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  1. 1 hour ago, TBar1977 said:

    I want to see how Travis Wittlake performs. He was a multiple World team guy and a P4P top 2 or 3 guy at one point. A guy like him should come out and be a stud from Day 1. He should perform commensurate with that level of recruit. Injuries can always happen, but if he is healthy and he does not crack the top 10 in his weight class after a redshirt year then that will not be a good sign.

    Wittlake has gotten worse since he arrived.  The multiple world teams you referenced were all years ago.  They either ruined him before he ever wrestled a match, or something went wrong.  Hopefully he can turn things around.  Either way it shows that OSU is not great at developing already great recruits. 

    People who act like PSU just recruits ready made guys ignore the fact that ready made guys flop all the time at schools not called PSU.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    OK State's 2020 recruiting class is HUGE.  Two number 1 recruits in Ferrari and Plott, two number 2s in Burks and Mastrogiovanni and a number 3 in Surber and number 6 in Doucet.  That is loaded.  They already have studs in Piccinnini, Kaid Brock, Daton Fix, Gfeller, Lewallen, Smith, Wittlake, Sheets, Montalvo and Geer.  If John Smith doesn't win a team title in the next year or 2 does he gracefully get shown the door?  I know the answer is most likely "never" but it has been ages since OK State has won a title and now they have a LOADED recruiting class so what excuses would be left?


    120: Alex Yokubaitis of Lake Charles, LA (Not ranked)

    120: Jakason Burks of Omaha (Burke), NEB (No. 2)

    120: Trevor Mastrogiovanni of Blair in NJ (No. 2)

    152: Luke Surber of Tuttle, OK (No. 3)

    170: Dustin Plott of Tuttle, OK (No. 1)

    195: AJ Ferrari of Allen, TX (No. 1)

    220: Konner Doucet of Comanche, OK (No. 6)

    What an idiotic post.

    Your statement is that the great 2020 recruits mean he should be fired if he doesn't win in 2020 (before they arrive) or in 2021 (their first year on campus).  

    I know your goal is trolling and not actual wrestling discussion, but at least troll semi-intelligently.  

    But for the sake of discussion, if he doesn't win by the time Fix leaves (3-4 years depending on ORS) then he will never win and should be moved out.  

  3. I just did the leg work and googled their class rankings.  These are mix and match from open mat, D1 college wrestling, etc...  I didn't cherry pick, I just went with easiest to find. 

    OSU class rankings.  

    2019 - #8 class

    2018 - #16 

    2017 - #11

    2016 - #16

    2015 - #2

    2014 - #2

    2013 - #11 

    2012 - #5

    2011 - #6

    2010 - #15

    So for the decade they averaged 9.2 on their class rankings.  Their NCAA finish over the same span is 3,13, 3, 2, 7, 3, 2, 6, 4, 6.  So off of an average 9.2 recruiting class they average a 4.9 finish.  The only real flop was the 2014 class of Marstellar and Blees. 

  4. 4 hours ago, Sstern said:

    Not that you’re wrong but we say this about every three years when he signs a loaded class, then they underperform given their high school accolades.

    I've got to call this one out.  

    First he hasn't signed a class close to this one.  He also hasn't signed classes close to the only schools he regularly loses to.  He's had a few high profile individuals flop but I'd be willing to bet his average nationals finish is higher than his average recruiting class ranking.  They've foolishly been recruiting with no RTC for years and have been hammered in recruiting because of it.  

  5. 2 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    Like I said, It's just me being a picky old guy. 

    But basically he puts out twitter polls before and after every one of his visits, refers to himself in the third person, photoshopped pictures of him in each singlet... now he's gotta hold a live stream of his decision. You get the drift... it's just a bit much.  

    So basically he's 18 and you want him to get off your lawn.

  6. 2 hours ago, whaletail said:

    Who's a Cornell fan, and who's complaining?

    I'm a Dake fan, and enjoy watching Vito and Yianni wrestle, but I really couldn't care less how Cornell performs.

    Regardless, with the Trials now a 2 day event, most of my concerns are no longer relevant.


