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  1. Hass got smoked in one of the JV matches by Myles Wilson.
  2. This was an awful dual, so boring.
  3. McCoy was way worse than Goldman.
  4. It's not 5% mortality for people who have been positive for the virus, maybe those confirmed to have the virus but no way 5% when you factor in all the people who have been positive but not tested due to not needing medical care.
  5. Sasson looks nothing like a 157 to me, I think Carr, Deakin and Hidaly would make 3 guys who he would have a tough time against vs just Yanni.
  6. DeAugustino does not finish the match with Lee and I'm not sure Glory does either.
  7. Your flu shot had jack **** to do with recovering from corona. fyi
  8. No, he was done before post season.
  9. It literally just did happen at a number of weights last weekend.
  10. They don't wrestle and beat everyone in the tournament anyway. I got no problem with the guys ranked #1 being called champs. Lee a no brainer. Rivera just beat the other best guys. Pletcher just won #1 vs #2 Lugo just won #1 vs #2 Dieken has beaten the others. Marinelli just won #1 vs #2 Hall just won #1 vs #2. 184- only weight not real clear. Moore has clearly been the best. Steveson just won #1 vs #2.
  11. Would be applicable to qualifiers only.
  12. I got no problem with it. Those seeds are based on data from a season's worth of work and better than the giant void that is left otherwise.
  13. These healthy low risk group wrestlers are more likely to be exposed to something hanging around the general public in everyday life than during a tournament in a mostly empty building not too mention the coaches will have them in their rooms if not at the event. People act like everyone would be hiding at home if they were not going to be at the tournament wrestling. These thousands of fans and the athletes are walking around going to work and doing their thing every day.
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