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  1. LOL. Not ducking for starters and all the PA guys on the roster still went there even though they lost to Penn State before.
  2. No, not even the same weight.
  3. I kind of had the feeling he would end up going with football. As big as he is he could end up plenty over 300, holding 285 might could have taken a bit of work..
  4. She and Marinelli are not even married yet anyway. July 20, 2019 is the date for it.
  5. Teasdale is in no way a 125.
  6. You can't have wishy washy criteria that will not be enforced consistently like "a reasonable time" . The brick needs to be thrown within a set amount of time on the match clock.
  7. Waiting until the match is over and your guy lost and there is not risk of a lost challenge point hurting you is not a reasonable time frame.
  8. No I don't. That's why I said supposedly, no way it adds up.
  9. What dime? With all the high end people they are "supposedly" spreading their 9.9 over he would still have to be incurring a large chunk of debt each year.
  10. Well he went to school at Edinboro and has coached at Virginia so he should have some credibility in the east.
  11. They need to add a dumb ass symbol for your posts. They are so bad now I don't think you could pull a sick whore off a piss pot.
  12. Worrying about how to spread around scholarships does not seem to be an issue for 1 team at least.
  13. Your Iowa hate is pathological, take your meds.
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