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  1. fatlaz

    Adam Coon in the finals!!!!

    Amazing performance!!!! This again proves that folkstyle is the best training for the international styles. :)
  2. When do repachage (sp?) start? After the semifinals or tomorrow?
  3. fatlaz

    Brackets for Big Ten

    Where can we watch it? I don't see it on the Big Ten Network listings.
  4. fatlaz

    I choose down

    Can anyone find the "fist to the back" broadcast?
  5. I'm in the same weight class as when I was a senior in high school..... Unlimited!
  6. fatlaz

    One Match that Changes History

    Jacob vs. the Angel. Good thing there wasn't a tech fall in those days....
  7. fatlaz

    David Taylor

    It was obvious that J'Den was just too slick for Taylor!
  8. How would riding time be judged?
  9. Since we are arguing over things that won't happen...Could Cox & Snyder beat the other 8 first seeds combined. Or would it take Dean, Cox and Snyder? Or Zahid, Dean, Cox and Snyder?
  10. What's the college rule? In case everyone didn't notice freestyle has different rules than the NCAA.... (It seems we've discussed this a time or two on the forum.)
  11. fatlaz

    2019-2022 Championship Sites

    I've always been in favor of Phoenix. Good weather, easy to get to, also supports college wrestling in the West.
  12. fatlaz

    2015-18 sites announced

    I've always been an advocate of having the tournament in Phoenix. It would be great for ASU (as having it in St. Louis has been great for Mizzou) and we wouldn't have to worry about the weather. Phoenix is also pretty easy and inexpensive to get to by air.
  13. ZOU! I've been to 16 of the last 17 NCAAs. Had to travel for work one year.
  14. fatlaz

    Message From Big Bruce

    I've always wondered how Bruce ended up at Indiana State? I know he was never a State Champion, but what took him to Indiana? Now he's in the Indiana State and Missouri Valley hall of fame. Does the Missouri Valley Conference have any teams that wrestle?
  15. fatlaz

    Who was the slam call on?

    I did some investigating and found an “Iowa Interpretation” that covers this situation. It’s not in the rule book, but it’s an interpretation used in Iowa. (In Missouri we used to have a Leg Riding or Head and Arm Interpretation.) So Gilman was called for the slam, but Waters was called for an illegal move according to the Iowa Interpretation. Art. 5 explains the reversal. Sec. 7 Art 4.: a. If in the sudden victory 30 second tiebreaker period wrestler “A” is in the advantage position and in the judgment of the referee appears to be able to ride out wrestler “I” in the defensive position, a visual count shall be started by the referee. If the count reaches 5 seconds, wrestler “A” will be called for stalling without hesitation. b. In the situation described in (a.) above, if for any reason the referee cannot reach a 5 second count, the match shall be stopped and wrestler “A” penalized for an illegal hold. Wrestler “I” will be awarded one point. c. The referee signal for this special situation shall be an immediate punch to the back the head of wrestler “A” without hesitation. Sec. 7 Art 5: a. If in the sudden victory 30 second tiebreaker period with wrestler “A” in the advantage position and wrestler “I” in the defensive position, wrestler “I” may apply a head lock with or without the arm encircled. b. In the situation described in (a.) above, as soon as wrestler “I” touches the side of his body to the mat, the referee shall award reversal immediately and start the count for near fall criteria without hesitation.