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    BLT got a reaction from go_rines12 in Iowa Hawkeyes -- Culture with black athletes   
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    BLT reacted to LJB in Revisiting the racism at Team Foxcatcher   
    so, you are going to compare an NBA owner who uses black athletes to line his pockets to dupont who gained no monetary value from any athletes and instead spent millions just to be associated with them... is that your big post of the night?
    and to say all racist are mentally unstable is analogous to saying all religious people are mentally unstable.
    but hey, thanks for trying so hard... you go snuggle in your self righteousness now... sweet dreams...
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    BLT reacted to Antitroll2828 in Revisiting the racism at Team Foxcatcher   
    He had multiple black athletes from different sports living and training on his property for atleast a decade, but years of heavy cocaine abuse mixed with being a lunatic he completely lost it and banned anything black from his property, houses, clothing, horses, cars I mean the guy was bat**** crazy but racists don’t sponsor black athletes for years 
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    BLT reacted to TripNSweep in Why is Echemendia the next big thing?   
    I'm talking about him winning state in Arizona and winning Fargo.  
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    BLT reacted to CoachWrestling in 4x CA State Champ Jesse Vasquez to Arizona State   
    There's something brewing in ASU, they could contend for a national title soon. I think they get one in about 5 years. That coaching staff might be the best in the country with the addition of Perry at this point. 
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    BLT reacted to Idaho in 4x CA State Champ Jesse Vasquez to Arizona State   
    I’m glad he landed at ASU and hope he does well. He would benefit from a redshirt. With that said, not to be Debbie Downer but....Naser, Villarreal , Demison, Belton. A Valencia - ASU has not exactly set the world on fire with multiple time California state champs.  
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    BLT got a reaction from pennsyrules in Ke’Shawn Hayes   
    Sasson looks nothing like a 157 to me, I think Carr, Deakin and Hidaly would make 3 guys who he would have a tough time against vs just Yanni. 
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    BLT reacted to TripNSweep in How old is Echemendia?   
    That's strange because I've seen him give alternate birth years of 1995 and 1997.  His facebook had him listed as being born in 1995 for a while.  
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    BLT reacted to Gobucks1971 in How old is Echemendia?   
    It won’t let me upload the picture. But on March 11th he posted a picture of his passport. His birthday is 09/10/1999. Clearly if the United States government is excepting this documentation for his immigration case it is valid. You all are haters if that is the only thing you can talk about to bring this kid down. He has an amazing story and has been through enough just to do what he loves. Wrestle in the greatest country
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    BLT reacted to TripNSweep in How old is Echemendia?   
    It might matter to the kids he beat while wrestling in high school or at Fargo.  You can't really get that back if you lost to a guy who was too old to wrestle but people lied for him to be able to compete. If you wrestled him and lost a national championship, AA honors or a state championship because you took a loss to a guy who shouldn't have been there how does that make you feel?  I'd be pretty upset.  
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    BLT reacted to TripNSweep in How old is Echemendia?   
    25 or 26 probably.  
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    BLT reacted to Marcus Cisero in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Donny - to the contrary, I'm an Iowa fan - always have been especially during the last few years with all the PA kids filling the roster. It's been fun watching Spencer both in HS and college, I like him and admire his dominance but there are things that prevent me from praising him at the same level like so many do on this board.
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    BLT reacted to mistydawn in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Makes me laugh that some still want to point to missing a match the week immediately prior to the US Senior Nationals where he hoped to qualify for the US Olympic Trials and he missed matches the week after he won the US Senior Nationals where he blew through a bracket with 6 former NCAA Champions, a World Jr. Silver medalist and a host of other All-Americans.  Also, don't forget that Tom Brands announced that he would miss matches on both weekends prior to the season even starting.   I guess those of you that hold that opinion are in the distinct minority, since Intermat stated that his margin of victory in the voting was one of the largest margins ever amongst the voting panel and he also won the popular vote by taking 58% of the total votes among the 8 finalists.   His bonus point percentage is only second to Caels 95% and he had a bonus percentage of 94%.   Rather than try to tear down a young mans accomplishments, I'll just echo what the obvious vast majority are saying today--well done Spencer Lee.  
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    BLT reacted to CoachWrestling in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Should have been Moore. Make these guys wrestle, not these short schedules. Bad precedent is now set. 
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    BLT reacted to IronChef in Winter sports denied extra year of eligibility   
    No. There are arguments for and against a dual champion. This cancellation is entirely separate from that discussion.
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    BLT reacted to TripNSweep in Solution for next year   
    Who cares.
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    BLT reacted to Mokoma in Final NCAA Most Dominant   
    Well they toed the line when they were supposed to meet Spencer.  Spencer decided not to.
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    BLT reacted to Mpchillin in Final NCAA Most Dominant   
    In 28 matches, Griffith wrestled a whopping 10 total NCAA qualifiers and managed two bonus point victories. In 24 matches, Glory wrestled 9 total qualifiers and had 4 bonus point victories. In 18 matches, Spencer faced 13 NCAA qualifiers and won 12 of them by bonus points. It’s not really that hard.
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    BLT reacted to HokieHWT in Extra year solution   
    Your name is accurate
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    BLT got a reaction from Major Kong in I had COVID-19...this is BS   
    Your flu shot had jack **** to do with recovering from corona. fyi
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    BLT reacted to kyleinthecircle in Why not award by seed?   
    Definitely should award all americans based off seed and name Iowa national champions, just like football would. The seeds would be perfect because it would be based off of regular season and the short amount of postseason there was (conference tournaments). 
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    BLT reacted to ptz305 in Why not award by seed?   
    The seeding committee sat down with a goal of identifying the top wrestlers in the country in each weight class based on who earned which position based upon their performance during the regular season. One could argue that this is even more legit than how football and basketball All-Americans are determined, which is by the media. I see this as the equivalent of the "coaches poll" in other sports. 

    College football awarded a national champion without a tournament for 100+ years. I can see how you can argue that we should not award individual national championships, but Iowa is as deserving of the team title as any of these football programs. 
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    BLT reacted to russelscout in Why not award by seed?   
    Most will think I am just trying to give Iowa a title, but really all those guys who did EARN a seed. Who did the work to put themselves in the top 8. Is it a consolation prize? Yes, but I would believe that Kollin Moore earned that title. I would believe that Pletcher earned it and that doesn't take anything from Nick Lee who had a great shot too, but this is what we have.
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    BLT reacted to Antitroll2828 in Cancel the NCAA Wrestling Tournament – It’s the Right Thing To Do   
    Wrestling has 1 tournament and 330 athletes left in one location that’s it....basketball still has conferences and the whole drawn out 3 week ncaa tournament, with multiple travel to different arenas 
    im not saying that I’m guaranteeing it’s going to happen, but you can’t compare it to sports with 1/3 of there season left
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