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  1. 4 hours ago, treep2000 said:

    Let's use Kyle Snyder as the example. 

    While enrolled at tOSU, he could not touch the award monies or sponsorships from his achievements.  

    Let's assume Matt Snyder is just as awesome but in the field of business, and starts his own business.  He makes a few hundred thousand per year, but is enrolled in business school.  

    Why can Kyle not touch the results of his achievements, yet Matt can?

    Because Matt doesn't have a scholarship saying he can't be in business school if he takes hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

    I agree with you that it's an arbitrary rule.  But it's also arbitrary to compare apples and oranges.

  2. 29 minutes ago, GoNotQuietly said:

    I am going to answer this question as 'who would win an NCAA bracket with all the champs from the decade in it":


    125 - Robles. everyone would get turned.

    133 - Oliver. I think he won the first time, but let's not get into that.

    141 - Steiber.  Dominant at this weight and think he was better than baby Dake by the end

    149 - Metcalf.  Think this is the opposite effect of people weighing JB's freestyle too much..forgetting how insane BM was in folkstyle because of his lack of international success

    157 - Dake.  Transcendent competitor and I think he outscrambles/overpowers Nolf like Taylor.

    165 - Dake. Controls the match against Burroughs and wins on riding time.

    Last four are pretty easy picks I think

    174 - Ruth.

    184 - Nickal.

    197 - Cox

    285 - Snyder. 


    Or it has something to do with Metcalf losing as a junior and senior.  I know I didn't consider him losing FS matches when I didn't pick him.

  3. 3 hours ago, Eagle26 said:

    Those are fair points. You are right that this is all opinion so there’s always an argument the other way. I was just shocked how many people left JB off the list. Caldwell did keep it close with him at Big 12s by stalling his brains out, but then Burroughs showed he was clearly the better wrestler at NCAA. I do disagree that Burroughs freestyle results immediately after have zero relevance... I agree styles don’t always translate but winning a world championship shows his takedowns are truly elite. Could Dieringer have stolen a match from him? Probably. I just think overall JB was better. 165 Dake is definitely a tight match and I can understand that pick, but think the best dual team is Dake 157, JB 165. 

    I think Dieringer is like 1 in 10 with him.  And that might be too generous.  JB is clearly better and Dieringer was not a great top guy or a guy with great tactics.  He horsed people around and exploded through people.  He has little chance against JB.

    But the Caldwell match shows that even peak college JB had some mat issues and some tactics issues.  He could sometimes be dragged away from his match.  I think Dake is maybe the best tactical wrestler ever.  I think his defense in neutral is elite.  I think his riding is near legendary.  I think that's the right mix of skills to shrink a 7 minute match to short manageable stretches.  I wouldn't be surprised by edge wrestling, clinging on top, counter half shots to avoid stalling, and a victory in ride outs by Dake.  I just think folkstyle matches allow tons of ways to win and Dake uses all of them to win more than he loses in that matchup.

  4. 3 hours ago, Eagle26 said:

    This is a cool topic. I’m taking this as best dual team you can get out of everyone at their peak in that particular weight class.

    125- Lee

    133- Oliver

    141- Steiber

    149- Zain

    157- Dake

    165- Burroughs 

    174- Ruth

    184- Nickal

    197- Cox

    285- Snyder

    Also, wanted to add that all you who left Burroughs off this list are insane or just have a bad memory of how good he was a senior at 165. Probably the best at his peak followed closely by Dake (I’m taking jr. Dake to get them both in).


    Senior JB was 20 seconds away from losing to Tyler Caldwell at BIg 12s.  I think people are transposing what he did in FS onto what he was doing on a college mat a few months earlier.  I think it's clear senior JB could go takedowns and win with any 165 of the past decade (or any other decade in history).  What's being forgotten is college wrestling allows guys who aren't as good on their feet to shrink a match and win without winning the TD battle.  I don't think JB takes down Dake repeatedly, and that's what it would take for him to offset the mat and tactics advantage.  

    But I'm totally fine with you thinking otherwise.  I just think you acting like it's no argument is false.

  5. 1 hour ago, Eagle26 said:

    He was 36-0 and won the hodge. Oh and won that whole world championship thing a few months later. How did Ringer do right after he graduated? We are talking peak so freshman year has zero relevance. No way Ringer as a senior beats Burroughs as a senior

    What he did a few months after in a different style also has zero relevance.

