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  1. I don't care about Downey. I don't know who Rodriguez is. I don't care about grappling. I think it's great they did the match. I think anyone complaining about it is looking for their thing to complain about on the internet today.
  2. You started a thread about Smith's recruiting class being so good he should be fired if he doesn't win a title with them. Then you said recruits don't know who he is and they should replace him with a younger guy who can recruit better. Do you realize how dumb and contradictory those statements are?
  3. So your thought is that one of the best recruiting classes ever signed up with OSU because they like a character from a disney princess movie? I swear your idiocy knows no bounds.
  4. I explain it as some reason other than weight drop, since the weight drop hasn't happened yet. Whatever it is I hope it is turned around in the matches that count.
  5. The part where you equated the drop in performance last year to a weight cut that hasn't happened yet. It is very possible dropping the weight makes him wrestle worse in the future. But it has nothing to do with his prior RS performance anywhere except in your head.
  6. You're still just making stuff up. Wittlake projected as a 174 recruit and wrestled every one of his matches at 174 last year. He was not impressive but not terrible their. He may suck down to 165 to make the team this year and it may hurt his performance, but it has nothing to do with what's happened in the last 18 months. 0/10 troll job.
  7. Wittlake has gotten worse since he arrived. The multiple world teams you referenced were all years ago. They either ruined him before he ever wrestled a match, or something went wrong. Hopefully he can turn things around. Either way it shows that OSU is not great at developing already great recruits. People who act like PSU just recruits ready made guys ignore the fact that ready made guys flop all the time at schools not called PSU.
  8. What an idiotic post. Your statement is that the great 2020 recruits mean he should be fired if he doesn't win in 2020 (before they arrive) or in 2021 (their first year on campus). I know your goal is trolling and not actual wrestling discussion, but at least troll semi-intelligently. But for the sake of discussion, if he doesn't win by the time Fix leaves (3-4 years depending on ORS) then he will never win and should be moved out.
  9. I just did the leg work and googled their class rankings. These are mix and match from open mat, D1 college wrestling, etc... I didn't cherry pick, I just went with easiest to find. OSU class rankings. 2019 - #8 class 2018 - #16 2017 - #11 2016 - #16 2015 - #2 2014 - #2 2013 - #11 2012 - #5 2011 - #6 2010 - #15 So for the decade they averaged 9.2 on their class rankings. Their NCAA finish over the same span is 3,13, 3, 2, 7, 3, 2, 6, 4, 6. So off of an average 9.2 recruiting class they average a 4.9 finish. The only real flop was the 2014 class of Marstellar and Blees.
  10. I've got to call this one out. First he hasn't signed a class close to this one. He also hasn't signed classes close to the only schools he regularly loses to. He's had a few high profile individuals flop but I'd be willing to bet his average nationals finish is higher than his average recruiting class ranking. They've foolishly been recruiting with no RTC for years and have been hammered in recruiting because of it.
  11. So basically he's 18 and you want him to get off your lawn.
  12. Excellent news. I can take a breath and enjoy Cornell and not make dumb posts like my above.
  13. Pre-complaining from Cornell fans? I wouldn't have believed it. The first fan base to become intolerable without ever winning anything.
  14. This is probably the biggest factor. He looked bad cutting to 197 and with 4 years of physical maturity and growth, I bet 211 feels like 197 used to. Some guys just don't respond to cutting weight well.
  15. I'm not saying they were completely faking. I'm saying two sides arguing is compelling, while two guys agreeing is boring. So everything gets polarized whether it's on purpose in the moment or not.
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