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  1. Metcalf and Caldwell was amazing.  I was in the hotel before the finals and about a half dozen of us were running our own small pick 'em and we didn't even consider the possibility that Metcalf could lose.  I was rooting hard for Metcalf but by the end I was cheering the upset with the non-Hawkeye portion of the arena.  

    Hendricks-Churella was awesome.  Yes Johnny was pinned.  I've never admitted that outright without a qualifier, but obviously he was pinned.  So maybe the 3rd period shouldn't have happened, but it did.  And Hendricks just took Churella apart.  When he tied it up with 30 seconds left they went out of bounds and he signalled optional to John Smith.  Smith emphatically said no and Hendricks nodded yes and calmly released him and then took him down for the win.  He got a gift, but he had to go take that match for the gift to mean anything.  Then of course he toured the OKC arena with an OSU flag on his back as the greatest NCAA heel of all time.  

    And because of how that match went down Hendricks-Perry was awesome too (and depressing for me).  There were approximately 1000 story lines with that one, and it looked like it would still somehow be a boring final.  But then Perry broke him with a leg ride and snatched the title from Johnny, uncle John, and the whole state of Oklahoma.  

    Those are my top 3 and I was there in person for all of them.  I haven't been to the NCAAs live in recent years but those were awesome matches.  

  2. 7 minutes ago, RJChicago said:

    To stifle Dieringer's offense to that level, where Dieringer didn't even seem to have any idea how to adapt to create opportunities to score on Dake for most of both matches, it does seem that Dake/Cornell significantly out-strategized Ringer and his team, or at least had a schematic edge today at least. Which after the classless behavior of Koll, calling referee's hungover and faulting them for taking naps between sessions many hours before they were due to officiate a match, it pains me to say that they out-strategized anyone - but today, at least, Dake and his team seemed to have a schematic edge.

    It's not a schematic edge but a much deeper toolbox.  Dake has won matches pretty much every conceivable way you can.  Dieringer wins 1 way or he doesn't. 

    You can't scheme what you don't have.  


  3. Dieringer has a perfect chance to beat Dake tomorrow.  If he can't do it tomorrow then he can't do it.  Nothing about the date makes beating Dake harder.

    But the date makes preparing for worlds harder for Dieringer.  It is later than anybody almost anybody would want to be competing.  USA Wrestling set the optimal WTT date months ago.  This does not make tomorrow a wrong date or a bad decision, just bad for Dieringer.  

  4. 1 hour ago, NJDan said:

    ISU had been one of the nation's top wrestling schools before Cael got there. But he never won a title at ISU. It took the PSU advantage for him to win. That said, he deserves a lot of credit for winning so much.

    Cornell was never a top wrestling school pre-Koll. But Koll has had several top-5 finishes and is perennially in the top-10. And the fact is, many, probably most of the kids who wrestle at PSU could not be recruited by Cornell.

    Cael coached 3 years at ISU.  The 4 years prior to Cael they were 19, 6, 10, 13.  The 3 years of Cael they were 2, 5, 3.  And they had Taylor on the way in.  PSU needed Sanderson approximately 100Xs more than Cael needed PSU.

  5. 1 hour ago, MSU158 said:

    First off, I don't think ANY of the coaches at PSU, prior to Cael, where at the level of Koll.  Also, PSU was a SLEEPING GIANT for a very long time.  All it took was the right HC.  The same can be said about tOSU, prior to Ryan.  

    If Koll was at PSU, he would have woken the Giant as well.   Now, I am not saying he would have "refined" the Giant nearly to the level that Cael has, but he would have made them strong enough that the years 110ish type points would have been enough to win, they would have.

    Also, I think he IS a top 5 HC and Cael is the ONLY 1 clearly ahead of him.  With the right resources, he could and would beat anyone with equal or lesser resources, 2 out of 10.  Which would be enough to have won 2 in the past 10!

    I agree he's top 5.  I agree Cael is the only one clearly ahead of him. He absolutely might be the 2nd best coach going these days.  He also fits Cornell perfectly.  

