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  1. I like the ref calling stalling with legs in on top. They need to change the rule so that it is always stalling on the top guy if the bottom guy stands up when legs are in. He is supposed to be keeping him on the mat and working for a turn, not leeching on doing nothing.
  2. BLT


    Where did it say Iowa would not wrestle VT? I know I watched them wrestle them a few years ago at the duals.
  3. Guys backing off the mat when Stoll has a lock on is not on Stoll. They are choosing to back out vs getting thrown.
  4. They have not been calling it when people are head to toe holding each others legs from what I have seen.
  5. Correct, it was a cheap shot as the whistle had been blown.
  6. That footage missed the "crossface" .
  7. Zalesky has not set the world on fire at OSU. Better than they were but that is not saying much.
  8. Didn't Synon just finish 4th at the UNI open last weekend?
  9. The weight class is soft. Not even close to what it has been in past years. Suriano looks good, that said Schram and Cruz have not exactly been hammers at the weight with one 7th place finish between them by Cruz at the 2014 tournament. Dance has some big wins but has fizzled at times. Peters while very good is more of a big move guy who can be beaten if you avoid the move. Gilman has to be the favorite going in with Dance and Peters being the guys with next best credentials. IMO the following guys are with them in that group in no particular order: Josh Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez (if the weight cut holds up) Suriano Nic Pic Lambert Lizak Mueller
  10. One more loss, including just losing head to head last weekend. The only seed that really shocked me.
  11. Pathetic is really the word that comes to mind when your game plan to be a contender centers around hoping to entice wrestlers from other teams. Yikes.
  12. Very optimistic thoughts here. Lets just say I don't see a few of these happening.
  13. Looked like he used his crank for a TD assist.
  14. Grothus deserved to get face mushed for getting his ass beat.
  15. This was third place in the smallest class not the champs. The smallest class has the thinnest teams with many open weights and it takes less qualifiers to place well.
  16. From what I understand the coaches all send in their seeds for the weights and if someone has a complaint they bring it up at the meeting.
  17. I thought Youtsey out wrestled him.
  18. ISU is not good and have been a flop under Jackson. Same excuses different year. They just got smoked by a Minny team that is the worst they have had in a long long time.
  19. I'm guessing there could have been some pressure put on to make a change due to this.
  20. I think he would have had a better shot at 141.
  21. I'd say the biggest reason is he is cleared to wrestle and as such it is expected that he wrestle. To be considered for a medical it must be a season ending injury, he seems to be cleared and the season is not over so it is not a season ending injury. If he sat out while cleared to go he is just burning a year. It is either cleared to wrestle and go or too hurt to wrestle don't go, it is not cleared to wrestle but I don't feel like it so I'll sit out the rest of the year.
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