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  1. Rosholt at 197. When he dribbled Phil Davis' head off the mat in the finals it made him the villain of that tournament. Plus the way he seemed to disregard the regular season.
  2. This falsely assumes that we have some neutral USA wrestling governing body answerable to nobody but themselves. We don't. The house doesn't just win because they make the rules. They win because they always make rules to make money. We don't have a governing body with one purpose who always does things to win Olympic matches. We have an extremely splintered group of regional interests with no more unity than the Asian Championships. Just like China isn't letting Japan get away with missing weight, the other guys trying to make an olympic team (and their coaches) aren't letting a guy get away with missing weight here. The guys making the decision are tied to athletes in the field, and it appears more weren't tied to J'Den then were tied to him. So when he screwed up he got no more grace from his fellow Americans than Higuchi got from his competitors.
  3. The ragging is happening now because the consequences of the loss are approaching.
  4. You absolutely would. tOSU and NLWC have much bigger fanbases. Tons of people would suddenly care most about the spirit of the rules.
  5. The funniest thing about these 44 pages is that only Mizzou fans and personal fans of Cox are advanced enough in their thinking to move beyond rules. Either Mizzou fans are just higher level thinkers or there is some other reason why only people who were intensely rooting for Cox all interpret it one way.
  6. You've done a great job looking at this situation from more than one angle. But this right here is just wrong. You can argue that the rule and the application of the rule were dumb, but you're just being dishonest when you make this argument.
  7. You honestly think a win in April will affect who wins later? It might affect who you 'know' is top 3, but it has nothing to do with whether they win in Tokyo. Spending 6 minutes on a mat with a guy you won't be wrestling in the Olympics is not going to make you one bit better as a wrestler.
  8. And to be clear, I don't mean your opinion was objectively wrong. I mean it was subjectively wrong when compared to my subjective opinion. And even if you got 5 guys who were much smarter and more knowledgeable than us, you'd get 5 additional opinions about what gap (if any) there is between Oliver and Yianni. I just can't see how letting those 5 guys (who know the competitors personally and will absolutely be influenced by that) argue it out works better.
  9. Yep. All of our top coaches are inextricably tied to regional universities and the biases and rooting interests that go along with that. I have zero confidence a room of coaches could pick a better team than the trials picked. I've seen the room of coaches seed guys for NCAAs. I've seen the room of coaches fight over National duals according to what their team looked like that year. I like that our system gives an advantage to returning team members, and I like that it comes down to the matches on the mat. I don't like it because it's fair, I like it because I think it does a better job than a room of coaches would do.
  10. You think JO is an underdog who should have to significantly defeat Yianni to make the team? I am guessing this is exactly why we follow rules so closely. It's the least bad of all the terrible ways to pick a team.
  11. I assume he feels no pressure to do that. There is a governing body that can do that if they want. It'd be idiotic for Snyder to feel pressure to fix the problem that Cox caused and the on site officials didn't fix.
  12. Your post assumes Dake isn't already unstoppable. It also assumes that more offense is automatically better. Both of those things seem like poor assumptions.
  13. Good stuff. As long as he weighs in there is no advantage gained by doing it 15 minutes late. Basic adult human awareness on Cox's part could have prevented this whole problem. Basic common sense from the officials could have solved the whole thing. One guy being clueless and a number of guys being rigid added up to a great wrestler not wrestling. I also agree that JB appeared to go for the eyes on purpose and repeatedly. He absolutely should have been penalized. He would have lost a point in an MMA fight where punching is allowed.
  14. Sadulaev is awesome. But after getting beat by Snyder nobody had him as undisputed p4p #1. Then he beat Snyder and everyone did have him there. But now it looks like his win over Snyder might not be as impressive as we assumed it was. I could see arguments against Sadulaev. I dont' think they're as strong as the arguments for him, but I get the argument.
  15. Part of me wanted to jump on him for being wrong on the facts. But I had to admit that the facts don't make his overall point wrong. Just because Burroughs beat Dake almost all of the previous matchups, it doesn't mean he does now. Same with Dake and Taylor. He made a smart comparison with bad facts. With that said, I'd still go Dake over Taylor. I think the history is applicable and I think Dake is better than he's ever been before.
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