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  1. I think it's a bit of a vicious circle type of thing as well. The first thing our senior wrestlers are worried about is making the US team. So they spend almost all of there time prepping for guys who are not good in par terre, so they are not compelled to focus on par terre defense until it's too late.
  2. So you are saying because he is very, very good he is able to leverage what he is very, very good at into controlling the match and making it happen where he wants.
  3. I agree that avoiding a situation is generally a bad idea. The fewer ways you have to win the less you will generally win. Many of our guys are lost when there initial plan doesn't work. I just think it is not correct to apply it to Burroughs since he is so good at dictating the match take place on his terms. I would argue that controlling where and how the match takes place is probably his greatest skill (more so than the blast double, or the single he uses almost as much).
  4. There's a difference between not being any good in positions, and in being so good at getting to your preferred positions that you never have to be in others. Maybe JB is all world in ties, maybe he is worthless there. We don't know because nobody can effectively put him there. It is the responsibility of his opponents to take him out of positions where he dominates them and put him in positions where he can be beat. There is absolutely no reason for JB to expand away from positions where he has consistently beaten the world. Master champion should mean wins a lot, not wins in a way that makes others appreciate it.
  5. How many points has JB scored in par terre and how many has he allowed in par terre in World/Olympic competition? He has wrestled the best in the world for years straight and I am not sure he has been turned from par terre yet. There is no forced par terre so the best par terre defense these days is never getting taken down.
  6. When JB starts getting beat in the clinc/throw positions I will call him weak there. The point of a wrestling match is to make an opponent wrestle you where you are most likely to win. JB does that and nobody stops him. He does not need to go away from what is working and to the clinch just to show some artificial idea of completeness. If and when somebody starts beating JB in the open position and he does not adjust by tying the guy up, then you can call him bad in ties. Right now you just call him smart (and champ).
  7. I just got back from the match. I was in OKC to see family for thanksgiving and got to stay for the dual. 125 - Kilmara wrestled solid. He basically beats everyone he is supposed to and loses to everyone he is supposed to. 133 - Harding gets to the legs but is not physical enough to finish. About a second after he gets to the legs he is extended out and it's a matter of time before he gives up a go behind. He is not scoring more than a point at nationals. This is a huge hole that cannot get better without Brock wrestling (and it remains to be seen how much better he is). 141 - Heil is just very solid this year. Thorn didn't attempt a move the whole match but was solid defensively. 149 - Collica looked a flat like Friday night. Short did nothing. With :30 left Collica hurt his ankle while trying to finish. He took injury time and Short chose down. He escaped in seconds and then they went to the circle and waited out the clock. Very classy move by Short not attacking in that last 15 seconds. 157 - Marstellar didn't do a ton, but it's the most hopeful I've been for him at 157. He had trouble finishing and lacked some explosion, but he wrestled 7 minutes after a 1 hour weigh in and looked alive. In the 3rd he even pushed all of the action. I don't know if it is a sign he can be the same guy at 157 he is at 165, but I would not be shocked by it if he just keeps making weight for 3 more months and shrinking his bod/adjusting. 165 - Dieringer with a quick tech. 174 - Crutchmer has so many ways to score. He hits a great low double and a variety of upper body stuff (Lefty headlock and a lateral already this year). He is as explosive as they come on a wrestling mat. If he is in great shape I'd pick him in March. 184 - Boyd was rock solid. I still would rather see him at 197. 184 is just so good that Boyd will probably be a very good wrestler who goes round of 12 or 16. 197 - Rodgers was bad again. It's not his fault. The guy is probably a 174 at 197. He has a tiny frame and gives away his legs to guys he can't stop because of size. I think he might score more than Boyd at 184 because he is likely to pin a guy or 2, but he won't score at 197. 285 - With Marsden suspended Schafer goes up from 197. He runs and circles for the first 5 minutes and gives up one TD on his own shot. I think he gave up a stalling point too. Then he funks a TD off of Kroel's shot with about a minute left and starts trying to win the match. He knocks off the riding time and then is shooting late with a chance at OT. Overall this Cowboy team is tough but not a title contender as currently consituted. I think they have little chance at a title without a full strength Marstellar/Smith at 157 and Brock at 133. With that said, I would not be surprised if Heil, Crutchmer, and Dieringer all win. Marsden could be a finalist if he takes a shot, or no AA if he doesn't. Boyd likely goes 3-2. Kilmara will be on the bottom of the awards stand or just off it. Collica does not look great and is most concerning right now. 197 isn't scoring. 133 and 157 are wildcards, and they don't win without them.
  8. I think every team has their own strategy for peaking. OSU has done well the last few Marches relative to expectation, but some of that could be due to their expectations being lower due to under performing in November. Iowa likewise might not be underachieving as much as it looks in March, they might just be seeded to high from over achieving in November. It's definitely an inexact science for every team and even for every individual. Either way, it's easy for a fan to use "we trained through" as an excuse for looking bad. But I'll trust John Smith knows what he's doing.
  9. And of course Bono. They all looked well coached, tough, and they should be very happy with a great team effort.
  10. In a boring match that Marsden leads comfortably the whole time, the ref calls a penalty point on a restart with 10 seconds left for Marsden apparently getting too close to the other guy (maybe he said something?). Then Marsden shoots a double, they go near the edge, and the ref DQs Marsden. I lost video for a second but had audio when he got DQ'd with no time on the clock in what was a 5-1 win. Did anyone see what happened?
