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  1. Dresser never actually does much coaching but it is his program.
  2. IMO if Micic beats him while winning big tens he will be seeded over him.
  3. He did not turn anything, watch the replay. Nolf put the extra pressure on himself.
  4. Van Brill was in the same position the whole time, if anything Nolf put more pressure on it by leaning forward.
  5. A properly secured shoe is not coming off no matter how much it's heel gets pulled. He told Ryan he had no say because it was automatic injury time for it coming off, not because he was assigning fault. Fault is clearly pre assigned by the fact it is injury time if it comes off, the guy wearing the shoe is always at fault.
  6. He was first hurt vs Gwiz dumb ass.
  7. The voices in your head don't count as a source.
  8. Iowa slight favorites at 149,157 and 165 but tough opponents. Lee has a very small chance to upset at 125 but Nato the favorite for sure. OSU should win by a comfortable margin.
  9. I like Bowman and he has some skills to work with but he did not place at Midlands and his hot streak consists of a win vs terrible MSU and the worst guy in OSU's lineup. As far as PDIII, it was your boy Perry who was gung ho about bringing him in so maybe talk to him about it. Of course you are not really an insider and Perry is only your boy as much as you make it up on here.
  10. Pantaleo has had issues on bottom before, I would have liked to see him take neutral in the 3rd.
  11. What did 2X defending champ Heil losing two in a row mean for him and Smith?
  12. I'm sure they were just happy you left.
  13. Obviously just waiting for a trolls on here to give the ok. If Lee and his parents want him to go he will.
  14. Well ladyboy, you obviously never watched wrestling when Zalesky was coach.
  15. Not to mention he beat McFadden something like 8-4 in FS.
  16. Lol at Sanderson throwing the challenge. Practicing for the NCAAs.
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