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  1. ...And as late as 1961 Dietrich wrestled 87kg (191lbs) . So he wasn't a really big guy. Obviously very strong and scouted Taylor and used his momentum.
  2. My brother, my son and myself all wrestled and were state champions. I was the heaviest of them all. Can still make my high school weight class...Unlimited. My poor mom has been fortunate/unfortunate to see about 500 wrestling matches. She used to take the street car to see professional wrestling matches when she was 11 years old in 1950.
  3. And the trees are all kept equal By hatchet Axe And saw Or the social media versions of hatchets axes and saws. I just heard this Rush song "Trees" this morning and found it pertinent to what is going on now.
  4. There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas The trouble with the maples And they're quite convinced they're right They say the oaks are just too lofty And they grab up all the light But the oaks can't help their feelings If they like the way they're made And they wonder why the maples Can't be happy in their shade? There is trouble in the forest And the creatures all have fled As the maples scream, "oppression" And the oaks just shake their heads So the maples formed a union And demanded equal rights "The oaks are just too greedy We will make them give us light" Now there's no more oak oppression For they passed a noble law And the trees are all kept equal By hatchet Axe And saw
  5. This is really incredible. 15 years before "The Throw" Dietrich was wrestling 190lbs--87kg! So its unlikely he was much more than 245lbs--110kg in 1972. Taylor was 440lbs--200kgs (the weight class wasn't 130kgs!),
  6. In 1918, during the Spanish Flu, the treatment for the flu was bloodletting, and laxitives. Probably better to not to see a doctor. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/the-1918-influenza-pandemic-how-far-have-we-come/
  7. Everything can't stay closed until there's a vaccine. You just have to open things when it makes sense. Slowly, with people in low risk groups and watch the data. A few days ago the Missouri governor said the thing he has learned about the pandemic is that you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  8. So we should all be able to see how our responses to this situation is based on our personal experience. Look at Illinois. People in southern Illinois are fed up with Pritzker because they are like me and don't know anyone with it and the Chicago people think the southern Illinois people are crazy.
  9. Rich B. Serious question. Where do you live? I live in St. Louis and no one I personally know has been diagnosed with Covid-19. My Cousin's Uncle (on the other side--whom I may have met once) tested positive but had no symptoms. He visited Viet Nam and was tested when he came back. No one I am close to knows anyone who has been diagnosed with it.
  10. Let's assume Wade Schalles would wrestle 174 under today's rules. Then we could have Ben Askren and Schalles wrestle. That would be fun!
  11. Here's another article by Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post Dispatch where he discusses Mizzou wrestling quite a bit. The article covers how other sports will be affected by the loss of revenue from football. There are a lot of quotes from Brian Smith. In the article he quotes Lindsey Darvin, an assistant professor in the sport management department at SUNY Cortland. “Football is king and football always has been,” Darvin said. “But from a Title IX perspective, some people don't understand that Title IX applies to both genders. It’s not a women’s policy. But on the men's side, it's really easy to cut Olympic teams, because in terms of the three-prong test, those male athletes really can't bring a Title IX suit against a school. Because usually the numbers are still higher for men participants. Usually there’s even more teams for men, even if they cut those.” (I added the emphasis.) What school has more men's teams than women's teams? Maybe a school that doesn't have football with the 85 scholarships??? Or a majority men's school? She's making a statement that makes it seems like a majority of universities have more men's teams than women's teams. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/dave-matter-other-sports-in-danger-with-college-football-revenue-at-risk/article_3961c603-397e-5bf8-b720-7cd5de6cc642.html
  12. Welp, I missed it. Askren is 2nd. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/matters-best-of-mizzou-no-2-ben-askren/article_05ecb1e2-0799-5102-99c7-bbe4637aa3fb.html
  13. Karissa Schweizer was #5 overall. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/matters-best-of-mizzou-no-5-karissa-schweizer/article_fc59a373-b9c1-5290-8f47-82ef7b03e969.html
  14. Of course I agree. Chase was a Heisman trophy finalist but J'Den was a Hodge finalist as well as a three time NCAA champion. I just thought it was well balanced that there are a lot of non basketball/non football people on his list and 2 of the top 3 are wrestlers.
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