    I give the advantage to JB, but Dieringer is better than anyone JB beat in college.  

  6. Great topic.  I think you'd have to really reach to be 'wrong'.  I'm going off of peak at that weight class.

    125 Robles - I don't think the answer exists for what he brought as a senior. 

    133 - ???, Sophomore Oliver was tough before the terrible weight cut his junior year.  Stieber is a great answer.  Brewer was awesome in 2015.  He beat undefeated Dardenes 15-3 in the semis at NCAAs.  He missed time injured and got a ridiculous 13 seed and blitzed the field.  He was 22-1 with the only loss to Earl Hall a bit fluky.  Ramos is really good.  But in the end I go with Ness.  He was the Hodge winner in 2010 and being from the start of the decade probably keeps him off of most lists.

    141 - Stieber.  Heil erases almost half a decade by winning titles but having zero claim to this crown.  Luckily Stieber dominated the other half.  

    149 - Probably the best weight.  Metcalf, Dake, Molinaro, Zain.  But I go with Senior Jordan Oliver.  Without the weight cut he blitzed the field.  

    157 - It's tempting to put Dake here, but only because it fits the roster.  He was best at 165.  Nolf is the pick.  

    165 - Dake.  Better than 149 now that I think about it.  Burroughs, Taylor, and Dieringer were awesome in college.  Martinez and Joseph short of those 4 but still good enough to be in other weights. Dake was simply better in college than all of these awesome wrestlers.  

    174 - Ruth.  Valencia is great and is a fine choice.  Perry's destruction of Howe in the finals was in the best 5 wins of the decade but he got beat 2 weeks earlier.  Borschel kicked off the decaede strong.  But Ruth all day here.

    184 - Nickal.  I don't think anyone has made great wrestlers look worse.  He looked effortless like Ruth but without looking disinterested.  

    197 - Cox

    285 - Snyder.  Although I wouldn't be shocked to see college Tony Nelson beat college Snyder in a folkstyle match.  

  7. 1 hour ago, Idaho said:

    Hmmm. Seems to be discussed on several different OSU message boards that it is the case. But hey if you are an insider, in the room or whatever then you must have the correct reasons why Joe has been MIA. 


    I'm not an insider. 

    He may be handling his weight poorly.  But he was chubby at 165 and is as fat as any non-heavyweight wrestler you'll see at 174.  He may be sucking water weight but it is not a measure of having too big of a weight cut.  

  8. 5 minutes ago, Boompa said:

    I would not want to be the guy who took over for Gable or the guy who will eventually take over for Sanderson.

    But our sport is mild in comparison for wanting coaching changes when compared to D1 football or basketball.

    Smith is old school.  I think his assistants could be better.  I know OSU wrestlers didn't like Guerrero but his absence is noticeable.  They need to quit sucking weight, they need a zero alchohol tolerance policy, they need to recruit outside of Oklahoma.  They need to sell out IBA-Gallagher on a more consistent basis.  Smith has to be calmer in the corner.  It goes on and on.

    His assistants are improving guys as well as anyone.  Derek White, Weigel, Geer, Boyd, etc., were not household names when they showed up as recruits.  They get tons of in house improvement.  Their average Nationals finish is way higher than their average team recruiting ranking.  Guerrero was a part of that but he wasn't the upperweight coach (where the most improvement was).  He also wasn't recruiting as well as the guys in place now.  The only thing noticeable about Guerrero's absence is that they have gotten better.  And the only thing noticeable about his presence at OU is...actually nothing is different.

    Almost nobody on the team is cutting hard.  Last year Weigel was the only guy cutting hard and he was a short 197.  Going to 285 wasn't an option.

    Their upcoming recruiting class is as good as any ever assembled.  Most is from outside Oklahoma.  They will not have recruiting as an excuse if they don't win.  

    If guys are drinking in season then you are right about alcohol.

    And Smith doesn't need to do anything different in the corner.  No wrestler ever won or lost a match because his coach was too excited in the corner.  

