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  1. heelpick

    Worlds on ESPN2

    Just go back through the livestream, you dont want to hear Rulon anyway. By the way ESPN sucks ass
  2. He just won the worlds you dumb bitch, step away from the keyboard
  3. heelpick

    Seventh as a team

    In the grand scheme of life, I don't care. I still have to go to work Monday morning, my 18 year old daughter is still addicted to drugs and life still sucks. It was a fun distraction for a few days, but has no real impact on my life one way or the other. So you got your wish Bryant, I am signing off for good and you can still go fck yourself.
  4. Based on your argument, Varner would have been sent to this year's worlds. So no.
  5. heelpick

    Seventh as a team

    No, what killed the Olympic dream is the ioc and their reduction of weight classes. Also, if there was a true double elimination format we would likely see an immediate change in US performance. We will never see a wholesale switch to freestyle in our HS and college ranks. The other thing you aren't considering is how often fila/uww changes the rules. We would have complete clusterfcks in high school college officials meetings.
  6. heelpick

    Adeline Gray vs. Jordan Burroughs

    Who the hell cares? Our female medalists are great wrestlers in their own right. Adeline Gray deserves her own future spot in the Hall of Fame without comparing her to Burroughs.
  7. heelpick

    Seventh as a team

    Freestyle is largely a takedown game as is our folkstyle. The styles aren't so dramatically different that we shouldn't be in the hunt to place wrestlers in the top 6 (Gold, Silver, 2 Bronze, and 2 5th placers) in 6 of 8 weights. The true enemy is blind draw and only losers to finalists get drawn back in. Also, it isn't like our kids wrestle folkstyle in a vacuum. Most have been doing freestyle throughout their careers.
  8. Maybe Snyder already had his pick. The Olympics are notorious for after parties in general, I wonder if the same applies to wrestling at the worlds.
  9. heelpick

    You heard it here first...

    I am not going to argue Sadulaev one way or the other. Burroughs has 5 medals, 4 of them Gold. That stands on it's own and belongs in any conversation with current and all time greats.
  10. heelpick

    Seventh as a team

    With the double Bronze system, the US should be getting a piece of at least 6 weight classes if not more. Meaning we should have 4 or 5 medals of any color, with 5th places interspersed. Folkstyle isn't the enemy, it's not being able to adapt that is hurting.
  11. heelpick

    You heard it here first...

    Burroughs would have shrugged off even a 5-4 if the challenge failed and charged ahead. Good match, crappy officiating.
  12. heelpick

    Burroughs & 74kg discussion

    No, just 2 for exposure. Should have been 4-4 or maybe 4-2 but I doubt the Mongolian would have been able to stop the next onslaught.
  13. heelpick

    You heard it here first...

    Ok, so it took the whole 6 minutes. Questionable scoring though. The Mongolian should have had at least 2 but even if it was 4, Burroughs would have turned the heat and still won so the outcome was not in doubt. I don't like questionable calls even when they favor the US.
  14. heelpick

    Seventh as a team

    Yeah, not good
  15. The Mongolian is going to get torched in the first 2 minutes.