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  1. Never made a fully committed effort to do so but part of that was expert blocking by Sad
  2. They recently added 3 women to the HWC too
  3. I really want to know what Dake said to him
  4. Cass scored 18.5 points this year at B1Gs compared to Parris's 18 points, even though Cass placed third and Parris placed second while pinning Cass along the way.
  5. My feed quit too, I just switched to the multi-cam feed though which is working perfectly
  6. Nope. Cass up 2-0 early with a TD on the edge
  7. He literally patted him on the back on his way off the mat you dolt
  8. Aaron Brooks, no limp and no tape, must be an extremely quick healer
  9. He's married to Tom Brands's daughter, so I think "Brands" is a reference to that
  10. Not able to watch; does anyone have match results thus far?
  11. "Nit" and "Ninny" are both synonyms for "fool" and are oftentimes both used together for effect.
  12. What does that have to do with next Friday's meet in Carver Hawkeye Arena?
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