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  1. 51 minutes ago, uncle bernard said:

    I also agree that it's critical. I wonder why he would leave? He's on record saying that he's his own coach at this point. I don't think Koll leaving factors in a ton. The only thing I could think of would be him going to NLWC to train with DT. Dean leaving seems like it would be more problematic than Koll on this front because that was his primary partner. 

    Obvious not great when an institution like Koll leaves, but you'd be hard pressed to find an assistant with a better reputation than Grey at this point.

    Does he have any desire to be a college coach?  If he wins olympic gold maybe someone backs up the brinks truck to hire him.

  2. 27 minutes ago, wrestlingnerd said:

    Needs to replace not only Gabe Dean but now himself and keep Dake around so the RTC doesn't blow up. I think Dake staying is critical.

    I agree that Dake staying is critical.  I don't think Koll could have kept it up at that level without Dake.  Dake is one of a kind and one of the most successful wrestlers in US history.  His name was huge for them in every possible way.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Drew87 said:

    Or, if referees decide that they can in fact call a John Smith wrestler for stalling, he ends the season with ~6 losses.

    This is absurd.  He was the absolute aggressor on his feet in every NCAA match and was never taken down.  Only Warner wrestled him even on his feet at NCAAs (and only Adams took him down all season).  In the only match where a ref called his repeated dropping to the leg (finals match), he just stopped doing it and continued winning in neutral.  He wrecked the field in neutral and stalled on top.  You can call him instantly on top and it just means more of Ferrari beating guys on his feet.   

    Your point about the field missing guys is correct, but the idea that he won on officiating is delusional fantasy.  

  4. This thread is full of people wishing Ferrari would go up 80 lbs. to face the best college wrestler on the planet.  That's because even the people who hate him and want to see him crushed know it would take Steveson to do it.  It'd be like people talking trash against Spencer Lee by saying they wanted to see Nate Carr crush him.  The very idea is testimony of how good Ferrari was as a true freshman (and how obnoxious he is).

  5. 3 hours ago, Twooooo said:

    From what I understand Daddy is part of the problem with this kid.  I started to like him but not so much right now.

    yep.  That dad needs to stop whatever he's doing to help his sons go to college and succeed.  

    Obviously Ferarri's an idiot, but acting like he's somehow a bad kid for winning everything and celebrating himself while doing it is funny.  Most of his peers probably celebrate themselves just as much for winning a video game.

  6. 4 hours ago, ionel said:

    Isn't Stanford an educational institution, weren't they going there to get an education?  ;_;

    BTW: its stuff like this that just makes universities want to give up/eliminate non-revenue sports, why provide an opportunity if folks are going to sue you for providing such opportunity.  :(

    They aren't being sued for providing an opportunity.  They are explicitly being sued for not providing the opportunity after saying they intended to.  I have no idea if the suit is merited or if it will succeed, but you have misrepresented it to an alarming degree.

  7. On 5/8/2021 at 9:22 AM, NJDan said:

    Wouldn't it be cool if they had a tournament where they invited the best 16 guys in the world at each weight regardless of nationality. Everyone knows that Russia generally has several guys in the top 10 at each weight. Sometimes Iran and the US have more than one. But whether it's the Olympics or the World Championships, a top country can only send one guy while other guys are there who probably don't belong. Other guys make the events by changing their nationality. Someone should set up a true best-in-the world event.

    You're describing a true 2nd best in the world event.  The best in the world already make the olympics and world championships.  Those tournaments are bad at figuring out who is 2nd and 3rd best, but they are very good at figuring out who is the best.  

  8. 9 minutes ago, maligned said:

    Olympics use the same model. There are only byes in this case because there are 28 guys and 4 of them have to get byes. Two automatically go to the two seeds. In the Olympics, they still place them the same--but there are exactly 16 guys, so no byes.

    I guess it's technically the same if they fill from the bottom, but the olympics has no lopsided bracket and uses seeds.  This is no seeds and lopsided.  

  9. 1 hour ago, maligned said:

    If you're not familiar with bracketing procedures, there are 28 guys in this case. Put TS1 at the top with a bye. Put TS2 at the bottom with a bye. Then reverse fill round of 32 matches from the bottom starting with the highest numbers from the participant list. 

    I'm sure brackets will be released shortly if you cant be bothered 


    The olympics does not do brackets this way so an olympic qualifier shouldn't either.  This tournament is not tied to the world championships and shouldn't be using the worlds' bracketing model.

  10. 2 hours ago, nhs67 said:

    As much as a paper/clerical error this is (on bith sides) I am going to side with the women grapplers here.

    Flo should have been more assistive in ensuring the athletes had the correct paperwork filled out and processed correctly.  Especially with how much they've been $HlT on the last year over this.

    There is also blame to be had towards WLAG.  They should have pushed Flo sooner for equal treatment when considering this scenario.

    These athletes are new to getting paid for wrestling.  Don't make it worse.  Be better and grow the sport.  This isn't growing the sport.

    Has there been unequal treatment?  Does anyone know if the men got paid?  Did men or women get treated unequally regarding invoices, time frame, and such? 

    I think it's far more likely Flo is cheap and tries to avoid paying for as long as possible then Flo doesn't pay bills to men and women the same way.  I know how hard I had to fight to get money back from them a few years ago, and I don't think they cared if I was a man or a woman when they were trying to screw me.

