at Vegas is one of my all time favorites.
  18. All im gonna say is I bet this was not the first time this guy was driving drunk, just the first time he has been caught.
  19. Davis could AA D1, dieringer is just the best wrestler in college right now. Im excited to see him mix it up with the elites in freestyle in the future.
  20. Caldwell vs. Lang at the 2007 NCAA tournament was one crazy match.
  21. Not sure what rules are going to be used. But that is the most intriguing match of the whole event imo. I think dieringer wins easily but I've wanted Joey Davis to take on elite D1 wrestlers for awhile now, should be interesting to see where he truly stands.
  22. http://usawevents.sportngin.com/page/show/974533-las-vegas-asics-open-wrestling-championships Link to the schedule of events. Scroll down to find it.
  23. Graff vs Tomasello Round 1. Im Hoping graff can win the open. He's got the talent, just gotta put matches together.
  24. Where can I find results and/or watch this? Thanks!
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