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  1. wow, this is getting crazy. Hokiehwt if you really think that admins make the decisions to redshirt athletes you are absolutely out of your mind. Henderson is a MOCK recruit, and redshirted to provide him the best chance possible to win a national title nothing more and nothing less. They have the possibility to finish in the top if Henderson makes the finals and Ramos finishes in the top 5 and that may be pushing it. Scott has yet to develop anyone at UNC. Not saying that he hasn't helped the guys but the guys winning aren't his guys. we talk about this all the time with other coaches, give mock his due. I will agree with you that alumni and "boosters" have wanted mock out, but it was already in the works that next season would be his last. His firing is a surprise. It comes down to one man. The milwaukee tools guys is a very big part of this equation. And if Bubba is going to let money push him around, if I were in Scott's shoes I would be fearful that the same could happen to me.
  2. I think this is wake up call to the wrestling community. Hard work, dedication and motivation does not always prevail. The facts of All Americans coming out of the Cleveland area are not relevant because they don't wrestle for Cleveland State. When need people to step up with big financial contribution. We have a market segment of working class to middle class families. Blue collar people. We need the sacrifice of a few so that many will preserve it. Examples would be ASU are fully endowed with a big contribution. The goal should be to preserve and endow. Not to stop the bleeding. I saw some interesting statistics on ESPN about the NCAA. Viewing was up 10 percent from last year, with a total 694,000 viewers. And had 1.65 millions minutes viewed on WatchEspn app. The largest viewing city? Oklahoma City. In Fact OKC, and Tulsa have switched as the number one viewing for the last six years. The state of Oklahoma is the top state in viewing 6 years. Wrestling is the 6th most popular sport in high school with a total of girls and boys participation at 270,000. There are a total of 222 college programs in all divisions 1-3 ( 79 I/ 55 II/ 88 III) and about to be stay the same with the addition of FSU and dropping of CSU Now your wondering why is this important? Its not. That's the point. Everyone wants to talk title 9, and AD's and whatever else comes up. Athletics is a business plain and simple. We ( wrestling fans, wrestlers) need to help ourselves. We have people we can go to, there are banks with money waiting to be loaned. We need to start taking responsibility for our programs. We need to hold smaller programs accountable just like the big programs. How do we do that. I think three areas are very important. Performance- No one is going to watch if the team is not doing well. Performance is a big factor in staying around. Ohio State won four national titles. One was wrestling. Their first ever. The AD showed up for the trophy presentation. Tom Ryan has the AD staff believing in wrestling. Well Done. Coaching Hires/Selection and compensation- Everyone wants a big time coach. Who wouldn't. But there are a lot of guys out there that are busting their their tails and are doing well, and can DEVELOP wrestlers. I think that's the most important factor of a coach. Is development. Great example is Kevin Ward at Army. Did it on the Division 2 level and now he has made an IMMEDIATE impact at West Point. Compensation is a key factor is drawing in coaches and that comes from funding. Who wants to make 30k coaching wrestling? No one. And no good coach is going to take that offer when they know there is something better. Compensation is a huge factor for our sport right now. How much does the lowest football coach make on a team, probably about 3X as much as the worst school in Div. 1. Academics/ Public Image- wrestling does not do well on the academic side of the mat. It doesn't do itself any favors when the national average as a whole is bringing down the whole image of wrestling. We need to tighten the ole headgear up in the classroom. Part of the reason is because wrestling spans two semesters. That is not good for grade point averages, especially when march is near the end of the spring semester. Of course we need to write letters, and send well written opinions on why wrestling matters to cleveland state, and the area and what wrestling has done for each and everyone of us. But the VALUE of the sport, and what it does for the individual involved.
  3. I think one thing we haven't considered is, that wrestling isn't dead but perhaps that the american style of wrestling is dead. When women's wrestling came hard onto the scene I have to be honest and say that I wasn't a fan. at all. From the stand point of that they only have been wrestling for a limited amount of years (usually less than 10) and we were winning olympic medals. But I know when to eat crow and i am doing it now. My point is that the women have built a very successful model for growing our sport. There are several things that we could accomplish if we would switch to freestyle and greco or just freestyle, hear me out. 1. One style of wrestling. no more confusion. 2 Could be multi-national. Meaning teams from canada and all over the world could compete for an NCAA division 1 title. 3. Would benefit our olympic teams and world teams. 4. This could also mean that with only 8 weights, that we could allow more than one wrestler per team at a weight, thus making the national tournament larger. if two wrestlers qualified from each school at each weight, we could double the size, therefore double fans and income. 5. I think we could then down the road we could set a wrestling league much like germany, iran, and russia and india 6. No riding, and shave a minute off the match times. Also everyone wants to throw the terms "money and fans" out. If we had more fans, if we had more money. Yes those fix problems but some of the underlying issues are not money driven. Those issues are 1. Wrestlers GPA. As a whole we have a horrible reputation of bad gpa and apr issues. 2. Part of that reason is because we span two semesters. Needs to be a one semester sport. I don't want to give up on "our" style of wrestling, but if we want to grow the sport, and grow it in this country, i think this is the way. We have so many great coaches who have been great at freestyle as well i don't think much would change. And I also think we would see more parity also. just my two cents
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