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  1. Until last year, when Covid made it impossible, the girls wrestled at the same time as the boys during the state tournament. Four classes for boys and one class for girls. Championships at one time on 5 mats.
  2. In Missouri during the 2017-2018 school year when girls still were competing against the boys, there were 169 females in wrestling. During their first season wrestling against themselves in their own state tournament in 2018-2019, the number of girls rose to 956. That number increased 39 percent to 1,573 girls who were certified 2019-2020. This compares to 6,750 boys wrestling in 2019-2020. The Missouri High School Association Sanctions Girls wrestling.
  3. 2/3 Mizzou wrestlers in the finals. Imagine if they were athletic?????
  4. I don't have Olympic Channel available on my cable package, but I was able to download the Olympic Channel app to my Roku TV and FireStick and am able to watch it that way.. I just kind of (luckily) stumbled into finding the app. It's not NBCSports.
  5. Olympic channel is an app you download...if you have a smart tv or a fire stick or something you download the app. It's not nbcsports.com.
  6. They just lead off the news here that Gillman and his wife found out today they are expecting a girl. He couldn't attend the appointment because he is in Tokyo. They had a short interview with him. I honestly don't know if it was our St. Louis NBC channel or the national news.
  7. Moving to the SEC hasn't hurt Mizzou. In fact it gave the athletic department a lot more money to work with. I would guess there will still be a conference similar to the current big12 for wrestling even if the big12 implodes. I think OU will be just fine.
  8. The announcers are at home and the sound levels are all messed up. The announcers missed the locked hands call.
  9. And what about Illinois? They should be better. If Illinois could recruit better in state...Illinois has good results at Fargo etc...and the state is a huge population center.
  10. NHS is being humorous. Young is coach Brands son in law.
  11. I agree. That's why the new college rule should be called "push out" or something rather than stalling. Yesterday during the ACC Hwt. championship match, Catka kept shooting, but he got called for stalling because he was pushed out. In my opinion Wilson was pushing Catka out of bounds to avoid wrestling, but because of the new rule, Catka got called for stalling. BTW, I support a push out rule, but lets call it a push out.
  12. You can also substitute "holding onto one leg" for "mat return " in this conversation.
  13. It's one of those unintended consequences things. You're going to get called for stalling if you don't return the bottom man to the mat within 5 seconds, so you just push the bottom man off the mat so you actually avoid getting called for stalling. It's wrong, but that's what is happening.
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