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  1. On 6/18/2019 at 11:18 PM, Idaho said:

    Yep I don’t know about weight issues either but Teasdale seems to be a 25 and DeSanto looked good at 133 in terms of size, strength and conditioning. I think DS could handle 141 more than T 125 but it’s not optimum for either.  Just my opinion. 

    Teasdale is in no way a 125. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, TBar1977 said:


    Tucci stated that the timing has to be considered "reasonable". He further stated the 5 seconds is not a hard and fast time limit. In fact, he gave no hard and fast time limit. Instead he stated it must be reasonable. It is obvious they considered it reasonable otherwise they would not have done the review. Once the standard becomes "reasonable", as opposed to a strict set time limit as applies in your legal scenario, it is then open to interpretation. You have made your claim as to what refs "should" do, and Tucci and that crew did something else. They have the most experience at doing this so I am going with their decision. 

    To overturn on the 5 second rule you have to claim their "reasonable" standard applied to this case was, in fact, unreasonable. That is a judgment call. So you are then going to ask the USOC or some other body to over rule a judgment call where the true standard as applied by prior case law (i.e. prior International competition) isn't 5 seconds at all, it is "reasonable time". I doubt that could happen.

    Waiting until the match is over and your guy lost and there is not risk of a lost challenge point hurting you is not a reasonable time frame. 

  3. 4 hours ago, pamela said:

    I've never heard of a fifth year student athlete in any D1 sport getting an extra two years of eligibility. Has it ever happened before?

    If Cassar is sticking around because he wants to tinker with freestyle or make a run for the Olympic team while continuing to compete in college, that's great. If he also ends up getting a Masters degree on PSU's dime (at least partly) at the end of this, that's even better. 

    What dime? With all the high end people they are "supposedly" spreading their 9.9 over he would still have to be incurring a large chunk of debt each year. 

  4. 11 hours ago, MDogg said:

    NCAA handing out 6th years like this is bad for the sport. We don’t need 24 year olds year olds wrestling college. Not having 4 seasons of competition should be the risk that comes with using your redshirt as a true freshman just to sit and train...you might actually get hurt and need that redshirt down the road. 

    10 scholarships are hard enough to spread with guys cycling through in 4 and 5 years.

    Worrying about how to spread around scholarships does not seem to be an issue for 1 team at least. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Perry said:

    Assuming he was in the lineup and cenzo wasn't there, do you think cael, Casey and staff would get marinelli to the top of the podium? It seems that their guys are generally ready to go in March mentally where marinelli seems to fall off the rails once post season starts. He is a tremendous talent and I would love to see him win it all. Hopefully he doesn't continue to descend to 8th place next year as a junior.

    Your Iowa hate is pathological, take your meds.

  6. 6 hours ago, Katie said:

    Just a reminder that these are college kids we’re discussing on this board.

    They could spend all their time eating Cheetos and playing Fortnite. But instead they’ve stuck with a brutally difficult sport and put their dreams on the line.

    The least we can do is keep it classy here.

    Considering the history of this place the only classy thing to do is to shut the board down. 

  7. Given the long history of the program they had become one of the most under performing teams if not the most under performing team in college wrestling. They had a couple seasons finishing below 30 I think. Current staff has gotten the culture cleaned up and fight back into the wrestling.  While the Big 12 was not exactly loaded this year outside of OSU with OU still run of the mill, Wyoming down in talent from some other years, UNI hit and miss and SDSU next to nothing compared to last year, they clearly did progress. If they were in the Big 10 I'd put them in the 8-11 range right now.

  8. Just now, boconnell said:

    Steveson scored 1 move in the opening 30 seconds against White.  He was the clear winner and the clearly superior guy that day, but I wouldn't say dominated by any means.  I'd expect him to beat White by a TD every time.  

    It was 1 TD to backs very early and nothing much after.

  9. 3 hours ago, buckshot1969 said:

    I'm not sure it counts as a duck if you are wrestling somebody ranked ahead of you. It's only ducking when you're trying to protect your seed, if anything Shak hurt himself by not wrestling if he's healthy.

    It's a duck if you think avoiding the match until later can give a strategic advantage.

  10. 4 hours ago, russelscout said:

    Appearantly for NWestern too. You seriously have to turn everything into anti-Iowa?

    He is right up there as the most miserable DBs to ever post on here. Every other word is anti Iowa, it's pathological. Hard to image what kind of lowly depraved person it takes to spend that much time bad mouthing any topic let alone a college wrestling team.

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