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  1. 27 minutes ago, gimpeltf said:

    I didn't hear anything about a change of mind but I only heard briefly about this anyway so who knows? (And to lay all the cards out- if anyone doesn't know- I'm a Lehigh fan)

    What might have happened is that there were likely at least two people doing a check. Lehigh's trainer and the local dermatologist. I didn't see the skin check and was told that it was the trainer that made the call but I did see the doctor at the meet and doubt he came just to watch. For those that don't know - it is these two people that wrote the skin check rules for the NCAA some years ago so they aren't just a couple guys there. So one of them might have made a preliminary statement about whatever they saw and then the doctor probably made the final call. Possibly even after examining a swab under a microscope as they often do.

    As to the article statements about this- some of which I find very shallow in thinking-

    1. "Understandably in a sport with such close contact, the rule requiring skin checks makes sense for the health of the athletes. The rule of having someone from the opposing team’s camp check the skin sometimes does not (for obvious reasons)."

    This is patently absurd. If anything a cynic would expect the opposing people to be more likely to dq which would be more in keeping with the health of the wrestlers if not the ability to get on the mat. The same team's people would then be more likely to let it slide which would be against the health of the wrestlers. This also assumes a lack of ethics.

    2. The following day, Witcraft weighed in vs. Lehigh, was checked by their doctor, and was initially cleared to wrestle. They simply told him to cover up whatever his skin issue was. Presumably, it wasn’t super serious as it was not even mentioned by the Drexel physicians.

    This assumes that the first doc even saw the same thing. He might have missed a location, it might have spread or got worse overnight. This article assumes the Lehigh people were wrong and the Drexel people right. It could be the other way around or, as I said above, it could have gotten worse. The stress of wrestling and the trip can bring out whatever it was. He could have abraded it while wrestling. 

    I agree.  It would be terrible if someone just assumed one doctor was right.

  2. Interesting.  Lehigh announcers immediately said it was OSU by 4th criteria (they didn't mention what 4th criteria was).  

    Did anyone on the sidelines know who won when the match ended or did it get sorted later?  If it was later that's pretty embarrassing.  Especially if OSU forfeited with a man available.

  3. 1 minute ago, hammerlockthree said:

    paetzel got kinda slapped around too, did that TD cost them the dual?

    Looks like it.  I don't like OSU forfeiting there.  The announcer said earlier they tried to weigh in two at 133 and one failed skin check.  Not sure why the other didn't wrestle.

  4. Austin Harris could be the latest 197 backup to turn into a decent heavy.  He clearly isn't good yet but there are tools.  

    The big difference in the dual so far has been outclassed OSU guys (shomer and Harris) saving bonus points while Lehigh guys didn't at 184 and 197.  Without Smith and GFeller wrestling Lehigh was favored but it doesn't look like they'll win.

  5. For a 2nd straight match a Lehigh guy does whatever is like 2 levels worse than gassing.  Jakobsen was down 1-0 to Geer half way through the 2nd and then gave up 6 go behind TDs without resistance to lose by MD 14-5.  And Geer scored the last one with :40 left.  He could have had 3 more if he needed them.  

  6. Good dual so far.


    141 Lehigh over Hone

    149 Lewallen 4-0

    157 Humphreys hammers Sheets 16-2

    165 Witcraft 3-1

    174 Kutler over Shomers 20-6

    184 Montalvo was down 8-4 after 1.  Weiler gassed bad and Montalvo was up 15-11 when he cranked him over from neutral for the 3rd period fall.  OSU had zero chance without this match.

    197 Geer bumped up right now. 

    12-11 OSU in the dual.


  7. 1 hour ago, bnwtwg said:

    I hope Eierman, and every other athlete, gets future payment post-college and if it's hush-hush for now then so be it until the dynamic of college wrestling as a whole is altered which is highly unlikely. It would be better for the sport to have our (relatively speaking on the senior world level) fringe athletes have competitive avenues and receive the necessary financial support to do so.

