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  1. I wrestled for the first time in 10th grade. I was in good shape from other sports when I started but wrestling was brutal. When I was in phenomenal wrestling shape I tried boxing for fun and felt like I had anvils tied to my arms. Throwing punches in gloves without prior training was tiring like nothing I've ever experienced. Throwing punches with gloves on is an alien thing to the human body and if you're not used to it you punch yourself out immediately.
  2. Wrestlers also wrestle multiple matches per day for multiple days. If wrestlers had one championship match per 6 months they could do twelve 3 minute rounds (assuming anybody would want to watch). With that said, if you don't train to do it, throwing punches for longer than 30 seconds is the single most exhausting thing on earth.
  3. It's impossible for most people to look back at Burroughs in college without looking at what he did in Freestyle (shortly after and all the way until today). Folkstyle wrestling is not freestyle wrestling. There are hundreds of examples of this. Burroughs is made for freestyle wrestling and became one of the best Americans and maybe the 10 best humans at freestyle wrestling in the history of the world. That doesn't mean college Burroughs was better at Folkstyle wrestling than college Burroughs actually was. That Burroughs could absolutely be slowed down and frustrated by tactical wrestling/stalling and top wrestling. Tyler Caldwell was less than 30 seconds away from beating him at the conference tournament and gave up a reversal instead of an escape. In that match Burroughs was the better wrestler by about 5000% but got dragged out of his match. 2 weeks later he avoided that and majored him. But pretending he was world champion Burroughs in March of 2011 is forgetting he wasn't and he was competing in a different sport.
  4. I guess he isn't all-big ten then.
  5. I take Dieringer over Hall all day. Senior Dieringer might actually have been bigger and he was definitely a better wrestler. Let him weigh in at 174 and I think he wins a close but never in doubt match.
  6. His kitchen sink offensive arsenal was awesome. He overwhelmed most guys. One of my favorite guys to watch.
  7. I hadn't heard that about shoulders. I guess it makes sense. Either way I wasn't intending to knock Caldwell. More elevate the heights he temporarily reached. Our sport is all about peaking, and he did it perfectly that weekend.
  8. He wrestled healthy in freestyle and competed for years in MMA. He didn't have any kind of debilitating injury that changed him forever. And yes, crushing Metcalf to win a title is a huge peak compared to round of 12/5th/DNP due to injury. It's kind of the definition of peaked.
  9. He wrestled 15 matches in the next 2 years. He was never healthy for a season again. That supports my point he wasn't a season long guy. That's not to say he wasn't great. He was. I'd take him at his peak over any 149. He just had a short peak. He was better suited to an international schedule or the MMA schedule he went to where he could get up for one big tournament/match. That's why I'd call him the best one time 149 champ if judged on NCAA tournament performance when they won their championship.
  10. I agree 100% with Robles. I don't think Cassar fares well against big heavyweight champs. I can't see him double legging guys 50 pounds heavier. Tough style matchup. He beat Gable but mostly he just let Gable carry action until he got tired. It was tactical brilliance but not indicative of him reaching some super high level that would translate into beating other champs.
  11. If by 'at his peak' you mean that weekend in March I agree. He was unbeatable that weekend. But even the rest of that season he wasn't that guy. He just was never a guy who was going to grind out 3 months of winning mentally or physically. Plus he never came close to that peak again after that tournament.
  12. Yep. One of the TD calls was terrible, and the pin was questionable. But Churella hit a big move for a lead, and then ineffectively ran for the entire 3rd period. And if the TD isn't called it's fair to assume Hendricks takes him down again if needed. Churella offered zero resistance the whole 3rd period.
  13. There is nobody who thinks he's a 2 time champ. Many people think the match should have been scored differently (like a million other matches). Zero people think he's not a 4X champ. You had a soapbox and you created a fake argument to make the climb onto your soapbox easier.
  14. Who on this site says Logan isn't a 4Xer? This is a pathetic attempt to tear down a non-existent strawman argument. Logan is a 4X champ. End of story. Nobody debates whether he won or not.
  15. You are right. I was wrong for sure about the 149 match. That ones a tossup.
  16. Iowa by however much they want. OSU's best wrestlers run into clearly better Iowa guys.
  17. Get out of here with that. Half of the Big Ten doesn't wrestle each other, the bottom half largely doesn't wrestle the top half, and outside of conference duals, the Big Ten schedules just like everyone else. Top end Big Ten schedules might be slightly harder then the non-Big Ten in the top 15 teams, but it isn't night and day.
  18. The refs call it that way because one guy is winning and the other is losing. It bears no resemblance to how they call stalling the rest of the match.
  19. Actually if the guy stays in the center he still gets dinged. Refs are human and stalling calls are often optics as much as anything else.
  20. It's very easy to score points and stall more, especially with automatic rules on backing out of bounds and dropping to the ankle. Last night's match was well officiated. The example you gave is of a comment by the TV announcer, and the actual ref in the match completely ignored the fans you are referencing. But I agree Iowa fans complain louder and more often about stalling then any other fans. I also agree refs sometimes listen to those loud fans. Last night they didn't.
  21. When a team scores more TDs in a match is that a reffing imbalance? Or is it that 1 team was better in that dual at takedowns? Iowa was much better at not stalling in this dual.
  22. I love the throw. If he hits it the match is over even if he doesn't get the pin, because nobody is coming back from down 6 on Mark Hall. But he had 95% of a great move. Kemmerer had 100% of a great counter to that great move. I think it was all awesome and all scored like it should be.
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