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  1. LMFAO at this post. How good Berge is or is not as a 157 pound college wrestler is unknown at this time. Maybe he is great maybe not but your evidence that he is great is not exactly compelling. He beat Lugo and Degan at 149, the 7th and 8th place 149 pounders last year when he himself failed to place at 149 pounds. The 7/8 place 149 pounders are definitely better than Kaleb Young the 5th place returning 157 who owns 2 career wins over the current #1 157? He would only be behind Deakin and maybe a healthy Coleman who Young is 2-0 against? Makes sense. Why was he wrestling in December if he was obviously still feeling the effects of the concussion? Seems like bad practice to me. Carl then brings him back vs osu and supposedly one of their weakest weights vs a guy who was 141 to start the year (thinking it would be an easy match to come back to) and he gets beat. BTW Kinner lost Wrestle stat #107 ranked guy from Edinboro the next day at the JCU open. The facts are Berge was a great HS wrestler, he got stuck trying to make 149 or sit the bench last year. He was good but not great at 149. He did great in FS in the summer and got hurt, he wrestled 7 total matches at 157 in his career and is 5-2 with 1 quality win over Humphreys. Wrestle stat has him at #13 which is probably pretty fair based on results.
  2. Assad had a minor injury, he will be back this week from the sounds of it.
  3. I said this before the first match, based on my observations Lee has length, strength and gas tank advantage here. The only way for Pletcher to win is to somehow avoid getting taken down, choose neutral or manage to get out when he has choice and sneak a late TD.
  4. 125- Howard has a bad shoulder right now and even if healthy is not a true freshman AA level, that said he should be better than Merideth, if not then 125 still a big problem. 133- Still a top 4 guy depending how matches shake out. 141/149- Lee would likely be the favorite here as he is now, IMO he has the frame to be a contender at 149 as well. I don't see Verk ever being much of a scorer at 149. Bartlett is good and from my view a Bartlett/Lee combo is better than Lee/Verk. 157- Obviously a healthy Berge is going to be better, his concussion issue seems pretty dicey though. Even when healthy he is not the point scorer that other guys have been. 165- Lee will be a drop from CJ by a fair amount but 165 does clear out a bit. 174- Starocci looks to be the real deal, probably not quite at Hall level but should be high AA out of the gate. 184- Brooks will be in the title hunt, as he would be now minus Zahid. 197- Beard will likely be an upgrade over current Shak but there are about a dozen guys coming back who are similar or slightly better level. 285- If Kerk stays healthy he would seem an upgrade over Nevills, he won the one open he went to but had a couple closer scores vs lower end guys. Probably 6-8 range pre season.
  5. He no doubt earned the win vs Eierman at the open but the nature of FS neutralizes a good chuck of scrambling on its own.
  6. Lol, not exactly official documentation.
  7. Correct, the seeding formula they have been using pretty much takes care of things.
  8. 125- Pretty much a toss, whoever either team sends out is bad. 133- I'd think RBY would clobber JD who has been really bad even losing to Maryland, a major would not be getting the job done. 141- Lee has the length, strength and gas tank. 149- Sasso by Dec or fall, if he can get backs but no pin maybe a major. 157- See 125 165/174- If osu guys can fight hard in neutral I think they have the ability to keep to reg dec in each match. 184- Brooks favored but Jordan is a big strong guy and good on top. 197- Moore could get a major if he gets after it. 285- Slight edge to Nevills, if GT can get a TD he will have a shot to upset. OSU crapping the bed vs PSU is pretty standard so anything in doubt should hedge to PSU.
  9. I know dude, if I see a result involving Maryland I have no interest in the details. Given the scholarships they have to use and their proximity to a lot of talent it is like they are trying to suck.
  10. Not sure about Decatur holding to 3 although he did compete better vs NE. Verkleeran will be in full stall mode, not much chance for a fall. If Smith is on at 165 he could keep it to 3.
  11. Scharenbrock is not that good, Hall will likely do more than major and Christiansen is not beating anyone.
  12. I've heard he can herd cattle like a son of a gun. Sounds like Cowboy material to me.
  13. That fact you don't know how much of an anti Iowa guy he is says all I need to know. The BS is spews on the stupid pod casts for show and ratings has nothing to do with his personal feelings about Iowa.
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