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  1. I was able to walk to the fridge all the way back at 7 months ;)
  2. He shouldn't. I'm an out of shape 39 year old who had his 2nd ACL tear in the past 5 years. I had surgery in late May and I'm a few weeks away from full clearance. It's an 8 month injury these days. He should be completely fine for next season.
  3. His post was wrong. Twice. That's not a big deal but it does make it totally okay to knock his post.
  4. If someone said his actual list was wrong that would matter. Instead they called into question his wrestling history based on this post being completely wrong. Then you played white knight and said his wrestling history was right. Maybe you should have confirmed it actually was right before being offended anyone questioned it.
  5. He knows history except for the part where he missed the number of AA medals by around 100.
  6. I also thought it was odd he said they have 153 AA wrestlers with only 173 medals. There is no way that's right. They have tons of multiple medalists so if they really had 153 they'd have a lot more than 173 medals.
  7. I agree he should do that. I think he's an idiot for not doing that. I wouldn't recruit kids who did this if I was a coach. But I 'm okay with him being on scholarship for wrestling ability and passing classes rather than for kindness. I think he'd have to go much further than disrespecting Jordan Burroughs for me to think he's somehow breaking faith with the university or failing to live up to his end of his scholarship.
  8. So a scholarships is a privilege that is connected in some way to humility? Or to keeping it classy on twitter? I completely get knocking him for his dumb comments, but I'm missing how it relates to him having a scholarship or him upholding his side of that scholarship.
  9. Lewis used a single leg pretty effectively against Joseph. I think JB would be more effective.
  10. If JB was still shooting primarily blast doubles that might be true. But JB has been wonderful with the single leg and seems to rely on it just as much as the double for the last cycle or so.
  11. I agree. Dual meets would have defeated covid and Title 9 and universities going broke.
  12. People love guys who score points. Few people have ever scored more than Taylor. Stieber scored a lot, but not like Taylor. Margin of victory is king in our sport, even ahead of winning percentage.
  13. A dozen football programs earn tremendous amounts of money. 100 football programs earn decent amounts but spend absurd amounts trying to keep up with the dozen. At those dozen schools so much money is earned it pays for all non-revenue sports at those schools. And revenue sharing for the conference mates of those dozen pays for non-revenue sports at lots of other schools. Football may get all, but without it, their would be nothing for half the D1 college athletes that play sports other than football and basketball. The entire system would crash without the money earned off of football. If wrestling wants more they simply have to figure out how to earn billions in TV money.
  14. You really think he could make 149 weekly (sometimes multiple times a week), but he can't make 143 a few times a year?
  15. Weight shouldn't limit his effectiveness. He just got done making 149 under folk rules for 4 years and I don't remember hearing about the weight ever being an issue. Who knows how good he'll be. At this point he bullied a smaller guy with little senior FS experience. It is interesting that outside of JO most of our 65 kg guys are on the small side.
  16. Your prediction gets an A for boldness but an F for prognosticatory accuracy.
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jun/09/the-counted-police-killings-us-vs-other-countries This doesn't back up the claim that there are systemic issues with how we police? You don't think it bothers the police that they have to kill so many people?
  18. I don't think it is. I think referee bias is very real. I think on these boards you could do a study and see how often black wrestlers are described as athletic more than anything else. I think the response to guys celebrating is heavily influenced by skin color. I don't think race relations are worse in wrestling than in most other sports, but they aren't better either.
  19. Gender is a far bigger factor with the police. 1 in 1000 black men are killed by police. 1 in 2000 white men are killed by police. 1 in 33,000 women are killed by police. Police are far more likely to shoot people they are threatened by. They view being male as threatening and they view being black as threatening. I would also guess size plays a giant role and that large men are shot far more often then small ones. Age plays a role as well. This means that to the police, large/young/black men are scary and can't be trusted by police. I believe we have systemic racism and systemic policing issues that intersect to harm black men in very real and very harmful ways.
  20. Are you telling me some people have more than wrestling in their life?
  21. 8 was a good movie on my own but it's like they had zero care for fitting into a trilogy (let alone 9 movies). 8 ties up every single possible storyline and leaves nothing left to resolve. It leaves no believable bad guy. 8 erases Fin and Rey's story, erases Fin's usefulness, erases Rey's parents, erases Snoke, and invents space ship fuel. It also ignores everything that came before. In episode 5 (the best movie) Luke has half his training and can barely move his lightsaber. In episode 8 the movie ends with an unnamed child using the force to sweep the floor with his broom. Worst of all it has a Luke who wanted to murder a kid who might be bad, after episode 6 is resolved by Luke's belief that the most evil man in the galaxy is really good inside. It is a problem if you arbitrarily change the basis of a character to fit the plot. Use the cynic Han Solo to drive the kid away, not the optimist Luke Skywalker. It just completely ignores the other movies and makes a cool space movie. I wish they gave the director freedom to make all 3 movies, to make his own 3 outside of the skywalker timeframe, or kept him 100 miles away from episode 8. But the way they make a movie, then erase that movie with the next movie, then erase that movie with the next movie, shows a shocking lack of planning for a multi-billion dollar property. It results in the patchwork mess that caps off the 9 movies.
  22. The acting isn't great in the first ones, but they aren't written to put a heavy burden on the actors. Episode 2 asks Anakin to carry long dramatic romance scenes with brutal dialogue and zero chemistry. The first 3 movies are short on romance and actual acting, but when they call for it they lean on Ford and he swaggers his way through. Episodes 1 and 3 aren't better acted than episode 2, but they don't put a bad actor in a spot where he has to carry dramatic scenes. In episode 3 he mostly just glares and lets the story carry him along.
  23. My wife and I still remember when Yoda pulled his lightsaber and started fighting. We were in a midnight show and the whole theater went ballistic. One of my best live movie theater moments. But outside of that scene that's the worst of all star wars movies. Solo is a cut above it. The hour of Anakin 'romancing' Padme wouldn't stand up in a Sharknado movie. The plots of the Lucas prequels are good and the lightsaber scenes are out of this world. The dialogue is wooden and the acting is mostly bad. Plus the first movie is ruined by efforts to make it appeal to 8 year olds. The recent trilogy could have been good if either director made all 3 movies. Instead they are terribly mismatched and spend half their time taking apart the movies the follow. After 4/5/6 I say...3, 7, 9, 1, 8, 2. Rogue 1 is very good and the Mandalorian is probably better than anything since the orignial 3.
  24. Have you ever read about how those guys survive that race by eating insane amounts of calories? The things they do to keep their intake high while bike riding seem worse than starving myself to make weight.
  25. I coached a kid who just finished 8 years in the Navy Seals. He said it seemed like 1/3 were wrestlers, 1/3 were water polo or swimming, and 1/3 were other athletes in HS. Said the water polo guys were the only ones in comparable shape to the wrestlers.
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