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    Baumgartner vs Smith vs Burroughs

    Thanks for clarifying. You also make my point a bit. The greatest 120 lb wrestler in history would get hammered by every 185 in the world championships. But many undersized guys move up to heavyweight and win championships. But I agree with you about technique. On one level heavyweight is very technical. You have to be perfect in your technique because of how you are made to pay for a mistake (like you pointed out in getting stuck under a guy on a shot). Lighter weight wrestlers can get away with technical errors easier. But there is a far smaller variety of technique used at heavyweight. Many techniques just don't work physiologically at 285, so there is far less to prepare for and to worry about. So I don't believe it is more or less technical, just a slightly different sport really. But the competition level is undoubtedly lower and longevity is undoubtedly easier. That's a factor when comparing guys across weight classes.
  2. boconnell

    Baumgartner vs Smith vs Burroughs

    So your reasoning for how good heavyweights are is that you had a hard time as a 185 wrestling them? That means you were %65 of their size. I bet 120 lb guys (same percentage difference) would have been impressed and unable to walk after wrestling you and the other 185s. I am a big fan of the heavyweights. Almost all of the most successful kids I coached in HS were Heavyweights. But just distribution of weight alone tells us that there are fewer adults, fewer competitors, and thus relatively less talent at heavyweight than middleweight. Additionally, most of them don't have to cut any serious weight which allows for greater longevity. Heavyweights should be well respected and it is an integral part of our sport. But when comparing across weight classes I would always give the edge to a middle weight over a heavy (or lightweight) when all other things are equal..
  3. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    Was Tervel not going a coach's decision or an injury issue? Overall some really great wrestling. We scored takedowns at every weight but heavy. I'm an Oklahoma State guy but our guys did not look good. Scott has the offense to beat anyone if he is in shape, but it was embarrassing what happened to him after the 2 minute mark. Varner with a clutch takedown was awesome. Metcalf was very impressive. I've never seen him look that good defensively. He dominated that match with head and hands. The Iranian never got off a decent attack. That was the best Burroughs has looked in two years. You have to appreciate the Iranian fans. They make me fans of the Iranian guys by their passion.
  4. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    So after watching all that your take away is that Tervel got a gift and Varner lost to a blue chipper? How about Tervel saved the day after Varner stood around for 6 minutes? Or Varner watched the clock and held hands while losing? Your biased post deflects all blame from the guys you like. I kind of understand that. It is biased but so are the posts from half the people on here. What I don't understand is why you would dump on the guy who won the dual.
  5. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    Great match from Tervel. Keeps it alive for US
  6. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    That was brutal watching Varner stand around for the last 2 minutes while losing.
  7. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    I think the match was called correctly by the off the mat officials, but the mat ref was clueless. By the end the guy looked content to just be an observer and let them correct him.
  8. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    This official in the Marable match is terrible.
  9. boconnell

    World Cup Thread

    Salas was very explosive half a dozen times after the injury. He also never had even a slight limp during the action. He may have been affected, but Ruth did not score 22 points just because Salas was hurt.
  10. boconnell

    Deringer vs Davis

    I don't think Taylor was ever D2.
  11. boconnell

    Penn State discussion

    I would love to see all the paragraphs and how they erase facts, history, and logic. The kid had 3 NCAA wins in his 5 year collegiate wrestling career. His brother was an NCAA all-american and potential National Champ who got derailed by injury. Andrew was a great High School wrestler.
  12. boconnell


    Dieringer hits the fireman's a ton.
  13. boconnell

    Should 7th and 8th be worth more?

    I am fine with a fall being worth twice as much as a normal win. But right now a winners bracket fall is triple a regular win and it becomes 5 times as much in the losers side. This is a problem, especially since Saturday morning has a huge amount of medical forfeits. They need to double the advancement points.
  14. boconnell

    Mark Perry finally has a team improve!

