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    ERBPAC reacted to TobusRex in Final X Lincoln   
    To all the guys saying FS rules will liven up folk: I hope you are paying attention tonight.
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    ERBPAC reacted to MadMardigain in 2018 NCAA Bracket Busters   
    I’ve heard PD3 is going to drive a Mack truck right into the stadium, stand on top of it asking the crowd who should be the true champ, then slam two tall boys, run to the mat and blast double both 184 finalists, flip off the officials from the NCAA, grab the Hodge Trophy, and then go storming off into the night.
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    ERBPAC reacted to whyme25 in Downey not wrestling for Iowa   
    This is a bold move if he plans on winning a NCAA title 
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    ERBPAC reacted to NJDan in The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)   
    Looked to me that Kyle's problem in the finals was that his opponent was better than he is and kept taking him down.
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    ERBPAC reacted to NickyTheEar in The most robbery match in NCAA wrestling history ever   
    I would also add Ian Miller getting robbed against Realbuto in the Semis in 2015.
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    ERBPAC reacted to Buckxell in Flo feed - Sad!   
    Haha.. I’m all set with high speed Internet. I’m just a passionate wrestling fan and after 3 golden monkeys I tend to post when there’s problems. Flo reads the boards and they should know. My stream worked fine through computer/phone but it was glitchy through the Apple tv app... not to mention it was weird that there was no sound from the match and just announcing. It didn’t stop me from watching... but they could def make it better.  
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    ERBPAC reacted to mgrimm in Attendance Wisconsin/Maryland   
    I will watch the video of the dual when I get home tonight, but I went to the Badger site to see some of the highlights.  The field house is a big box with seating around all 4 sides.  It appears that the cameras were in front of the main section where most of the crowd sits.  Only a few fans sit in the other 3 sections. Unfortunately, that's what you see in the background of the video, giving the incorrect impression that the seats were mainly empty.  My guess is that they had around 2,000 fans since they did a nice job of promoting this locally, and they had 2 of the top local highschool wrestling teams wrestle their dual prior to the Badger dual.  That alone was expected to help draw more fans than usual.
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from Witherman in Best Matches Ever- On Video   
    Andrew Alton vs. Eric Grajales was one of the wildest matches I've seen.
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    ERBPAC reacted to Slideby89 in Flowrestling adds Big Ten Plus programing in multi year agreement.   
    Big move by Flo
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    ERBPAC reacted to wrestlingnerd in How Many “Room Guysâ€� became National Champs?   
    In my opinion, the most unlikely NCAA champ ever. 5th at states, walk-on who enrolled in ROTC to pay for school, unusual style lacking in some “must-have” fundamentals, torn knee and injured elbow, and from a no-name wrestling school. TF in the finals to become the first NCAA champ ever in any sport for his school. Just unbelievable.
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from teach in Breakout stars - 17/18   
    I really like evan wick from Wisconsin, believe he will be 165 this year.
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from pipewrench in Dr Peppelman charged with punching a cop...   
    All im gonna say is I bet this was not the first time this guy was driving drunk, just the first time he has been caught.
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    ERBPAC reacted to Cletus_Tucker in Ramos!!!!!   
    You have to wonder what a beating like that does to the young Hawkeye's psyche.   Ever since Brent toned it down and really became likable, it seems Ramos felt the need to step in and be the villain.   And I don't get it.  A man the size of a 12 year old should not be trying to be the scariest looking guy in the building.   If Varner or Tervel were to do it, heck I think we could all understand. They are monsters.   But when a guy as tiny as Ramos does it, you kind of cringe, realizing hes representing our once proud country and really reflecting poorly on the USA.   Today he got gorilla pimp smacked, and I hope it's his wake up call.   I think we'd all like to get behind the kid and see him succeed, but he really needs to grow up. 
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in All time favorite match   
    Caldwell vs. Lang at the 2007 NCAA tournament was one crazy match.
