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  1. I agree. Nobody on this board is smart or nuanced enough to realize it's never Cox's fault.
  2. Why would you need to stop it?
  3. I agree. I just think his riding allowed him to dominate close matches. He'd come out aggressive and get his TD and it was all but over at that point. If the riding gets called differently, then it's more time on the feet and more time for something to go wrong. Or maybe he just stays offensive and piles up points. Either way the combination of being great on bottom and great at riding makes him a really tough out in folkstyle.
  4. Some of it will depend on how much they let him stall on top. He was awesome in neutral and near impossible to score on, but he shortened matches by strategically dropping half a dozen times to the ankle for 4.5 seconds each time. If he can't do that, then lots of his matches get more interesting and more competitive.
  5. If that happens I'll be glad athletes are getting paid. It will also be about the 5th straight decade where college athletes are getting paid to attend schools.
  6. Here's Ferrari not going beyond existing circles with his act. https://247sports.com/Article/AJ-Ferrari-rips-off-shirt-first-pitch-Oklahoma-State-wrestling-national-champion-baseball-flex-163378815/
  7. BYU had a company pay all of their football walk-ons the amount of tuition in a likeness deal. They weren't allowed to pay for their school but they could pay them the equal cash amount and let the walk-ons spend it on whatever they want.
  8. I have no problem seeing what he's doing. I was the first one in the thread to poke fun at him. But as plenty of posters have pointed out, this behavior drives his social media and gets him paid. It was also pointed out in this thread that he is a very supportive teammate. You're the only one who took his preening and declared it a psychological disorder and said people should stay away from him. And if sticking up for him comes from my long distance casual rooting interest in OSU wrestling, then where does your desire to brand him irredeemable come from?
  9. What's the diagnosis for guys who make internet mental diagnoses based on youtube videos?
  10. That would mean he's in on the joke. He knows it's absurd but he does it anyways. In that case for a very smart reason.
  11. Is it possible nobody on earth has less self awareness? Or is he completely in on the joke and just doesn't care?
  12. That's assuming Amos could score a TD on Ferrari. I'm not sure he can. Ferrari wrestled almost every top 197 in the country because the Big 12 was actually excellent at that weight (tied Big 10 for most AAs, had another guy in the top 12 and another in the top 16). And on the season he gave up 1 TD to Adams. Amine never sniffed a TD in their match. On the season against the AAs he went 7-0 and allowed zero TDs (outscoring them 40-20 while allowing only escapes). Maybe Amos takes him down and keeps the mat wrestling neutral, but the idea Amos beats him handily last year is absurd. You guys just want him to lose so badly that you let it color your judgement.
  13. just make TDs worth 3. Maybe increase the TF to 12. While you're at it, bring back the point for holding someone on their back.
  14. Sounds like that ASU team wasn't terrible. I'd even venture to call them top 6. It also sounds like the coaches of the teams that were beating them should have been focused on getting 3 AAs.
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