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  1. You mean Nico will know discover what training with Lee can do for him. Geez!
  2. Ask the Beatles if Chuck Berry was relevant or Ask Chuck Berry if Robert Johnson was. Young folks need to be taught that the path they pedal their trikes down was cleared, leveled and paved by someone.
  3. This is a good question. As a taxidermist (nothing to do with wrestling) we are constantly reminded of our founding fathers. In a couple of weeks we will be competing at the world championships in Springfield, Mo. The highest awards given are among 16 world title accompanied by a gold medallion bearing the image of Carl Akley. He is considered "the father of modern taxidermy". His elephant diorama is still on display in main hall of the American museum of natural history in NY. What he did for our craft over 100 years ago is primitive by modern modern standards, but the everything done since then has benefitted from his techniques. Names like John L. Clark and Coleman Jonas are as well as Akley are totally relevant to taxidermists today, whether you people know them or not. Gable is has his place in forging techniques and styles that are building blocks of what guys are are doing today. Godfather may be a lofty term but you can't deny the influence (directly and indirectly) that he has had on the sport. The branches of the tree of his legacy cast long shadows. Without his presence, wresting would a whole different animal. Though he wrestled out of the wound of great pain( the loss of his sister) his fingerprint is on every kid that takes to the mat. It will be this way forevever.
  4. Cletus, you are a cruel and viscous man.
  5. Almost no one took GSP down, he was not a wrestler. Fact is, with a cage to back up to, many times a decorated wrestler struggles to take down a guy with no wrestling background. Taking shots to those cauliflower ears can hinder as well. You can't go far in mma without a well rounded game, wrestling is only one facet. Many great wrestlers have gone to sleep by submission artists as well as strikers. Remember when Overeem was hitting Lesner in the proboscis, and he covered up and flinched like he did not like that one bit. Hendricks has power, he has adapted to become a striker first, thus success. He was a very good wrestler, but he has evolved far beyond.
  6. If I remove the wolf picture, can we continue this discussion? I am learning a lot here and don't want to be known as a thread wrecker.
  7. There is a big difference between turning a guy and blocking elbows in the guard position. Not to mention avoiding submissions. When someone takes you down in the cage, you can't give up your back. Wrestlers are coached early on to stay off their backs. Guys that have wrestled since childhood simply aren't used to getting punched in the face, taking leg kicks or being choked out. Get past those obstacles, learn to throw with power and accuracy and the transition is virtually seamless.
  8. Sometimes the wolf gets you and sometimes.....
  9. Just having a little fun. Bottom line that sooner or later everyone will lose. While winning can build confidence, losing can build character and make you stronger. It is likely Imar will not run the table the next four years, but look at how losing got him to where he is now. Some loses get avenged and some do not. Unlike many other forms of competition, wrestling has a very narrow window (time wise) to be great. Sure we all want to see legends made, but every now and then the sun shines on an unlikely hero. I know I find find myself subconsciously pulling for the underdog most times. If Fredy and Vinny meet again, I know who I will be rooting for.
  10. Township is clearly the solution to a deeply rooted problem in our country. Losers must be ridiculed in order to breed a super human race. A verbal beatdown is truly in order here. This will toughen Fredy up in a way that J Rob never could. While reading these posts, the clown light started flashing on my dashboard, I suddenly realized it was flashing due to the hyper- sensitive nature of some of our flabby posts.
  11. Are we to assume that Vinny Jo will never lose again? Let alone get "beat down".
  12. Words could not describe the skills that Pepe possessed on the mat. It is a little known fact however that his younger brother, Diego was even better. He was some something like 152-0 after his third year in high school ( St. Castro), when an evening on the beach went horribly wrong. After he and some friends got into old man Carrillo's shed a obsconded with some "Caneshine, they decided to go for a swim in the moonlight. Diego was caught in a riptide and was swept into a large breeding mass of jellyfish, actually they were Portuguese man Of war (phasilia phasilis), poor Diego was stung over 90% of his body. The venom was too much and we was found on the beach near death the next day. With the swelling came infection and Diego grew to enormous size. He was never able to control the swelling and thus manage his weight. I saw him on the beach a few years back while on the island attending a cigar convention. He is huge, I'd guess he's about five bills. Very sad.
  13. Oh, you just had to bring Fredy into it this didn't you?
  14. If someone achieves a high level of success and acts like a knucklehead in the process, there will be a lot of hate. If they handle themselves worthy of respect and are successful. There will still be some detractors. The world is is full of of little boys walking around in grown men's bodies, truth is, growth can come at any time.( As long as there is a heartbeat and breathing)
  15. Humility is not the Hawkeye way. Humility is way underrated and and builds character if taken in moderate doses. Brands was not taught that style and firmly believes it shows weakness IMHO. You can't teach what you have not learned.
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