    An analogy-

    Is it really any different than interning at a company? (An athlete's collegiate career)

    That company really likes the work you do so they promise to hold you a job when you graduate, under the table of course (promised post-collegiate RTC offer)

    Legally they can't hold a job due to HR policy and open-hiring laws (archaic NCAA regulations)

    Two weeks after graduation you start at the company after a quick "phone interview" with the hiring manager/ your intern supervisor (RTC official announcement)


    Is this not similar to how you and I, and many of your kids got that first job? So why is this any different, other than the same reasoning of "well, these are the NCAA rules so why would we ever want to change anything?" We as a wrestling community are always clamoring for more opportunities. Money talks, so if this is the way - that athletes are properly compensated - then so be it. After all, we live in a capitalist economy.

    I agree wholeheartedly the rules should be changed to allow college athletes to receive any financial compensation they can secure from any legal source.  Let them use their likeness.  Let them negotiate post graduate jobs and compensation.  Let them benefit from their hard work just as much as the universities who train them.  

    But I wholeheartedly disagree that cheating existing rules is okay.  Changing archaic rules should happen.  Cheating rules should not.

  8. 3 hours ago, pa in taiwan said:

    After watching his finals match against the Russian, it has become clear to me that Bo Nickal has the potential to become as dominant in freestyle as he was in NCAA folkstyle. This would require a few commitments. Let me explain. Everyone knows that Bo has incredible hips and a long, lanky (but strong) frame, but the sad truth is that most Americans have zero, nada, zilch to offer on top in par terre. I know that Bo got some turns with the leg lace against Shahbazigazv of Iran, and it appears that he has worked on the lace. He needs to focus on par terre turns from gut wrenches and chest wraps. He's fantastic on his feet, and he really ran Tcakulov down on the low leg attacks. He finishes well from a large arsenal of different attacks from the feet. If he could follow that with the immediate turn, he would become super dangerous. 

    I make the observation that if Bo Nickal trained for chest wraps and gut wrenches as hard as he has trained other techniques in the past, he could produce the best top par terre wrestling ever seen by an American. He has the body, the agility, the fluid movement and the strength to pull it off. What he lacks is the training and techniques in turning opponents from the top. 

    I was disappointed in watching some Americans who did not even attempt to use a gut wrench or chest wrap into a turn. Yes, it expends a lot of energy, but the bottom guy gets just as drained defending it. I watched Alec Pantaleo in his one-point loss to Ibragimov of AZE at 70kg., and I saw him score a few slick takedowns early. I saw him lock up a gut and then transition to a chest wrap :30 seconds into the match. And then he didn't even ATTEMPT to turn Ibragimov with it. Now Pantaleo is strong. He has great upper body strength, and he should be turning guys with that high chest wrap, which crushes the air out of the opponent's lungs and drains him. One turn would have made the difference in that match. 


    The hyperbole in this post is off the charts. 

    There is zero chance he ever dominates FS like he did NCAA wrestling.  Nickal had a level of NCAA dominance that no FS wrestler ever has had.  It's absurd to suggest.

    It's almost as absurd to suggest he could be the best par terre American ever with some training.  He's already 23.  At that age John Smith was taking apart the world and doing a lot of it with a leg lace from par terre that Nickal will never approach.

    I really don't understand the need to make an awesome win into the best win ever.  Or to make a super exciting prospect into the best guy on Earth.  Isn't it enough that Nickal just wrecked an age level world tournament?  Can't that be celebrated without declaring him about to be the best ever?


  9. 58 minutes ago, Cradle1 said:

    He’s much smaller than cox and especially Snyder.  Let jden drop to 86 kg with a same day weigh in and you might see a much different match than when he’s spotting him 20 Lbs.  If he even wants to make that cut.

    Also- how would you compare Bo’s improvement  over last four years to Snyder’s?

    Bo needs to cut to 86 before you hand him hypothetical advantages over Cox at 86.  Right now Bo's refusal to go his best weight class is a much bigger handicap than Cox's weight cut.

  10. Just now, spladle08 said:

    Damn Boconnell why you flame throwin. WARCOX!


    I have no problem with a Nickal over Snyder prediction.  I love Nickal and would definitely root for him there.  If someone wants to make a wild prediction on his behalf (or anyone else's) more power to them.