  9. 1 hour ago, pamela said:

    I believe John Smith mentioned in an interview that he manages his lineup somewhat rigidly, telling guys at the time they are recruited and signed which 1-2 weights they will be locked into during their career at OSU. He says he does it to simplify recruiting, scholarships, wrestle offs, etc. but we've seen how much of a headache it gives him when guys can't hold their weight or the lineup shifts unexpectedly.

    The only lineup shifts and headaches I can recall are Marstellar trying to go 157 to make the team, and Joe Smith being the fattest non-heavyweight in the country, but staying in the lineup (occasionally).  Neither were due to weight class rigidity.  Marstellar couldn't make the team without the cut and Joe can't make weight even at 174 this year.  There are coaching issues that can be pointed at, but they have zero to do with a team culture of weight cutting.  I think the harder than average weight cutting went out the window with Jordan Oliver's junior year.  Since then OSU has bumped as many guys as any team in the country and rarely has wrestlers who look big for their weight class.

  10. 13 minutes ago, goheels1812 said:

    I may be in the minority and get some flack for this, but I still just think John Smith did Chandler Rogers wrong. And it doesn’t help the optics that it was so his son could drop a weight class for the NCAA tournament. I get that Joe won the wrestle offs, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth after everything Rogers did for the program in his career. Hindsight is always 20/20 but Joe Smith didn’t place at 165, Jacobe Smith didn’t place at 174, and Geer placed 7th at 184. Not exactly beating the world there with the last minute weight class changes. 

    I don't think you're the minority, and you're definitely right.  Geer wanted to drop so him and Jacobe at their weights was how it should be.  Especially after Geer bumped most of the season for the team.  He got to wrestle where he belonged and that was good.  But Joe Smith shouldn't have even been allowed to wrestle off after the 'season' he had.  

  11. 32 minutes ago, CoachWrestling said:

    It’s because they have their guys cutting too much weight. I feel like their guys are always depleted and perform poorly by the end of the year. Need to shed that old school mentality and have their guys wrestle at a more natural weight. 

    Which guys are cutting too much weight? 

    This tired old idea is based off of how they ran their program a decade ago.  Their entire team this year probably has one guy cutting even a decent amount of weight (picc).  And their upperweights that you responded to are all small, showing you weren't actually responding to the comment, you were just looking to climb a soapbox.

  12. 16 hours ago, HokieHWT said:

    But isn’t the point of an ORS to make the team? If not it’s just being abused to enhance a college career.


    The majority of ORS guys have zero chance at making the team.  They just want an extra year.  The NCAA should get rid of all RSs of all type and just give guys 5 years to compete in 4 post seasons.  

  13. 1 hour ago, Lefty142 said:

    One sport generates revenue.  Of course it gets more recognition.  Top 8 at NCAAs is a joke.  Top 3 is legit. After that, who cares? They lost twice at a national tournament.  But you want to give em a medal and an all American honor? You are diminishing the value of top 3 

    So is it about participation medals or revenue?  If revenue goes up do the participation medals become real medals?  You should have thought this out logically so you'd have decent answers for your sad troll job.  

    I am guessing a guy who got 8th at NCAAs stuffed you in a locker and stole your girlfriend.  

  14. 9 minutes ago, Lefty142 said:

    There are 78 teams.  Ranking a top 25 is a bit much. If those ratios were applied to football there would be a top 41 and if it applied to basketball there would be a top 115. 

    football has 125 teams and 22 starters. That’s 2750 starting D1 football players. .009% of those earn all American (25 players). Basketball has 347 teams of 5 starters, or 1735 starters. 17 of those athletes earn all American. That’s a staggering .009%.  

    wrestling has 78 teams of 10 starters, or 780 athletes. 80 of those wrestlers will earn all American. That’s more than 10% of all D1 starters becoming all American.  

    rank the top 12 individuals and teams.  Stop the participation award business of nationals and award the top 3 only. Make all American mean something.  

    If it's a problem for you then stop reading after 12 and don't watch Session 5 at NCAAs.

  15. 2 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    He didn’t weigh in for Drexel but he weighed in with the pound allowance for Lehigh but John smith had already said he wasn’t wrestling last weekend because of academics..I’m pretty sure it was his first official weigh in of the year 

    And he was 185?  What's the point of putting a weigh in on paper if you aren't competing?

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