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  1. Time to retire back to the stabbin cabin for good.
  2. Welcome to The Mat. This place can always use a new loser.
  3. He was trying to be funny but not good at it. Very poor comedic delivery. The parking lot stuff was tongue and cheek, not a literal request.
  4. The flo feed often sucks. Will these be on BTN plus still or only on flow?
  5. Second at Fargo once but got hammered by Decater in the final. At this time Alex Thomsen is considered higher in the state at the weight.
  6. Every day you post on here is a sad day.
  7. Wrestling for the team bigtenladyboy supports was too much to take.
  8. He lost 12-4 to Sorensen last year who you would think is comparable to Kemerer.
  9. Lol at flying troll, not even good effort. The thoughts expressed on the non Lugo release to Iowa thread that you posted this on before making a special anti Iowa troll thread was that if there has been no coaching change then a release should not be given since school #1 has invested time into developing the wrestler. The Vtech situation involved a coaching change. Have no idea if the Logan Ryan thing is true or what the behind the scenes story is if it is true but it would not involve a coaching change. Maybe they feel like they were there for him during his legal issue and even though he is not starting they are counting on him as a key backup. Maybe UNI withheld a release to Iowa previously. There could be any number of details that factor into it we are not aware of. who knows maybe the Iowa AD promised Ryan a release to follow Brands to UNI and UNI is really keeping there new hire quiet.
  10. It won't happen. He is a 125 pounder and will never see the lineup if he was there. I'm not even sure he can beat guys like Wagner.
  11. Hawkfanatic1 seems more like a troll from another school (likely PSU) impersonating an Iowa fan in order to stir up negativity about them rather than an actual Iowa fan.
  12. They have pretty much no chance to win it.
  13. I'd be very surprised if Wagner or Stickley is not at 125 over Perez Perez.
  14. LOL, if Brands fired his staff and hired the same guys ISU did you clowns would call Zadick another jumping monkey, say Metcalf is a burned out robot DSJ too quiet or whatever trendy insult you can come up with.
  15. Not gonna happen. Unless being top 10 with an occasional top 5 is considered contending.
  16. I'm guessing not so much. A lot of two time champs around and his international resume never quite got there.
  17. He was on extra bonus chance there for guys getting out of prison.
  18. I'm guessing it was referring to him having given a verbal to PSU only to end up having PSU go after Nevills instead.
  19. Not that it matters but Long was on about chance #5 when he got to PSU. He went through a bunch before getting suspended at ISU.
  20. I'll be surprised if he can make 133 easily. His hips and legs are huge.
  21. Brands is one of the top coaches in the game. Zalesky is not. Whoever Gable picked when he left would have won those titles. Zalesky would not have won any of the 3 Brands did. In reality just look at what Zalesky has done since then. Not much shaking at Oregon State lately and he landed out west at a time when there was not a whole lot of competition.
  22. Why would he suck to 149 to get raped by Retherford?
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