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from 2td3nf in Cejudo gets his degree   
    Brandon Slay graduated with a degree in Finance and Management from the Wharton School of Business at Penn. I think that takes the cake, very impressive.
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    ERBPAC reacted to headshuck in B Satiev   
    And Pico will by 2016
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    ERBPAC reacted to SetonHallPirate in My at-large projections...   
    Eddie Klimara, Oklahoma State
    Zeke Moisey, West Virginia
    Dominic Parisi, Appalachian State
    Tim Lambert, Nebraska
    Joe DeAngelo, North Carolina State
    Ethan Lizak, Minnesota
    Evan Silver, Stanford
    Scott Parker, Lehigh
    Brandon Jeske, Old Dominion
    Earl Hall, Iowa State
    Aaron Schopp, Edinboro
    Cody Brewer, Oklahoma
    Mackenzie McGuire, Kent State
    Kevin Norstrem, Virginia Tech
    Caleb Richardson, Penn
    Ian Nickell, CSU Bakersfield
    Tyler Keselring, Central Michigan
    Steven Rodrigues, Illinois
    Dean Heil, Oklahoma State
    Dante Rodriguez, Iowa State
    Chuck Zeisloft, Rider
    Mike Morales, West Virginia
    George Fisher, Michigan
    Tyler Small, Kent State
    Devin Reynolds, Oregon State
    Gabe Moreno, Iowa State
    Sal Mastriani, Virginia Tech
    Nick Barber, Eastern Michigan
    Charles Cobb, Penn
    Kenneth Theobold, Rutgers
    Joshua Kindig, Oklahoma State
    Mike Kelly, Iowa
    Justin DeAngelis, Oklahoma
    Justin Staudenmayer, Brown
    Immanuel Kerr-Brown, Duke
    Anthony Collica, Oklahoma State
    Jarrett Jensen, Northern Iowa
    Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State
    Michael Moreno, Iowa State
    Nick Moore, Iowa
    Adam Fierro, CSU Bakersfield
    Jesse Stafford, Air Force
    Jonathan Schleifer, Princeton
    Max Rohskopf, North Carolina State
    Nicholas Wanzek, Minnesota
    Kyle Crutchmer, Oklahoma State
    Tanner Weatherman, Iowa State
    George Pickett, Cornell
    Andy McCulley, Wyoming
    Raymond Waters, Arizona State
    Brian Harvey, Army
    Keaton Subjeck, Stanford
    Nolan Boyd, Oklahoma State
    Brett Harner, Princeton
    Lelund Weatherspoon, Iowa State
    Nick Fiegener, Cal Poly
    Jakob Scheffel, West Virginia
    Zach Nevills, Stanford
    Kyven Gadson, Iowa State
    Nathan Rotert, South Dakota State
    Timothy McCall, Wisconsin
    Jake A. Smith, West Virginia
    Jared Haught, Virginia Tech
    Scottie Boykin, Chattanooga
    Austin Marsden, Oklahoma State
    Ty Walz, Virginia Tech
    Evan Knutson, North Dakota State
    Ross Larson, Oklahoma
    Collin Jensen, Nebraska
    Nick Tavanello, Ohio State
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    ERBPAC reacted to lunatcifringe in Who needs a wildcard by weight?   
    One person I can guarantee does not need to worry about a wildcard is Nick Wanzek after going 0-3 getting piss pounded twice and beat by a below .500 guy
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from xander in B1G 174 semis the most brutal in history?   
    Can't wait for the top four here to graduate, boring to watch. Especially Logan Snorely.
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from Tofurky in New rankings March 2015   
    So, Russia is good at Wrestling.
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    ERBPAC got a reaction from ohcomeon in Dive termination   
    One of the most exciting things about folkstyle wrestling is the scramble. Removing the leg pass (or making rules around it) removes a lot of scrambling opportunities that I find entertaining to watch.
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