    Excellent news.  I can take a breath and enjoy Cornell and not make dumb posts like my above.  

  7. 21 minutes ago, whaletail said:

    Unless the Trials finals are wrestled separately from the earlier rounds, we're practically back to the Zeke Jones' system that Dake understandably complained about.

    Our Final X system is much fairer than the winner of a challenge tournament having to face a rested returning medal later that same day.

    Even had he won gold on Saturday, gifting JB with an advantage in the deciding match isn't fair to Dake at all.

    The best definition of fair is an equal playing field.

    Of course, fairness isn't part of the medalist protection policy mandate; advancing the best possible rep to the Olympics/Worlds is the goal.  Unfortunately, gifting one wrestler with an advantage in the match itself doesn't align with actual mandate either.

    Pre-complaining from Cornell fans?  I wouldn't have believed it.  The first fan base to become intolerable without ever winning anything.  

  8. 32 minutes ago, Cradle1 said:

    It’s the new weigh in rules.  He’s not the same as when he could rehydrate to a ripped 230 Lbs.

    This is probably the biggest factor.  He looked bad cutting to 197 and with 4 years of physical maturity and growth, I bet 211 feels like 197 used to.  Some guys just don't respond to cutting weight well.  

  9. 6 minutes ago, Husker_Du said:

    i wish those three were faking their opinion on the show today about the scoring situation.

    but alas, it was genuine, and it still hurts my brain. 

    I'm not saying they were completely faking.  I'm saying two sides arguing is compelling, while two guys agreeing is boring.  So everything gets polarized whether it's on purpose in the moment or not.  

  10. FLO is clearly taking a page from ESPN.  Have two guys give opposite takes and yell about it.  

    ESPN's Fantasy Football Guy Matthew Berry wrote a recent article about his first TV experience.  The cohost ranted about why player A was going to be great.  When he got done Berry agreed with him and the director yelled cut.  They confirmed that Berry thought the guy was good and they refilmed the scene with the cohost now ranting about why player A was going to be terrible.  Berry said his mind was blown.    

    This setup is the bedrock of today's sports media.  FLO is in the business of attracting ears and eyes (and inspiring debate and forum posts).  If both guys on the show take a measured approach and speak reasonably nobody listens.  So instead they pick opposite sides of a hot topic.  

    Now if your issue is that they don't get great wrestlers to take fake positions against each other then I don't know what to say to that.

  11. 1 hour ago, JeanGuy said:

    Do you really think the step out rule helps action? I see a lot of guys take the step out in lieu of possibly giving up a take down. Guys seem more than willing to give up 1. I am not experienced in wrestling but I understand the control that is required in folk. I don't get how a leg lace tornado demonstrates the superior wrestler. Maybe if I was a wrestler myself I would get it but I am training to learn.

    The step out absolutely beyond doubt helps create action.  FS rules have some quirks and there is no such thing as a perfect rule set.  But action is definitely increased by making guys stay on the mat.  

  12. On 8/29/2019 at 11:40 AM, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    You haven't been to St. Louis in 20 years but for some reason suspect things haven't changed there?  Well... I've got some bad news for you.

    I don't really want to keep ragging on the city.  There are a few decent spots around town (like virtually every other city in the country), it's just a horrible location to host an event like NCAA's.  The only redeeming quality it has is that they actually want the event to be held there.  Wonder why that is...

    I liked STL as a host site.  I love that all of their sports venues are downtown and plenty of hotels/restaurants in walking distance.  I didn't rent a car and got to and from the airport easily on the train.  It was affordable.  

    Honestly I'm fine with any spot that (1) has the lodging and dining close to the venue, and (2) has easy/cheap airport access without a car.  Affordability is #3 for me but I'm fine with NYC because it's NYC and it's great in other ways.  Detroit is the only awful host city I've visited.  The hotels were all 30+ minutes away and they had no dining near the arena.  

  13. 5 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    I can't quote every post.  Also that's an opinion that could very well happen to almost anybody in the world under the current repechage system.  I don't think Zain is likely to go 0-1, ut what if he gets like Russian in round 1?  I'll say it this way, 0-1 is not representative of where I think Zain is in the world pecking order.

