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  1. Finals predictions.... 125 Waters over Garrett 133 Schopp over Daranes 141 Stieber over Mays 149 Houda over Sorensen 157 Martinez over Ness 165 BoJo over Dierenger 174 Storley over Brown 184 Dean over Nate Brown 197 Cox over Snyder HWT McMullan over Gwiz Team champs Mizzou
  2. To respect the privacy of those involved I won't name specifics, but there is not really anything about it online. Just a boxscore with an injury default. Wasn't D1. This was many years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if others have had concussions or c-spine injuries in this situation, which is why refs often stop the action once the bottom guy stands up when both legs are in. The guy on top is vulnerable if his opponent goes back like Gilman did.
  3. I know that there are already multiple posts addressing the move performed by Gilman today, but what he did was so dangerous that I made an account just to make this post. Several years ago my old team was involved in a close dual meet. One of the wrestlers hit the same move Gilman hit today on Waters. His opponent went limp, sustaining a cervical spine fracture in the process. He was rushed to the hospital for emergent surgery. Fortunately the surgeons were able to operate before he became quadraplegic, and after a long rehab he was able to walk again. Obviously his wrestling days were over, but thank God he can walk and lead a normal life. Wrestling is a relatively safe sport (compared with football, hockey, etc), where the risk for a serious injury such as this is low. There are very few scenarios that can routinely endanger our athletes in this way, but this move is absolutely one of them. The response from the NCAA must be swift and clear. I do think Gilman should be suspended from the next meet, even if it is Big 10 tournament. (And I have grown up as a lifelong Iowa fan... something I will revisit after today). I was a wrestler too, I love to win, and when competing I have also been overagressive at times to get the W. But we have to remember that this is a sport, to be enjoyed, and that winning a wrestling match never justifies endangering your opponent, particularly when the injury could be lifelong. I hope that fans, coaches, Gilman and the NCAA appreciate the absolute and very real danger that Waters was exposed to today and that appropriate action is taken to make it clear to everyone that this reckless move is not tolerated.
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