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  1. I used to live in Illinois as a kid not far from Chicago and Illinois was not exactly considered a destination school. A lot of people actually liked Iowa better. That Chicago suburb area is just not that hooked into Illinois.
  2. I was beginning to wonder if he was a glutton for punishment.
  3. Purposely reach to touch out is a no no too.
  4. Yep, I saw a point given in another match this year for a guy reaching to touch off the mat. I think Rivera was the ref.
  5. And went on to do very little at osu. Great wrestler, stale head coach.
  6. That is the best thing ever. The refs are not sure what is going on. LMFAO
  7. He added that he stopped giving his girlfriend action as well.
  8. If they had better guys not wrestling varsity they are pretty stupid not to wrestle them in a free year.
  9. Orndorff not good IMO and he needs to win that. Beating Hilger was an upset for sure, Lance and him went to the wire twice Luff won in the dual and Lance here.
  10. Not to mention Matt Mcd came in a then was gone after a season.
  11. I've watched a ton of wrestling in my life but that move by Eierman I had not recalled seeing before.
  12. He was limping a bit after, I can't see a thing during the action where it looks like something happens or he changes his movement.
  13. Does he have any matches at the weight? Seems unlikely to qualify if not.
  14. Applies to this season too. Neither has done anything noteworthy.
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