    He is not the head coach. He does not have responsibility for improving the team as a whole. He should not receive the majority of the credit or blame for overall team performance. When/if he gets a head coaching job one day we can start measuring his ability by NCAA team performance. Until then you can see his limited impact on part of a team and take a guess at what kind of coach he might be.
  15. boconnell

    Oklahoma State

    Crutchmer at 184 is a question. He was hugely improved this year vs last, so he may do much better at 184 than he did there last year, but you never know. He has a pretty bad gas tank for a guy who finished 5th and I wonder if not cutting at 184 makes it worse because he doesn't have to work as hard, or makes it better because he is not cutting. Plus, 184 is just much tougher. He will be the top returning finisher at 174 and at 184 he is in a very tough pack. Figuring out how to get Rodgers/Marstellar in the lineup and seeing if Marsden can show up for nationals will decide if they are a serious threat to win or not.
  16. boconnell

    Finals thread

    Will this cause them to fix the seeding? A 2X all-american who is 17-1 and split with the #6 seed (winning the most recent), and they make him the 13 somehow? Ridiculous. It's not like he had 5 or 10 matches. It's not like Stauffer or some other small conference guys who got seeded high had more high quality wins. It's not like he was hurt in the end of the season or had a bad conference tournament. Probably the worst seeding decision ever.
  17. boconnell

    Finals thread

    I took a picture of the TV with Brown clearly having both knees up, no hand down, and :01 on the clock. Someone more tech savvy than me can post, but it is very clear. It is not evidence of a bad call at all. Reaction time is a judgement call and that ref made it. But it is not up for debate whether he was on his feet with :01 left.
  18. boconnell

    Finals thread

    His knees were both off the mat, thus the off the mat. When a knee came down there was :01 left.
  19. boconnell

    Finals thread

    Wilps dared him to call stalling. And I was pretty sure that you get reaction time on locked hands. So if the clock is already at 1 when you hit the mat I would say that's reaction time.
  20. boconnell

    Finals thread

    They need to rethink these reviews. When everyone has one left and just uses a challenge no matter what on their last guy, something is wrong. They need to make all reviews in the finals initiated by the officials so they don't ruin the finals on a million reviews.
  21. boconnell

    Finals thread

    I don't know if 6 takedown finals performances come anymore ho-hum than that one.
  22. boconnell

    Finals thread

    No problem. Message board posts aren't the best at communicating tone. I probably read it wrong as much as you typed it wrong. Either way I hope I see Dieringer celebrate like that.
  23. boconnell

    Finals thread

    Right after a guy wins a national title is a pretty classless time to dump on him. I was rooting against him, but it is still very cool to watch a kid and his family that happy in celebration.
  24. boconnell

    Iowa Drought?

    And there's a fair chance that Ohio State and Penn State could have a lengthy drought. Ohio St has to replace Steiber's points, and almost every one of the returning guys will be hard pressed to equal/exceed their points. They will be the favorite, but no lock in the coming season(s). Penn St. will be well stocked for next year's run and beyond. Much depends on which recruits pan out. The margin for error will not allow for too many to not deliver on super recruit status. Oklahoma St brings back every point from this year since Kindig didn't score. It might come down to how they fit all of their talent in between 157 and 197. I am not sure why they don't move up everyone from 165-184. Boyd is very big and has to be a big improvement over their 197 situation, and Crutchmer has been at 184 before. Then Marstellar or Dieringer at 174 and they are in the hunt. Cornell is loaded with young talent and loses little. A bounce back from Garrett and they are in the hunt next year. Add in Minnesota, Missouri, etc... It is not like Penn St and Ohio St are pulling away from the field in the coming years. I think the parity you saw this year continues. It will come down to who is at their best in March (no doubt ohio st this year).
  25. boconnell

    Saturday Morning Thread

    There may be 2 sides to the argument but you are just as intellectually dishonest to pretend they are equal sides as he is to pretend the other side doesn't exist. There is a huge difference between arguing that Realbutto could have HYPOTHETICALLY scored near fall if the clock tower informed him of a perfectly up to date score AND he calculated riding time in his head in the heat of the moment, versus Miller actually scored more points in the actual real world. Miller outscored him and deserved to win the match. Some combination of incompetence from the officials, the scorekeepers, the tournament committee, and his own coaches failed him. None of that has anything to do with Koll or Realbutto. But neither does Realbutto and Koll not being at fault change the fact that Realbutto absolutely does not deserve that win.