  11. 4 hours ago, Eagle26 said:

    Lol...it’s definitely more complicated than that. First, he did not win the qualification yet because he did not qualify the weight yet. That’s as big a part of qualifying for the Olympics as winning the OTT. If he can’t do that, it’s no different than JB not winning OTT. Except of course that JO doesn’t have anyone nearly as good as Kyle Dake standing in his way.

    He qualified to represent the USA.  JB did not.  You can attempt to spin it any way you want, but the guy who qualified to represent the USA is more deserving of going to the olympics.

  12. 2 hours ago, Eagle26 said:

    I didn’t miss your point... I made a different point that I believe is more relevant. It’s a tough road to the Olympics... some have it tougher than others. Since this tournament is no where near as tough as the Olympics, I don’t think it’s asking too much for JO to make the finals to prove he is Olympic caliber. I think he can do it and I’m routing for him. But stop acting like it is all Zains fault if JO can’t qualify. There’s a lot of people that had a much tougher road to the Olympics than JO has. Does JO deserve to be at the Olympics more than JB? 

    He absolutely does.  He won the qualification while JB lost.  That's a very easy one.

  13. 35 minutes ago, MizzouGrad said:

    Everything @TobusRexposted was false. Legitimately every single thing in his statement is factually wrong and there is public record to refute it. 

    Mizzou wasn't upset over Texas' special treatment?  They didn't try to go to the Big 10 first?  TobusRex is obnoxious but it seems like he sprinkled in some truths with his lies.

  14. 2 hours ago, SetonHallPirate said:

    Conference titles Nebraska has won since joining:

    Baseball: 2017 (regular season)
    Women's Basketball: 2014 (tournament)
    Women's Gymnastics: 2012 (championships), 2013 (championships), 2014 (regular season, co-champs), 2017 (regular season, co-champs)
    Women's Soccer: 2013 (regular season and tournament)
    Softball: 2014 (regular season, co-champs)
    Women's Tennis: 2013 (regular season, co-champs)
    Men's Indoor Track & Field: 2015, 2016, 2019
    Women's Indoor Track & Field: 2012
    Men's Outdoor Track & Field: 2013, 2016
    Women's Volleyball: 2016

    Super impressive list right there.  I actually think I remember reading an article about how Nebraska went to the Big Ten to challenge their Tennis program, so this is important stuff. 

  15. 36 minutes ago, killdozer said:

    Oh yeah that event when Mizzou took 1.5 starters (Surtin wasn't the starter yet) and had more Champions than Oklahoma State... is that the one you are speaking of.

    Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

    99.5 to 64.  

    What event was that again?  

  16. 3 hours ago, JasonBryant said:

    Still won't admit the eye-poke, so I say again ... 


    What do I care if he poked him in the eye?  I called him a heel.  Do you want me to detail all the ways he was physical?  You've completely invented this story that I am denying stuff.  

    Rosholt poked him in the eye.  He ground his face in the mat near the edge after a sprawl.  His early takedowns were entirely too hard.  

    I agree with you Rosholt did all that stuff and Davis retaliated.  You are tilting at windmills right now for absolutely zero reason.  

  17. 5 hours ago, JasonBryant said:

    Well, it's clear you aren't going to admit Rosholt did anything illegal or anything that might have warranted retaliation, so I'll just go ahead and let you keep misremembering the match. I can only say "you're wrong" so many times before getting bored. Good day. 


    You're being super weird about this one.

    I suggested Rosholt as a heel and said the reason was how physical a style he wrestled.  My initial description before you got involved even included me saying Rosholt dribbled his head off that mat.  From that you took the idea that I will never admit he did anything that warrants retaliation.  I also posted that I agreed with you and there are no different versions of events.  Rosholt was physical and since Davis was losing anyways, he tried to punch him for it.  You took that and said you can only tell me I'm wrong so many times.   

    I have no idea what your problem is here, but it clearly has nothing to do with me.

  18. 2 hours ago, JasonBryant said:

    Different version? I just re-watched the video. Neither was a saint in that bout,  Rosholt jammed him in the eye after both got testy on the edge. Davis looked at the ref, expecting a warning right after the ref said watch the hands in the face. Whether it be intentional or not. Davis looked at the ref, got nothing, and uncorked a club to the headgear in retaliation, which was whistled dead immediately. 

    That's what happened. 

    As far as the point about him being a heel - the school and his physicality did make him a heel - but every Rosholt, including the soccer playing sister, were pretty physical in their sports. 


    That's my point.  There are no different versions.  There is no Oklahoma State version like you said.  Rosholt was physical.  Davis didn't like it and threw a punch.  If Davis was winning or close in the match he never considers the punch.  He didn't like getting beat and getting beat up.  Most guys don't.  

  19. 2 hours ago, JasonBryant said:

    ... that's the Oklahoma State version. 

    Your version is he got poked in the eye.  Unless you think Rosholt went 3 stooges and poked him on purpose, I'm not sure where you come up different versions.  Both guys got physical and the losing guy didn't like it and threw a punch.  There is no debate which guy was wrong even if you think there was an eye poke in there.  

    Either way Rosholt was a very physical wrestler who always won in March, and combined with the color of his singlet made him a heel in his day.

  20. 2 hours ago, ionel said:

    So he was the first guy in history to actually celebrate winning an NCAA wrestling title?  ;_;

    Like I said, I loved it.  

    But OSU was the dominant team winning their 3rd(?) straight team title, he was one of 5 individual champs (so they won the title and the night), and he was the easiest guy to hate on that fantastic team.  So when he celebrated you either loved it or hated it, depending on whether you were wearing Cowboy orange or not.  

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