    I didn't say it was impossible he could go 0-1.  Just like it's far from impossible to describe that match as Yianni having nothing for Zain.  Both statements are purposely slanted by fan(atics).  I will say it's impossible to declare Yianni better after he lost repeatedly.  

    My point was you jump all over PSU forum manners when there's a whole flock of idiots in every thread.  

  14. 2 hours ago, nom said:

    About 1:45 into first period in the Zain Yianni Sept 2nd match, Yianni goes in for low single.  Zain gets a crotch lock.  Yianni has Zain's right foot and ankle outstretched.  He hooks Zain''s other leg with his own leg.  He is driving into Zain.  Zain has a crotch lock and is pulling on Yianni.  They roll to Zain's back as Yianni is hoisting Zain's leg up.  Yianni keeps foot hooked on Zain's leg (it is not outstretched as if counter balancing a roll).  After Zain goes to full back, Yianni exposes a bit.

    2 for Zain. 

    Cornell side does not throw brick.

    I get how Zain was trying to pull Yianni over but Yianni was trying to put Zain to his back.  He he was by far the most successful in putting Zain to his back.  Zain goes full blades down.  

    How is that not 2 for Yianni?


    I think Cornell should definitely sue.  

  15. 2 hours ago, VakAttack said:

    Unbearable, I tell ya.

    "Yianni had nothing for Zain".  It was 2-1, and Penn State fans are crowing like Zain teched him.  They can't just enjoy the well-earned win, they literally have to fabricate attacks against the opponent's ability.

    PSU fan makes a kind of dumb "yianni had nothing for him" post.  Vak comes running in to throw a flag.

    Non-PSU fan declares Yianni is still better and Zain will go 0-1 at worlds and Vak is strangely silent.  

  16. 32 minutes ago, MSU158 said:

    With Geer at 197, what happens to 184?  Maybe that settles for 2020-2021, but this upcoming season I would say they are better of with Geer at 184.

    As far as tOSU goes, they won a title because of Logan Stieber and he was much more the catalyst for success than Snyder.  The Snyder name has since taken over, but a 4x Champ was HUGE and compounding it, with a team title the same year as his 4th, was a huge selling point.

    Fix helps, to a point, but not winning it at 133 tones that down a smidge. If he does well at Worlds, maybe that trumps the NCAA result.  But, If he doesn't win it again next season, I think his "brand" takes a knock.  Regardless, Smith has always been a great recruiter.  His 2020 class makes a lot of sense, regardless of Fix, since I would think he really only has significant money tied up in Fix, Picc and maybe Brock.  Boo, Gfeller and Geer may have some partials.  I would assume that his son doesn't tie up much scholly money.  Wittlake may have a bit, but he seems to have fizzled a bit and may not be getting that much.  With Rogers, Jacobe Smith, Weigel and White all leaving that had to have freed up a decent amount of money.  

    Going forward, landing an Amos or Ferrari type up top is paramount.  Another title contender up top to go with Plott could be enough to put them over the top.

    You are right that it was probably more Stieber than Snyder that built the brand.

    You are also right Fix has to win his next shot at an NCAA title or it absolutely knocks the shine off of him.  

    I don't think they land the 2020 class they currently have without Fix already on board.  

    OSU always does well with in state guys who can go to school their super cheap.  They have not hit on their big recruit out of state guys nearly as often as Cael in the past 10 years.  Those are the guys who tie up scholarship money and you can't afford (literally) to have big time recruits show up and fail as often as they have at OSU.  

  17. I saw talk of Geer at 197.  He definitely has the frame and he was there last year before Weigel came back.  Either way I think Smith has shown he can invent upperweights.  Schafer, Weigel, White, and Boyd were all pretty lightly regarded recruits that had success the past few years.  

    As for whether they win... 