    I disagree that PSU was a slam dunk to improve.  They are a historic also ran that I think would return to below elite status even now if Cael left.  I think they are geographically in the right spot and the rest is about Cael.  I think with any coach other than Cael they stay well behind the historic powers (OSU, Iowa).  I think PSU under Koll is in the hunt but clearly behind those 2 and the Cael ISU teams (since he stays there in this scenario).  Tom Ryan won a title in the one down year for PSU.  It's totally possible Koll wins a title in a year like that, but I think it's less than 50/50 and I think multiple in 10 years is super unlikely.  

  6. 2 hours ago, MSU158 said:

    Man, do I ever disagree with your take on Koll.  I agree that Cael makes it look easy when it isn't.  But, Koll really is an ELITE HC.  With what PSU has to offer, along with his VERY strong CEO/Marketing/Networking acumen, he ABSOLUTELY would have won a couple.  The guy identifies potential as well as ANYONE and develops it just as well.

    I am not sure you realize what he has done with the limitations an IVY school has.  I know there is the "grey shirting" angle, but there is NO basic redshirt, nor scholarships for that matter.  Selling an IVY league degree, may offset some of that, but not all.

    Simply put, let him loose on PA recruits and he banks.  Give him facetime with the same donors and he generates similar revenue.  In no way would he match what Sanderson has done, but he would be the best coach PSU has had and WOULD produce top notch results!

    Koll is a great coach.  But all of the coaches at PSU for decades couldn't do it.  

    And Koll at PSU doesn't remove the rest of the great coaches (including Cael).  So Koll would take over a team that hadn't won since 1953.  That team was 17th the year before Cael arrived, and in Cael's first year they were 9th.  That same year Cornell was 2nd with 90 team points. 

    So Cael started well behind Koll and then passed him within a year.  But you think Koll would have shown up and passed up ISU Cael and Brands, Smith, JRob, and about to explode Tom Ryan at tOSU?  And you think he would have done it multiple times?

    I think what he has done at Cornell is awesome but it doesn't mean he'd go to a 2nd tier PSU and beat the best college coaches in the country.    

  7. Koll doesn't win one at PSU.  Cael has made it look easy but it's not.  Nobody came close to doing this at PSU before him and nobody came close to doing this at ISU after him.  Cael is that good.  Koll is a great coach who'd have very good teams near the top end of what PSU did in the 20 years before Cael. 

    Cael would have won eventually at ISU but not like he did at PSU.  He already had David Taylor on the way so he would have built the brand, but without the recruiting advantages of PSU he is winning some but not all.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Mphillips said:

    "I say make it where you can take a Olympic RS but you only get the year back if you place top 3 in the trials."

    Yikes!  That's pretty damn punishing to a kid who hopes and aspires to represent his/her country.


    The problem is that the majority of the young men taking Olympic RSs have no real plans to represent their countries in 2020.  They have zero realistic shot but do it for personal/team reasons.  

    Aside from Yianni, Lee, and Fix (maybe Arujau) I can't see anyone with a realistic shot to be top 3, let alone make the team.  Maybe I'm missing someone, but why give out years to guys who don't need them and know they don't need them?

  9. If he's doing it to make the Olympic team than more power to him.

    If he's doing it to setup future VT lineups than that's terrible.  

    I say make it where you can take a Olympic RS but you only get the year back if you place top 3 in the trials. I think if that was the case we'd suddenly have almost nobody taking pointless RSs.

  10. 54 minutes ago, NJDan said:

    I assume that Americans having to pay while others do not (if this is indeed what's happening) is arranged by UWW. Does anyone know why UWW wants it that way?

    UWW can sell the rights in America and nobody bought them elsewhere.

  11. 15 minutes ago, DrStrange said:

    He could push for wrestling. He could be involved in the sport that got him in to Stanford to start with. Where was the guy from? Kansas? He could be cutting hay right now instead of sitting in an air conditioned office NOT supporting wrestling. We need more wrestlers to give back to the sport. Many of the former D1 guys don't touch it again after they leave. Social climbers gonna climb.

    You just stood out for stupidity on an internet forum.  That's not easy to do.  

  12. 2 hours ago, Bryan said:

    There is enough oil & natural gas money affiliated with Rice that starting a program would not be a concern.  The issue becomes who would they wrestle and why would they want to travel half way around the world to compete.  I do not see Rice beginning a wrestling program in the next ten years.

    The oil and gas money powers the MBA program and the engineering.  It has zero affect on football.  It would have no affect on wrestling.

