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  1. Here's a question... If it takes outside the room competition to get reasonably ready (a common assertion in this thread), then why did Dake wait until the deadline to file for the extension. He knew he needed months of prep and overseas matches so he knew months out he wasn't taking part in Final X. Why the wait to file for extension? The only reason is to make Dieringer get his weight down and peak for no reason. Dake is well within his rights here and USA Wrestling created this animal, but Dake has turned the gamesmanship up to 11.
  2. The match was wrestled and nobody is questioning the outcome. There may have been stonewalling in the past but there is none here. Just a great wrestler getting beat by another great wrestler.
  3. Why would it look bad if they use the criteria they setup in advance and the wrestler who won is rewarded for winning.
  4. ISU was better after he took over and much worse when he left. PSU was way better after he took over and I can guarantee they'd be worse if he left. I can guarantee every one of the coaches you mentioned would make PSU worse if they took over, and I can guarantee every one of those overachieving schools would get better if Cael took over. So everyone can come up with reasons it's coaching but not really coaching, but nobody can deny that whatever you call it, Cael does it best. And I don't say that to argue with you but to add to what you said.
  5. Sorry. I didn't realize that there were youtube comments. I take back everything I said.
  6. No apology necessary. I didn't mean it like you did something wrong, just that it's a departure from the thread topic of 'taking over'. I think ISU is a long way from overtaking Iowa. I think Iowa's underachieving is the ceiling of what ISU could ever hope to be.
  7. I believe delays should not go so far as to affect either wrestler from peaking for worlds. I think this aligns with the goal of having our best wrestler at his best at the world championships. If Dake is not at his best but can risk competing in early July they can wrestle off on August 1 and give each guy a better run up to worlds.
  8. They wrestled with both guys on equal rest and he lost. Then they wrestled with uneven rest and he lost. There was nothing raw about 2017 except for getting stuck behind an all-time great he wasn't as good as.
  9. Do you equate that to overtaking them or are you just moving the goal posts to an achievable spot since you know they won't pass them at NCAAs any time soon?
  10. I think only one guy used the rule because only one guy used the rule. I think Dake argued better than Dieringer because they argued opposite points and Dake prevailed. I think Dake didn't have the rules on his side because the rules inexplicably stopped at the fair granting of a delay. The only rule for how long the delay would be is both guys would argue it out after it was granted. Well that and a guy who was directly affected by the decision would get to vote (JB). This whole thing has been pathetically handled by USA Wrestling. Dake and Dieringer have both been great.
  11. That's because he's too good of a coach to have to operate with an empty cupboard. If Dresser was a Cael level coach he'd go get a job with a more full cupboard.
  12. Idiotic topic given far too much credence by people wishing it were so. Iowa's underachievement is higher than ISU's ceiling. That's not changing.
  13. Yep. Every wrestler in the country can come up with a doctor's note that says whatever they want. This was a well intentioned rule that was poorly thought through and poorly written. Just have a date that everyone wrestles in the future. USA Wrestling flubbed this one.
  14. I agree. Guys should be able to act however they want AND be universally liked.
  15. I agree. If you aren't going to wear a polo under your singlet then why bother.
  16. There is a major difference between it working against Dake in the past and for him now. When it worked against Dake (and it definitely did), it did so in a wrestler neutral rule as you stated. Every returning medalist got the exact same advantage. But this time only one returning medalist is getting this advantage. And instead of it being spelled out ahead of time (6 week delay for injury as an example), the rules allowed for a delay and then the rules stopped. After that stop in rules negotiation took over and each guy is left to argue to get his. Dake is clearly better at that argument than Dieringer (or Dake's camp is better than Dieringers). Dake should absolutely not be blamed for playing completely within the rules to get his best shot at making the team. Neither should anyone be blamed for doing so on his behalf. What should be blamed is USA Wrestling for writing such vague rules that could so easily be twisted by a guy willing to fight for his best chance. The rule should have spelled out the time frame ahead of time, and it should have been a time frame that allowed both guys a chance to peak for Worlds. Because the rules were so poorly written Dieringer got screwed in his preparations and Dake got unfairly villified in his.
  17. That is correct. That is the process. Misread and misinterpreted on my part.
  18. All of your thoughts are 100% right... but only if Dake is the better wrestler. You have looked at everything from only 1 side with the assumption that what's best for Dake is what's best for USA wrestling's world championship chances. If Dieringer is the better wrestler (due to skill or health or some combination of the 2) then delaying the wrestle off further than was necessary hurts Dieringer's ability to peak for the world championships.
  19. I have no problem with Dake getting a later wrestle-off. I don't even mind him having a warmup match. But how anyone could be ok with one Doctor's note for 1 match and a conflicting doctor's note for another match is beyond me. Anyone who is ok with it, I don't believe this is your honest read. I'm guessing you had a conclusion first and then sorted the facts. If this was going to happen then Dake and USA wrestling should have just said he's clear in July and the wrestle off is in August. There's nothing wrong with that and it requires no deceit.
  20. Are you seriously sighting wrestle offs to say he has no gas tank issues? Joe Smith had no gas tank issues against Rodgers.
  21. Texas would have a pretty good one from the last 20 years considering we aren't great at wrestling. Slay, Dlagnev, Lawal, Nickal. There is little depth if we tried for even 6 or 8 names but that's a pretty good 4.
  22. Is this a trick question? You said it when you said Cox was worried. It's on this page. You are flailing about in so many arguments saying so many dumb things that you can't keep track of them.
  23. It's amazing Pico inspires such debate. He was an exciting prospect years ago. That's the end of his wrestling story.
  24. You're confusing Cox taking the most certain path to victory with Cox being worried. Cox enters those matches knowing Bo cannot generate his own offense against Cox. So Cox wisely doesn't give him anything to work with and takes his inevitable wins. That's not worry.
  25. Accept that people have opinions and you can't make them all go away by being pissy.
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