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  1. BLT


    That's not even a match anyway so it doesn't really matter.
  2. He was, he first had the injury in his first match out of redshirt vs McKee and it got progressively worse until he then sat out to rest it as much as possible for the end of the year and had surgery right after the season. The majority of his offense was lost without being able to use that arm.
  3. Interesting as Willie said Ralph told him they were out of money.
  4. Sanderson did some poaching getting NIU's Duke Burke to transfer to ISU. NIU coaches were pissed. He even had the balls to go attempt to get a guy on the Iowa roster when at ISU.
  5. BLT

    Wyatt Henson

    They should especially note it when considering PSU.
  6. BLT

    Wyatt Henson

    I like Henson a lot but he doesn't have enough resume to put him at borderline AA yet.
  7. They did wonders with Hildebrandt this year.
  8. It's not legal to recruit guys who have not entered the portal. Clear NCAA violation.
  9. Woods supposedly has 2 years left so either Bartlett or Van Ness would be on the bench for a year.
  10. More like 3 or more.
  11. BLT

    2023 Team Race

    I hope you didn't base that off his redshirt results.
  12. I thought Swiderski looked way bigger than Mendez at 145. If Swiderski goes 141 at all it won't be for long. Mendez looked much more appropriately sized at 138 Dapper Dan
  13. I Hilger looked less than enthusiastic at times this year.
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