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  1. J'Den was slick at 86 when he wrestled Taylor....J'Den will be just way too slick for everyone at 97.
  2. So why would people say that we'll know what weight he'll be for OTT next week when he wrestles in Cuba? I would think that we would only know if he weighs in at 86...
  3. Couldn't he wrestle 97kg in Cuba and still wrestle 86 at OTT?
  4. I wrestled little league on them my first two years...1973-1974. Then we got one foam mat. We used to fight about who got to do neck bridges on the foam mat. Horrible mat burns.
  5. Amazing performance!!!! This again proves that folkstyle is the best training for the international styles. :)
  6. When do repachage (sp?) start? After the semifinals or tomorrow?
  7. Where can we watch it? I don't see it on the Big Ten Network listings.
  8. Can anyone find the "fist to the back" broadcast?
  9. I'm in the same weight class as when I was a senior in high school..... Unlimited!
  10. Jacob vs. the Angel. Good thing there wasn't a tech fall in those days....
  11. It was obvious that J'Den was just too slick for Taylor!
  12. Since we are arguing over things that won't happen...Could Cox & Snyder beat the other 8 first seeds combined. Or would it take Dean, Cox and Snyder? Or Zahid, Dean, Cox and Snyder?
  13. What's the college rule? In case everyone didn't notice freestyle has different rules than the NCAA.... (It seems we've discussed this a time or two on the forum.)
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