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  1. Not well. Cassar beat Gable with gas tank. He also backed out a ton without stalling. That's awesome match management in folkstyle. In a FS match he's not going to double leg Gwiz and he's not going to have the better gas tank (at least not enough to matter). Gable is a wrestler with some holes that Cassar excellently exploited. I'll pick Cassar again next year. But Gwiz is just superior to Cassar in every aspect.
  2. Gable wrestled 38 NCAA matches as a freshman and had 4 pins. His gas tank issues have nothing to do with getting too many pins. He's 19 and has time to figure it out. Hopefully he does because he has unlimited potential, and since heavyweights don't cut, they have far longer careers.
  3. I don't see how Hall wins a FS match against Downey. He doesn't have his own offense and he is giving up so much size I can't see him winning a no TD pushing contest. Ringer is a huge 79 and would have a great chance. Dake is Dake and could do it. Valencia would be interesting. It's tough to shoot long range doubles against bigger men, but he does have a great one.
  4. I said nothing about him not deserving it or about other guys getting a shot. I'm fine with Downey as the Rep. He was fortunate in the timing of Taylor's injury but he beat all of the currently healthy 86 KG entrants. My comment was about a bad analogy regarding the Big 10 tournament. It may have picking at needless semantics, but I felt like picking.
  5. If the Big Ten Tournament's main purpose was to decide a big 10 champ then it makes no sense to let the 3rd place guy wrestle. But if the point of the tournament was to determine a single representative who is most deserving to move on, then letting 3rd place compete makes sense. This is why true 2nd and 4th are contested when advancement is on the line.
  6. If he can make 86 reasonably then it's a way easier path. If he can't make weight and compete then going up is the only option. And if you don't see a difference between the toughness of Snyder and Taylor you're nuts.
  7. Are you sure you're comfortable putting Taylor over the guy you didn't know existed without Google? Great unbiased opinion.
  8. None of those guys compare to Pendleton. Askren may have lost to him a million times but he did beat him and it's a folkstyle win way above any of JB's.
  9. That's exactly the point when one of the two pinned a multiple time champ in the finals.
  10. That might be a line of thought people are using, but calling it 'logic' is incorrect.
  11. I think Cox has great length and leverage (super long arms and broad shoulders). I think his frame will neutralize some of Bo's usual advantages. I think Bo's the better athlete, but Cox has great lateral quickness and controls the mat very well without tons of tying up and pushing. I think technically Cox uses mostly low risk attacks and finishes when he converts. Add it all up and I think Cox is the better wrestler, a tough style matchup for Bo, and a clear favorite. I think the fact that Bo has to beat him 2 out of 3 makes it far less likely than if it was a single match.
  12. You were rightly bothered by the despicable attacks on Steiber in a thread that should have celebrated him. You wrongly used that moment to make a connection that simply doesn't exist. The most popular sports have the most arguing over who is the greatest. This is not a productive or valuable argument, but it drives popularity beyond question. ESPN doesn't pay 10 guys to defend Lebron James and a different 10 guys to attack him because the argument hurts the popularity of the sport they have a multi-billion dollar vested interest in. They do it because it draws eyeballs. It's similar to the pathetic pandering done by MMA fighters who talk trash. It's absurd and fake, but it drives popularity. It may drive away one fan while drawing in five, but it increases popularity beyond question. There is overwhelming evidence about the positive connection between a sports' popularity, and argument over how great an all-time great is. This is not speculation.
  13. Then call people out for trashing the sports elite on the day they retire because it's a despicable thing to do. Don't try to make it an issue that affects the sports' popularity, because it absolutely doesn't. Those two things have zero connection.
  14. I think his height makes it very hard for him to move up in weight and be effective. And age and new weight classes and rules makes it very hard for him to move down. He's already a world champ and an all-time great, so hanging around and cutting weight without a great chance to add to your hardware seems not worth it. Basically he has nothing left to prove and it seems like a perfect time to retire.
  15. If you think internet debate over how great a guy is holds back a sports popularity in any way then you know absolutely nothing about sports popularity.
  16. These are some serious mental gymnastics. Because it was improperly called it had to continue to be improperly called and the guy who scored the TD is lazy because he only fully scored the TD instead of scoring a little more than a TD.
  17. What does this mean for 2020 OTTs? If Dake and Burroughs both medal does Burroughs get the bye to the final X next year because he was at 74? If so I think Dake made a mistake not dropping now. I would try to overcome the advantage now instead of in an olympic year.
  18. It's almost like if only one guy had done both he would be able to dominate recruiting and win almost every NCAA team title.
  19. Yep. If a kid wants Olympic Gold, it's much easier to convince them of what you can do for them while an Olympic Gold Medal hangs around your neck. You have what they want and you tell them you know how to get it.
  20. Cael has so much name and such a good staff he gets away with having no personality in recruiting. Plus he coaches guys up once they get there.
  21. I doubt it's an easy win, but Askren has no chance because he can't score a TD on Burroughs.
  22. I don't think anyone in the country has a higher ceiling as a Head Coach candidate. Name is the number 1 factor for a coach in recruiting. He already has one of the 5 biggest names in the sport. Personality and ability to relate to recruits is probably the #2 factor for a coach in recruiting. He has more personality than any of the big names outside of Askren, and he seems like he speaks millennial very well. If he was to take a job with a solid RTC then I think he'd be the closest thing to Cael. Every team outside of State College would be smart to roll the dice on him.
  23. I coached at multiple HS in Texas. Football is indeed king and anyone who doesn't understand that will struggle. I supported the football team and didn't resent their supremacy, and I instead benefited from it. I worked with a football coach who was a Texas good old boy who had zero experience with the sport (he had never attended or coached at a school that had a wrestling team), but because I supported him he would come watch practices and ask questions and eventually became a big fan. I never let underclass football players cut a pound and I never let dual sport kids quit football until they were at least juniors and obviously weren't going anywhere in the sport. And even then I gave the Football coach a heads up. Every year freshman football would end and I was brought in to present to the 100+ freshman players that every single one of them should wrestle in the winter. Their coaches gave their full support behind me. I never had a year where less than 30 tried it. The football booster club purchased me new mats and outfitted my new wrestling room. The room was the old football weight room that he gave me after they got a new weight room. The OL coach was also the powerlifting coach and he gave me professional level workout plans. I'd tell him all the details I could (Ex. March-June I want weight and power gain, we'll lift 4 days a week for 45 minutes) and he'd design the program for every season of our development. Not many get access to that kind of personal help. Every HS in Texas also has athletic periods during the school day so I had my wrestlers year round for at least an hour a day of class time (not counting after school). The bottom line is that Texas is Football obsessed but is also sports obsessed overall. If you go heads up with the football team you lose no matter what. Football coaches are insecure Tyrants at that level. But if you're humble with them, they're predisposed to love wrestling as a tough guy sport, and they control amazing assets that our sport can only dream of.
  24. What happened with Ramos and Gilman is both guys went for the spot. Neither guy said I'm not doing it because he's my teammate.
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