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  1. BLT

    Iowa v Indiana

    He gave Lee's leg some extra business too earlier in the match. Not cool.
  2. BLT

    Great for Suriano

    LOL, looks like one of the Iowa bashing nut jobs has a new name. I thought with actual wrestling discussion happening at times this site had cleaned up the trash.
  3. Get rid of the figure four on a leg stall ride while they are at it.
  4. BLT

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    LOL, Zalesky was not getting it done, a change was needed for sure. He would be hanging around the 7-10 range if still at Iowa. What has he done at OSU? Not much, an occasional decent guy here or there and during a lot of his time he has had little competition in the west for recruits. CA schools had dropped the sport or were way down. ASU almost had dropped the sport, Wyoming was not very good then. It was literally them and BSU out there. If he was that great of a coach he would have gotten more done there.
  5. BLT

    Joe Smith

    Evidently he is weighing around 184 and him or Geer at that weight. Jacobe Smith has looked sharp and 174 and no way Joe Smith makes 165.
  6. BLT

    Daniel Kerkvliet

    Kerk is really good and getting better all the time. I think he projected as a 197 when he first signed with Minny but when it became clear he would not be holding that Gable being signed he went elsewhere. He absolutely has the frame to be a big time heavy and will be at 250 pounds in short order. The fact he went 1 point with Gable in folk last year while still being light was impressive to me. IMO he will be a nasty combo of size and speed and with his body type could end up being better than Gable.
  7. BLT

    Jason Renteria-Free Agent

    Fake news. Max, Turk and Happel will be gunning for the 141 spot next year and the year after. Same guys as last year. Renteria wants to be a 133. He will likely RS next season while Desanto goes 133 and then Desanto can RS the year after while Renteria goes 133. Max has been hitting a growth spurt and will be ready to go 149 after Lugo, Renteria goes 133, Desanto goes 141.
  8. BLT

    Iowa vs PSU dual

    For sure way early since it is not even scheduled next year.
  9. BLT

    Joe McFarland/Michigan

    IMO Cunningham would be a major score by someone.
  10. BLT

    Suriano to 133 next year

    Pletcher was right in the mix at 133. If he is right there then I see no reason why Suriano would not be right there as well.
  11. Every other post you make is trash. Lol
  12. BLT

    Ohio State next year

    Taking a RS is not missing a year unless he was injured and did not wrestle while on RS.
  13. BLT

    Ohio State next year

    You only get a 6th year if you miss two seasons otherwise it is 5 years to wrestle 4. Steiber basically got a redo on his 1st season, Brock did the same thing. They were then left with 4 years to wrestle 4. Not sure what Hayes has missed.