  13. 11 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    This thread taught me that apparently Rice has good academics.

    I’ve never heard much about them other than when they won the college baseball World Series in the early 2000’s.

    Nice campus in a cool neighborhood though.  Took a jog through it when I was in the area for work a couple years ago.

    #1 rated college in the entire southwest.  Legitimately on par with Ivy leagues.  Huge endowment and super small enrollment.  Ties to NASA and others.  Kennedy's famous speech about us going to the moon was there.  They do a house system for every student like Princeton does (or Harry Potter).  They just don't care about the same stuff as most colleges.  They are bad at almost all sports (baseball and a few exceptions), and they have leaned into it and stopped caring.  Niche university with colossal (well earned) academic pride.

    College wrestling in Texas will unfortunately be viable only in the enrollment driven small universities.  I could maybe see a large public school adding women's wrestling if it counts as a women's sport, but even then not men's.  There is just no groundswell, no support, and no real need.  We have one great HS and that school is located less than 3 hours from OU.  We create maybe half a dozen NCAA qualifiers in a great year and they all happily leave.  I'd love to see it at a big school but just don't see it happening.

  14. I live down the street from them.  They have no club.  They also don't care much about athletics.  They have other concerns that are far more important to them.  I'd be shocked if they ever added any sport, let alone wrestling.  

  15. 7 hours ago, MDogg said:

    I don’t think a bronze medal should get you the same advantage and treatment as a gold medal. Especially in this double bronze era. USA wrestling has made HUGE strides over the past 10+ years and I think we need to stop rewarding a top 3 or top 4 finisher the same way we reward an actual champ. Does anyone really think it’s in USA Wrestling’s best interest to pretend Joe Colon had the same level of performance at the 2018 World’s as Dake, Cox, Taylor and Snyder and thus needs to be treated/protected in the same manner? He didn’t and he got the exact same treatment and protection. 

    Totally agree on the first point. System is completely flawed if someone who hasn’t won a single match in the prior 9 months is our Olympic rep after one person gets injured. Let them settle it on the mat. Olympics are once every 4 years and optimizing our team is worth the hassle of having an extra wrestle-off if our OTT winner gets injured and can’t go.

    The Bronze doesn't get rewarded because it's equal to the gold.  It gets rewarded because it's greater then the rest of the weight class.  Every wrestler had a chance to earn bronze at 61 and only Colon did.  That makes him the most qualified 61 KG wrestler in the country right now and that earns him an advantage.  The advantage is about him versus the rest of 61, not him vs a gold in another weight.  I'm fine if they take it away, but I'm also fine with them keeping it.

  16. I'm okay with massive advantages for medalists.  It keeps them wrestling and winning medals longer and they only maintain the advantage until they stop winning medals.  

    But I agree that you should have to beat someone to make the team.  Meaning if you bye into 2nd place and 1st place gets hurt you should have to wrestle the 3rd place guy for the spot.  There is no way you should be able to make the team without a win in the current year.  

  17. 15 hours ago, Ogalthorpe Haywood said:

    I’ve been pretty clear on my point from the beginning, the new rules will be a detriment to Cox if he decides to cut. Not much into reading huh? There’s a much higher chance Cox looks like Green at 86 than looking like himself at 97

    I didn't realize you had been clear from the beginning.  Cox shouldn't bother trying if that's the case.

  18. 13 hours ago, Lurker said:

    Snyder will have a strength advantage but I don’t see him just horsepowering Cox around. He has some horse power himself. Cox is also going to have speed, athleticism, and if his current trend continues, technique advantages. I don’t think he’ll stay in the close ties a lot and allow KS to use his hand fighting, etc. It’s a hell of a match up.  

    I don't think he has a speed advantage.  Snyder gets to the leg quicker while Cox is probably quicker in defense.  I think he's longer and that's probably his biggest advantage in that match.  I think Snyder will control the circle and that will put the onus on Cox to score offensively which will be tough on him.  

  19. 1 hour ago, AZ_wrestling said:

    To be fair, these results also make Bo look damn good. He kept if far more competitive than any of JDen’s international opponents have so far.

    I don’t think it’s far off to say Bo is a top 5 at 92. 

    Maybe Nickal should just collect a silver medal after Cox wins.