    The way things go these days I think recruiting has more momentum than the sport itself.  Sign an influential superstar and guys will line up to surround him.  It happened with Taylor/Ruth and continued with Nickal/Nolf.  Having two at once made those teams invincible.  It happened with Snyder and they won a title.  Now it's happening with Spencer Lee and Iowa has a shot the next 2 years.  And at OSU it's happening with Fix.  They signed him and all of a sudden the 2020 class is one of the best any school's ever had.  Great young wrestlers want to wrestle with other great young wrestlers even more than they want to wrestle for legendary coaches (and they really want to wrestle for legendary coaches).  

    So say Fix takes the Olympic RS and then competes in the ensuing 3 seasons.  That gives the big 2020 class time to get on the mat.  And if Smith can't win by the time Fix is done then he will never win.  

  18. 3 hours ago, fadzaev2 said:

    There was more than one gift given to Hendricks, like the takedown awarded almost off the platform, and Hendricks never even got behind...he was behind the arm, but never even got to go behind/cover the hips.

    Get out of here with that.  Hendricks took him down repeatedly and all were takedowns.  Churella hit a nice counter in the 2nd but got absolutely worked outside of those 10 seconds.  

  19. Metcalf and Caldwell was amazing.  I was in the hotel before the finals and about a half dozen of us were running our own small pick 'em and we didn't even consider the possibility that Metcalf could lose.  I was rooting hard for Metcalf but by the end I was cheering the upset with the non-Hawkeye portion of the arena.  

    Hendricks-Churella was awesome.  Yes Johnny was pinned.  I've never admitted that outright without a qualifier, but obviously he was pinned.  So maybe the 3rd period shouldn't have happened, but it did.  And Hendricks just took Churella apart.  When he tied it up with 30 seconds left they went out of bounds and he signalled optional to John Smith.  Smith emphatically said no and Hendricks nodded yes and calmly released him and then took him down for the win.  He got a gift, but he had to go take that match for the gift to mean anything.  Then of course he toured the OKC arena with an OSU flag on his back as the greatest NCAA heel of all time.  

    And because of how that match went down Hendricks-Perry was awesome too (and depressing for me).  There were approximately 1000 story lines with that one, and it looked like it would still somehow be a boring final.  But then Perry broke him with a leg ride and snatched the title from Johnny, uncle John, and the whole state of Oklahoma.  

    Those are my top 3 and I was there in person for all of them.  I haven't been to the NCAAs live in recent years but those were awesome matches.  

  20. 7 minutes ago, RJChicago said:

    To stifle Dieringer's offense to that level, where Dieringer didn't even seem to have any idea how to adapt to create opportunities to score on Dake for most of both matches, it does seem that Dake/Cornell significantly out-strategized Ringer and his team, or at least had a schematic edge today at least. Which after the classless behavior of Koll, calling referee's hungover and faulting them for taking naps between sessions many hours before they were due to officiate a match, it pains me to say that they out-strategized anyone - but today, at least, Dake and his team seemed to have a schematic edge.

    It's not a schematic edge but a much deeper toolbox.  Dake has won matches pretty much every conceivable way you can.  Dieringer wins 1 way or he doesn't. 

    You can't scheme what you don't have.  


  21. Dieringer has a perfect chance to beat Dake tomorrow.  If he can't do it tomorrow then he can't do it.  Nothing about the date makes beating Dake harder.

    But the date makes preparing for worlds harder for Dieringer.  It is later than anybody almost anybody would want to be competing.  USA Wrestling set the optimal WTT date months ago.  This does not make tomorrow a wrong date or a bad decision, just bad for Dieringer.  

  22. 1 hour ago, NJDan said:

    ISU had been one of the nation's top wrestling schools before Cael got there. But he never won a title at ISU. It took the PSU advantage for him to win. That said, he deserves a lot of credit for winning so much.

    Cornell was never a top wrestling school pre-Koll. But Koll has had several top-5 finishes and is perennially in the top-10. And the fact is, many, probably most of the kids who wrestle at PSU could not be recruited by Cornell.

    Cael coached 3 years at ISU.  The 4 years prior to Cael they were 19, 6, 10, 13.  The 3 years of Cael they were 2, 5, 3.  And they had Taylor on the way in.  PSU needed Sanderson approximately 100Xs more than Cael needed PSU.

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