  11. Rotert was a major decision better but it doesn't make him any less stuck for that 30+ seconds.
  12. I also think it's interesting that the week Flo becomes the official provider of OSU wrestling is the week they move OSU up to #1 in the rankings. I am a Cowboy fan so I'm not complaining, but many sports right now are facing the conflict of interest between media groups that pay for broadcast rights but also then have to objectively cover the teams they are invested in.
  13. Rotert beats Rodgers 15-10. The guy was as stuck as can be.
  14. Nope. I just forgot it. Pack controls Blees 12-5. Not even that close.
  15. Then while down 9-2 Rodgers launches Rotert and pins him for about :30 and the ref won't call it.
  16. Klimara WMD, 10-2 or so Harding lost 7-5 in OT. Gave up a stall point from neutral with about :10 left. Heil wins 6-3 not doing much. Collica wins 5-3 not doing much Dieringer wins 6-1 not doing much Crutchmer wins 3-1 taking one shot Boyd WMD and looked good Rodgers currently getting hammered at 197. He is definitely not big enough for the weight class.
  17. The announcer is knowledgeable, but he has used the phrase "when I was a college coach" about 200 times. As for the wrestling, the cowboys look awful and still not in good shape. SDSU is great at grabbing, holding, slowing things down, and wrestling on top. And I have never seen a wrestler do less with tons of offensive talent than Crutchmer. He can score on anybody almost every time he fully commits. He scored offensive takedowns on Matt Brown, Evans, and Storley last year, I am not sure anyone did that. But the guy does nothing for at least 6 and a half minutes per match. And even in the 6 and a half minutes he does nothing, he doesn't even pretend to do stuff, but instead looks like he's trying to earn stalling calls.
  18. Do those rankings reflect David Taylor or is he not counted as a transfer. He was obviously one of the two biggest contributors to the 4 titles. Also, was Ed Ruth at PSU previous to Cael's arrival? I think Cael did an awesome job developing both of those guys. They were freaky talented, but they flourished in the environment Cael created. But if those two weren't counted in the recruiting stats you listed, then you can't compare performance for those 5.7 ranked classes when they won off of guys that pre-date those. But with that said, I think Cael gets way too little credit for winning (at least outside of Pennsylvania). Even if he has the most advantages, he has still done more with those advantages than anyone ever has before. Plus you can look at what happened to ISU without him. He did more at his last two stops than anyone else in the 5 years before or after him. The man can coach. I also think many recent fans of Cael's success give too little credit to guys who had title streaks before Cael and then paid for it by rebuilding (Smith, Brands). There's a reason PSU did not even attempt to defend their 4 titles last year and instead redshirted their best two guys. Cael fully understands how hard it is to keep going after a senior heavy group leaves. But if Cael can get back to a title this year or next it would be extremely impressive so close to winning 4 straight with an entirely different group. It is easy to appreciate him as a fan of wrestling, and fun to root against his power house program as a rival fan.
  19. What is your point about Nolf? My point was that Smith has been beaten plenty, including recently when he lost soundly to a guy he would see this year if they start him. As for Mark and Chris, I never said anything about them not being great when they entered college. I said both improved while in College even though they had all the same advantages to put them ahead that Joe had. Chris especially was a top recruit but then got much better every year he was in College. He even had huge improvement between his first and second titles. There is nothing to indicate Joe has only won because of superior coaching and now everyone will catch up to him in College.
  20. It's funny how many of you are making his success about better access to coaching. If anything he was a late bloomer in HS, both physically and wrestling wise. He was a 106 as a freshman. He won his first fargo title this summer after he graduated from HS. He has not been a kid who started first and always won. He has sought out top competition and often lost to that top competition (this includes a 12-7 loss to Nolf a few months back at FILA Juniors). His improvement curve the last 12 months is huge. He has not proved at all that he is among the top 157 guys, but this is definitely an ascending wrestler, not a maxed out one. I'd also add that Mark and Chris Perry had very similar situations and had large leaps in College (Chris from a non AA as a freshman to a 2X champ with a solid win over Howe to end his career).
  21. boconnell


    I agree it counts some, that's why I said it doesn't count the same. They definitely made the switch based on an all-star match with experimental rules that was decided by an interlocking fingers call. Now that Epperly lost and will have to be dropped, my guess is they pretend Crutchmer didn't lose to him. Especially after Crutchmer beat Meyer.
  22. boconnell


    Actually the rankers don't count the All-Star in the same way. Crutchmer is undefeated on the year.
  23. I heard Tomasello has a 2nd cousin who is 250. I think could easily (might not) end up at Heavyweight.
  24. Chandler Rodgers is also a 165 lb freshman who is wrestling up in his redshirt because of Dieringer. As for genetics, he is already bigger than Dad and Mom. But you are not actually looking for indicators. I just gave you plenty. You are looking to argue.
  25. Are you asking about what indications that Smith will be at 157 going forward? That is the weight he was recruited to wrestle by his dad and coach. Every time he has ever been mentioned it has been as a 149/157. He currently makes 157 without trouble. His team has tons of depth at 165-174 next year without him.
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