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  1. I think at this point there's got to be concern that Lewallen's shoulder will never be right again.
  2. Fall behind Fix and you're in trouble. He's so dangerous as a counter guy.
  3. There are 100 cases of officials not following rules across sports everyday. It's never illegal and never goes to court.
  4. So 25 years ago they had to re-wrestle a match and from that you come up with the courts barring an American from entering because it happens 99.9% of the time? Retherford will almost certainly be wrestling. There's a tiny chance Yianni will be. There is zero chance that no American wrestles that weight.
  5. That's the way it happens 99.9% of the time? Hard to argue with that. With all of those examples when's the last time an athlete couldn't compete because a legal court was legislating out an in match rules application?
  6. First time I ever got taken in and replied. Then I almost replied a 2nd time. Super dumb of me and I'll try to be better.
  7. That point might be significant if it wasn't false. Bo climbs the body to finish a high crotch. Then Bo tries to throw. Downey blocks it. Then Downey tries to whizzer with a standing overhook and Bo reattacks to score. The idea that Bo avoided upper body with Downey is false.
  8. On second thought why would I reply. I've resisted it so far and there is no reason to change that.
  9. Why would the USA need to forfeit? International Wrestling has no concern for what is or isn't happening in an American court. They will recognize any name we put on the entry form, no matter who else is disputing that entry form.
  10. It absolutely is. And it's awesome that we can have a discussion like this. Cox is an all-out stud and he's just a top 3 American. Taylor and Dake are reigning world champs and can't crack the top 3. 10 years ago an argument over top 3 Americans would have included reigning champ Cejudo and a pair of 7th place finishers in Mocco and Askren. Hrovat (12th), Schwab (14th), Zaddick (19th) and Cormier (missed weight) rounded out the team. The work done by USA Wrestling in the past decade is truly amazing.
  11. You didn't say he was more offensive than Varner. You said he was more offensive AND more tactical. Few guys have been better tactically and Cox is not one of those guys.
  12. Snyder is our best guy. The 97 KG version of Cox/Dake/Taylor/Burroughs isn't beating Sadulaev either (or splitting with him for that matter). Cox has a single world title at a non-Olympic weight. Snyder is a 3X World and Olympic Champ who split with the best wrestler on Earth. I love how guys can be so underrated they become overrated when everyone hustles to over-correct. Cox wasn't our best guy before this weekend, and 2 wins over Bo Nickal don't vault him into being our best guy. He's an excellent wrestler who has one of the best starts ever to a career. That's enough and needs no hyperbole.
  13. Why would USAW put out an opinion piece weighing in on the match? Why would you ever expect that type of thing in a press release? This is an absurd post.
  14. I absolutely think Cox is better. I just think claiming he's better at everything discounts how good Varner actually was. But like I said, most fans evaluate wrestlers more on how you win then anything else.
  15. Varner was an Olympic Gold Medalist. It's disingenuous to pretend Cox is better at everything than Varner was. But I guess it makes sense, since Varner is the only guy to get less credit than Cox. It amazes me how much smart fans allow aesthetics to determine their evaluations of wrestling.
  16. I agree he should be prioritizing his own goals. But he doesn't stop being a part of PSU. That's still where he trains and who corners him. Team USA has no real centralized team/training center/coaching staff. I know there's an OTC and there are coaches, but all of these guys are still coached and trained where they currently live. It's totally normal they care more about their club then about Team USA. It's just that most of the time their club cares back about them and what's best for them.
  17. It's clear that team USA is not the team he cares most about. And he shouldn't honestly. "Team" USA is not a team. PSU is his team.
  18. 3. Nickal cares more about the team/DT than he does about himself. It's not common and in that situation I'd hope a coach would help him do what's best for him, but he's a grown man and I doubt Cael is making him go 92.
  19. I totally understand not challenging Taylor. I disagree, but I get it. I even admire it from a certain perspective. That's a great sense of team that our individual sport does not often foster. With 92 KG as an option and riding high off of NCAAs I get trying my hand against Cox. But hopefully one of his coaches convinces him to not go anywhere near 97 next year.
  20. Also it's clear Cox is superior technically and not just physically. Nickal is not closing all of that gap in 1 year even at 92.
  21. They've been wrestling since they were kids. But there are 1/10 as many of them in a sport with less history and worse coaching. Give them 20 years and they will be like the men technically and the only differences will be physical. It took men 75 years to evolve to this point technically. The sport is in it's infancy and it shows.
  22. If he truly plans on going 97 next year and then moving on, then he should skip next year and move on now. 92 was a stretch but 97 is just silly. That's not a knock on him, it's an acknowledgement that weight classes matter.
  23. Yep. Cox is awesome and Nickal is in the wrong weight class. It was an easy call for anyone who has truly watched Cox the last few years.
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