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  1. 100%. The majority of ORS guys have zero chance at making the team. They just want an extra year. The NCAA should get rid of all RSs of all type and just give guys 5 years to compete in 4 post seasons.
  2. So is it about participation medals or revenue? If revenue goes up do the participation medals become real medals? You should have thought this out logically so you'd have decent answers for your sad troll job. I am guessing a guy who got 8th at NCAAs stuffed you in a locker and stole your girlfriend.
  3. I love that someone is dumb enough to look at College wrestling and College football, compare the two, and come away thinking that wrestlers get too much recognition compared to football players.
  4. If it's a problem for you then stop reading after 12 and don't watch Session 5 at NCAAs.
  5. Then OSU has now won and lost a dual by skin condition.
  6. And my point was that in 4 NCAAs Rosholt beat every single better wrestler he wrestled and he was undefeated against every guy who had a previous win against him.
  7. Probably a tie and who knows who wins if Princeton gets their 165 through skin check.
  8. Rosholt beat tons of guys at NCAAs who were flat out better than him. He owes his career to way overperforming under the March lights and owes no thanks to Stender.
  9. And he was 185? What's the point of putting a weigh in on paper if you aren't competing?
  10. Really? I'm amazed he would step on an official scale that heavy when he wasn't wrestling in the match. Can someone confirm this?
  11. Who cares? Entertaining dual to watch and what happened with the skin check is already irrelevant since dual wins have no relevance. The individual match results are all that matters later.
  12. I agree. It would be terrible if someone just assumed one doctor was right.
  13. Interesting. Lehigh announcers immediately said it was OSU by 4th criteria (they didn't mention what 4th criteria was). Did anyone on the sidelines know who won when the match ended or did it get sorted later? If it was later that's pretty embarrassing. Especially if OSU forfeited with a man available.
  14. Also it's interesting they are wrestling Montalvo at 184 and Geer at 197. Having a bunch of 197 wins is what screwed Geer and got him seeded 26 last year at 184. I guess they haven't learned that lesson yet. Or they value the dual win.
  15. Looks like it. I don't like OSU forfeiting there. The announcer said earlier they tried to weigh in two at 133 and one failed skin check. Not sure why the other didn't wrestle.
  16. Ugly ending. Picc gets 2 late TDs for the MD and then OSU forfeits 133 to make it 20-20 with criteria in their favor.
  17. Austin Harris could be the latest 197 backup to turn into a decent heavy. He clearly isn't good yet but there are tools. The big difference in the dual so far has been outclassed OSU guys (shomer and Harris) saving bonus points while Lehigh guys didn't at 184 and 197. Without Smith and GFeller wrestling Lehigh was favored but it doesn't look like they'll win.
  18. Your (Wit) thread got in my head.
  19. For a 2nd straight match a Lehigh guy does whatever is like 2 levels worse than gassing. Jakobsen was down 1-0 to Geer half way through the 2nd and then gave up 6 go behind TDs without resistance to lose by MD 14-5. And Geer scored the last one with :40 left. He could have had 3 more if he needed them.
  20. https://watchstadium.com/live/oklahoma-state-at-lehigh/
  21. Lehigh announcer just declared Geer was a #26 seed who had one good weekend at Nationals and that's all his #6 ranking is based on. That's an interesting read of a 30-7 all-american season.
  22. Good dual so far. 141 Lehigh over Hone 149 Lewallen 4-0 157 Humphreys hammers Sheets 16-2 165 Witcraft 3-1 174 Kutler over Shomers 20-6 184 Montalvo was down 8-4 after 1. Weiler gassed bad and Montalvo was up 15-11 when he cranked him over from neutral for the 3rd period fall. OSU had zero chance without this match. 197 Geer bumped up right now. 12-11 OSU in the dual.
  23. I agree wholeheartedly the rules should be changed to allow college athletes to receive any financial compensation they can secure from any legal source. Let them use their likeness. Let them negotiate post graduate jobs and compensation. Let them benefit from their hard work just as much as the universities who train them. But I wholeheartedly disagree that cheating existing rules is okay. Changing archaic rules should happen. Cheating rules should not.
  24. The hyperbole in this post is off the charts. There is zero chance he ever dominates FS like he did NCAA wrestling. Nickal had a level of NCAA dominance that no FS wrestler ever has had. It's absurd to suggest. It's almost as absurd to suggest he could be the best par terre American ever with some training. He's already 23. At that age John Smith was taking apart the world and doing a lot of it with a leg lace from par terre that Nickal will never approach. I really don't understand the need to make an awesome win into the best win ever. Or to make a super exciting prospect into the best guy on Earth. Isn't it enough that Nickal just wrecked an age level world tournament? Can't that be celebrated without declaring him about to be the best ever?
  25. Bo needs to cut to 86 before you hand him hypothetical advantages over Cox at 86. Right now Bo's refusal to go his best weight class is a much bigger handicap than Cox's weight cut.
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