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  1. The announcers are at home and the sound levels are all messed up. The announcers missed the locked hands call.
  2. And what about Illinois? They should be better. If Illinois could recruit better in state...Illinois has good results at Fargo etc...and the state is a huge population center.
  3. NHS is being humorous. Young is coach Brands son in law.
  4. I agree. That's why the new college rule should be called "push out" or something rather than stalling. Yesterday during the ACC Hwt. championship match, Catka kept shooting, but he got called for stalling because he was pushed out. In my opinion Wilson was pushing Catka out of bounds to avoid wrestling, but because of the new rule, Catka got called for stalling. BTW, I support a push out rule, but lets call it a push out.
  5. You can also substitute "holding onto one leg" for "mat return " in this conversation.
  6. It's one of those unintended consequences things. You're going to get called for stalling if you don't return the bottom man to the mat within 5 seconds, so you just push the bottom man off the mat so you actually avoid getting called for stalling. It's wrong, but that's what is happening.
  7. The Blues are allowing 1400 fans right now, so I would guess there might be two "guests" per wrestler. I doubt the average fan will be able to attend.
  8. I don't understand why the B12 and the B1G10 don't move their conference tournaments up a week. As I read what (I think) the current guidelines are, the minimum number of days between testing positive and competition is 10 days, but could be longer depending on the individual's symptoms and the local guidelines. I think having the conference tournaments end 12 days before the NCAA tournaments start is cutting it too close. Hypothetically, if a wrestler was exposed at one of these conference tournament and then showed symptoms 3 days afterward, maybe a whole team and maybe some members of other teams could be contact traced out of the NCAA tournament????
  9. Easy for me to say, but they should move the meet up to give them enough time for quarantine.
  10. Where did you find this information? Not doubting you...but would like to verify it. Good friend of mine is going to have to cancel his romantic Valentines day trip to Stillwater with his wife!
  11. I don't understand why this would affect the athletic department and not the rest of the university. I would think the athletes would be safer than the general student population because of closer monitoring. Is U of Michigan virtual now?
  12. Anyone know when Stanford will release a schedule. 2021 is their last season, right....I didn't miss something????
  13. All I have is a few good reputable friends of mine who said that Brian Smith told them that Mizzou was going back to the Big 12 at the CMU-Wyoming match.
  14. Since Mizzou already wrestles the top Big 12 teams, I wonder if their schedule will change much when they rejoin the Big 12 next year?
  15. Anyone know where we can watch the Mizzou-Arizona State Match? (Besides Ames IA)
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