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  1. What does that have to do with next Friday's meet in Carver Hawkeye Arena?
  2. Kayla Miracle is into the finals with 3 Falls on the day
  3. AND always binds more strongly than OR
  4. He got top 3 at 2019 NCAAs, though
  5. Gilman would've won even without that penalty
  6. This season lived and died with Spencer Lee, and to a lesser extent, Alex Marenelli. The fanbase is generally very happy for Spencer and very optimistic about next year. Had Spencer lost, the entire season would have been considered a waste and feelings for next year would be pessimistic
  7. Weigel should've been stalled out of that match, but Warner needs to make better decisions
  8. Yes, in the semifinals. Martin went on to lose to Sammy Brooks in the finals
  9. He teched Stickley twice last year
  10. AJ Nevills received three straight MFFs on the backside to make it to the 3rd place match
  11. Looked like he got poked in the eye
  12. Kemerer MFF out today. He and Nolf will share 6th place
  13. Joseph got away with running straight backwards the last two minutes. Ref needs to grow a pair and call him for stalling
  14. I stand corrected. They wrestled at 2013 University Nationals with Mega winning 3-0
  15. I think Megaludis won 3 folkstyle matches in college (to Gilman's 0) but Gilman took him apart at WTTs this year. Not sure if they've met otherwise
  16. Gilman/Megaludis was a pretty glaring difference as well
  17. Cox said in his interview (on Track) after his bronze medal match that he'll move up to 92
  18. I was in Stillwater a few years ago for the dual against Iowa, and attendance was right around 4k I think. Lots of empty seats. And a handful of fans told us they were happy for the big crowd for two of the historically greatest college wrestling schools. That was the year Iowa won 8 of the 10 bouts (Ringer beating Rhoads and Boyd beating Brooks being the Cowboys' only wins) so it wasn't as hyped up of a dual as it is in most years, but I was still extremely surprised attendance was so low for that meet.
  19. When has Brands ever "blown" a year of eligibility of one his wrestlers?
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