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  1. boconnell

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    That's an issue of OU having about 5 years where they couldn't recruit Oklahoma. Fix, Brock, Gfeller, Lewallen, Blaylock, Rogers, Smith, Smith, and White could probably make a top 5 team by themselves just of Oklahoma natives on the OSU roster. Your conclusion may be the only one you could reach but it's horribly wrong.
  2. boconnell

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    I thought the heavyweight was a silver lining. He showed fight before and after the whistle (though neither was super effective). He was physically and technically outgunned, but he came to wrestle.
  3. boconnell

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    I agree it was better than expected. I strongly disagree the 174 showed fight. He came out swinging for a minute and when it didn't work he gave up and showed nothing but the top of his head for the next 6 minutes. Multiple times he refused to even face his opponent when he was being let up. He totally quit in that match the moment his plan A didn't work.
  4. boconnell

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    Honestly that's better than expected. Demas had a solid win over Brock. The OU 157 fought hard. And they didn't wrestle Woodley at 197. It was a last minute switch after OSU brought out Weigel for the first time in a dual this year. That should have been the match of the dual so that was a disappointment. And it was funny watching Montnono at 174 go lock up and attempt to throw Jacobe Smith and get dumped on his head twice in the first minute. I don't know how anyone looks at Smith and thinks "I should try to throw that guy." But on the whole OU wasn't terrible. It's probably the best and the youngest they've been in a while. The bigger problem is that so far the longer guys spend in the program the worse they seem to get.
  5. boconnell

    Bobby Knight

    There is not a single thing connected to the university or to Knight regarding cheating or anything about academics. On the other hand there is overwhelming evidence the guy actually cared about grades and attendance. . As was mentioned above by a poster...you can be an abusive jerk of a coach who also cares about players and respects academics. People are complicated and are never all good and are rarely all bad. He was a bully who picked on people who could not fight back because of his position. That's enough to vilify him if someone is inclined. But don't twist facts to fit a narrative.
  6. boconnell

    Bobby Knight

    You're skeptical of actual men who graduated with degrees but you take anecdotes with no charges as fact? The truth is Knight definitely graduated kids, definitely did some bad things, and might have done some other bad ones. Don't try to spin it by using only the parts that fit your narrative.
  7. boconnell

    CKLV Discussion

    I don't feel bad for Hayes at all and I am happy Jordan is competing in the right weight. If a guy wants to change weights for the team, then great for him. If a guy wants to wrestle in his best weight class, then great for him and nobody has any right to tell him to sacrifice his own goals for anyone else. As a coach I almost always pushed kids to whatever weight was best for them and let other guys sort out as able. The only exception would be if the sacrifice had a real likelihood to impact some large team goal, and even then I would ask a kid but never push. It's an individual sport first and foremost.
  8. boconnell

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Yep. Snyder is the better wrestler, but Snyder is better at moving large men then he is at moving with quick ones. Cox moves so well laterally and has such long reach to stop shots from distance. Snyder will control the center of the mat in that match, but it may look like a bull fight if the ref doesn't aggressively force action. Even if Cox gives up a shot clock point he's still in a tight match.
  9. It just depends on definition of toughest. It's definitely the deepest, but any tournament with PSU will have better champs. There's only 2 top ranked wrestlers in the tournament (although I'd say 3 with Stevenson).
  10. boconnell

    Joe Smith

    You are correct. He was up and came down. In my mind for some reason I inverted that and was thinking he was down and went up 2 years ago. I was totally wrong.
  11. boconnell

    Joe Smith

    The lightweight logjam got settled (at least temporarily) when a guy got injured. When your backup 141 can come in up a weight and beats a guy like Thorn 9-3, it's a logjam worth being concerned over. But until Smith makes some weight and attempts to wrestle a match nobody has any idea how this will turn out. I think there's no way Rogers beats him because Rogers doesn't have a style that works great against teammates. So the fact Rogers is down at 165 for the first time in 2 years tells me Joe Smith will never come close to 165. I'm not sure I see him beating Jacobe though. It's tough to give up that much size and length and win. So I'm guessing he's either a fat 184 or it's a Smith/Smith wrestle off (or we've seen him wrestle his last match).
  12. boconnell

    Foxcatcher Movie

    Of course a documentary is more accurate then a movie. I didn't go into the movie looking to learn the story of Foxcatcher. I also didn't go into the movie looking for the movie to make wrestlers look good to the movie going public. I went in looking to be entertained and I very much was. My wife loved it. She's got a very positive view of wrestlers though she has little wrestling knowledge. She came out with a very positive view of wrestlers and a poor view of rich psychopaths who kill people. The movie basically had 1 non wrestling character and he was the villain. Every positive character or trait portrayed was a wrestler. I can totally understand Mark Schultz not liking it for the licenses it took, but I thought it was a great movie.
  13. boconnell

    Mckee/Brock style

    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.
  14. boconnell

    Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend

    Because injury timeouts address issues from an individual wrestler with a penalty for that same wrestler. Coaches holding kids out of team events need team consequences. Make duals matter and guys won't miss them. Or decide duals don't matter and accept guys missing them. Those are the fair options. Arbitrary seeding adjustments for guys not in the lineup don't address the problem.
  15. boconnell

    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    Relative to expectation absolutely. Snyder scored a pair of TDs and White got 1 TD. Snyder dominated the center of the mat and White got pushed out repeatedly and eventually called for deserved stalling even though he wanted to stay on the mat.