    But to try to have some sports radio hot take about how you called it and you were right (when you weren't) and everyone else was wrong (when they weren't) is just being childish.

  11. 1 hour ago, nhs67 said:

    Yeah me calling him over Snyder-Cox wasn't me just being trolly. Cox is a nightmare matchup for anyone at 92kg right now. Especially Bo and his style. You'll just not get him out of position and that is how Bo capitalizes.

    Bo over Snyder is a real thing that people will be woke about as a possibility real soon.

    Folks thought Snyder went to NLWC to beat Sad? He knows he'll need the year to beat Bo.

    Okay the last part is a joke. Realtalk though? Bo dominated the #3 guy at 92kg who also just so happened to outperform the #3 guy at 97kg.

    To count him out at 97 is ignorance, blind hate, or a sadistic combination of both 

    So you called him over Cox, were completely wrong, and somehow today means you were right about him beating Snyder and anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant?  Does that sum it up?

  12. 33 minutes ago, Lurker said:

    To your point, It's not even a matter of popular.  The international results speak for themselves.  Yianni has two senior gold medals, one of them at a ranking series tournament, just this year.  How many senior medals does Zain have all together?  Not saying that mean gives him the spot, you gotta win the spot.  But anyone that can't see the difference in international performance isn't looking to be objective at all.

    The national results also speak for themselves.

  13. 14 hours ago, mspart said:

    FIFY.   A lot has changed.  Taylor has become dominant.  Taylor has pins, not a few.  I don't think Dake does.  Taylor was just incredible the last two years.  He showed dominance.  Not that Dake hasn't, but not as dominant.  It is hard for me to believe Dake could have beat Taylor last year unless he is so into his head that Taylor just can't win.  I really don't see that as the case. 

    It would be interesting to see them go at it again.  But I don't think that will happen. 


    Margin of victory is a terrible way to predict results.  It blows my mind that guys still think winning by a lot is a great indicator of how good people are at winning.

  14. 1 hour ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    Nope.  Someone asserted there are no better options out there to replace a GOAT like Smith.  I'm saying kids these days are more likely to connect with a younger star they have actually seen wrestle.  They've seen guys like Snyder or Dake wrestle this year. They likely haven't watched a video (if it even exists) of John Smith wrestling in the 1987 World Championships.

    You started a thread about Smith's recruiting class being so good he should be fired if he doesn't win a title with them.  

    Then you said recruits don't know who he is and they should replace him with a younger guy who can recruit better.

    Do you realize how dumb and contradictory those statements are?  

  15. 2 minutes ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    Yeah, because John Smith is as widely known to the public as Babe Ruth.  People that have never touched a baseball know who Babe Ruth is.  As I said, the Pocahontas John Smith is better known than the John Smith at OK State.

    So your thought is that one of the best recruiting classes ever signed up with OSU because they like a character from a disney princess movie?

    I swear your idiocy knows no bounds.  

  16. 1 hour ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    You said yourself: "Wittlake has gotten worse since he arrived."

    If not the weight drop, how do you explain why a blue chip recruit being coached by a living legend of the sport, the GOAT John Smith, "has gotten worse since he arrived"?  Again, your words, not mine.


    I explain it as some reason other than weight drop, since the weight drop hasn't happened yet.  Whatever it is I hope it is turned around in the matches that count.

  17. 50 minutes ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    Which part is untrue?  He wrestled 182 his senior year.

    Look at the official 2019-2020 roster --- he is listed at 165.  https://okstate.com/roster.aspx?roster=1219&path=




    The part where you equated the drop in performance last year to a weight cut that hasn't happened yet.  

    It is very possible dropping the weight makes him wrestle worse in the future.  But it has nothing to do with his prior RS performance anywhere except in your head.

  18. 2 hours ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    He wrestled 182 his senior year in high school.  OSU has him rostered at 165 this year.  Me thinks John Smith's weight loss program is affecting his performance.

    You're still just making stuff up.  

    Wittlake projected as a 174 recruit and wrestled every one of his matches at 174 last year.  He was not impressive but not terrible their.  He may suck down to 165 to make the team this year and it may hurt his performance, but it has nothing to do with what's happened in the last 18 months.  

    0/10 troll job.  

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