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    Phil S got a reaction from leshismore in Top Incoming Freshman by weight   
    Just having a little fun. Bottom line that sooner or later everyone will lose. While winning can build confidence, losing can build character and make you stronger. It is likely Imar will not run the table the next four years, but look at how losing got him to where he is now. Some loses get avenged and some do not. Unlike many other forms of competition, wrestling has a very narrow window (time wise) to be great. Sure we all want to see legends made, but every now and then the sun shines on an unlikely hero. I know I find find myself subconsciously pulling for the underdog most times. If Fredy and Vinny meet again, I know who I will be rooting for.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Jaroslav Hasek in Top Incoming Freshman by weight   
    Township is clearly the solution to a deeply rooted problem in our country. Losers must be ridiculed in order to breed a super human race. A verbal beatdown is truly in order here. This will toughen Fredy up in a way that J Rob never could. While reading these posts, the clown light started flashing on my dashboard, I suddenly realized it was flashing due to the hyper- sensitive nature of some of our flabby posts.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in Has there even been a wrestler with a legitimate perfect record   
    Words could not describe the skills that Pepe possessed on the mat. It is a little known fact however that his younger brother, Diego was even better. He was some something like 152-0 after his third year in high school ( St. Castro), when an evening on the beach went horribly wrong. After he and some friends got into old man Carrillo's shed a obsconded with some "Caneshine, they decided to go for a swim in the moonlight. Diego was caught in a riptide and was swept into a large breeding mass of jellyfish, actually they were Portuguese man Of war (phasilia phasilis), poor Diego was stung over 90% of his body. The venom was too much and we was found on the beach near death the next day. With the swelling came infection and Diego grew to enormous size. He was never able to control the swelling and thus manage his weight. I saw him on the beach a few years back while on the island attending a cigar convention. He is huge, I'd guess he's about five bills. Very sad.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in DOWN GOES GILMAN!   
    Humility is not the Hawkeye way. Humility is way underrated and and builds character if taken in moderate doses. Brands was not taught that style and firmly believes it shows weakness IMHO. You can't teach what you have not learned.
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    Phil S got a reaction from leshismore in Logan Stieber two redshirts?   
    Some one needs to get those matches away from Tbar.
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    Phil S got a reaction from sgallan in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    I gave up reading after two pages, but I have to comment again. Religion is under attack here. That in my opinion is good thing. Religion is poison. It is the opposite of being like Christ. Who did Jesus hang out with? That's right outcasts, publicans....( not republicans, but some do fit the mold) sinners. Who did he have his beef with? That's right, the religious dudes of his day. If you go back and read the main point you will clearly see that we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Oh yeah and love our neighbor  as ourselves. That covers EVERTHING! More religious folks need to pray that they themselves are transformed to the image of Christ, then it will be easy to help our fellow man...
     There is one potential downside to all of this however. Since gays tend to have an overall higher income than non-gays, The potential for new interest in wrestling could create higher ticket prices in NYC next March. That might create a covetous spirit amongst heterosexual wrestling fans. Geez I better get cracking and get my tickets bought.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Glane18 in Mike Pucillo announcement   
    It really is no concern to me which way he swings, but announcing it is like any guy announcing his sexual preference. I simply don't need to know that about him. It's none of my business, some will champion his plight, while others will judge. I have to admit it has no bearing on my life, unless this thread makes five or six pages, then I might suggest we talk about wrestling more and sexual orientation or alternate lifestyles less.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Tofurky in How about Edinboro?   
    That is some great research. Don't forget about the uniforms though, with a budget of 1.6 million you would think Iowa could add a few hawk feathers to those basic black singlets.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Aviator12 in 2015 NCAA Championships Results Discussion   
    Seeing Garrett and Stauffer lose was a bit of a shock, but nothing like the shock I recieved and realized where I had parked. Gone were the smiling friendly faces that greeted me in the daylight, suddenly ( well maybe it was gradually cause I was indoors all evening) the world had become a very different place. Descibing it with words like dark and dangerous would be like sayning Steiber is " decent on top". We left about the time Dzeiwa won his consolation match and there were very few "friendly faces" once we stepped "out there". The pungent odor of some skunky smelling bud wafted through the air and before I knew it all my spare change was gone by the time I hit the first crosswalk. As we moved farther from the trade center the words " hey let's park down by this this old museum" we're ringing in my head. Matt and I were crossing streets back and forth to avoid the larger groups of friendly locals. We zigged a couple of blocks off course hoping we could zag back when it looked a bit safer. Then out the shadows three rambunctious fellows spotted us and changed course in our direction. We walked faster and the did too. The chatter got louder and we walked faster. As they came up behind us, a cop cruised by and tapped his brakes. Did I ever tell you how much I love cops? Any way they crossed over and we ducked Down an ally as the cop disappeared over the curve of the earth. With recalculation we made it to the truck and sped of into the night. We had run the " gauntlet" Back in the room, I calmly changed my shorts and looked over the bracket sheets, since everything from 6 o'clock on was a blank. I considered starting a a new thread titled " Things not to do if you're a slightly overweight balding white guy from northwest Montana while in St. Louis", but figured I could save more lives by posting it here. Some of my memory is coming back and my alarm is set for 4:30 am so I can get one of those slick parking spots right across from the main entrance. It's doubtful however that I will ever forget the night at the museum.
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    Phil S got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Newly Posted, Unedited Film of '62 NCAA Finals   
    A few years back a fellow in his early sixties was killed in a terrible head on collision along with four other fatalities just outside of Libby Montana. I have a contractor friend that told me two of the people killed were Jack Flasche and his wife. Jack was a drywall contractor and was very well liked by everyone that knew him. A few months later a story ran about Jack and his 1962 NCAA wrestling title. Against all odds he manhandled the #1 seed, and returning champ, Phil Kinyon. It saddened me to know this guy lived only a couple miles from me and I had no clue that one day the year I was born, he had achieved a nearly impossible feat. Kinyon was considered a heavy favorite to repeat. But destiny was with Jack that day. Jack was injured his junior year and was knocked out of the tournament early his senior year. The guys I know that worked with him said he was a great guy and never knew of his title. RIP Jack.
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    Phil S reacted to AKHUNTER in So who's going to saint louis and supporting which team?   
    My bride and I are bringing my HS coach to Nationals this year... he is 87 and this will no doubt be his last chance for such a trip.
    last year after getting home I called him and talked about the tourney. He told me to quit calling him telling him how much fun it was. I thought about it for a couple weeks then decided to call him and said...... hey coach why don't you come along next year, on me. It's going to be really enjoyable having him along. I owe him much.
    Going to be rooting for VT
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    Phil S reacted to Billyhoyle in So who's going to saint louis and supporting which team?   
    This is awesome.  
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    Phil S got a reaction from GockeS in Things to do in St.Louis   
    I hear Ferguson is nice this time of year.
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    Phil S got a reaction from gallison in My NCAA Picks (125-184) *updated   
    Pretty bold at 141.
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    Phil S got a reaction from leshismore in Things to do in St.Louis   
    I hear Ferguson is nice this time of year.
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