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  1. If you read the article from the ODU website you read that they added girls volleyball, girls and coed sailing, so this is a total spin job. They used an outside auditor to decide that wrestling should be canned. You do the math.
  2. Kindig was told to have surgery on leg over a month ago and he said no. No chance at medical redshirt so he tried to finish strong. Sad ending for him but that didn't seem to get the rest of the team down. I believe this seeding process has really messed up this tournament esp for guys like Kindig. Thanks for your post!
  3. Okstate goes 7-2 first round. Also that Jack kid is better than he gets credit for. When okstate wrestled ncstate he pulled out a third period win and just plain outlasted our guy.
  4. It's good for the sport to have four-timers. If it can add publicity and get new fans/viewers it's good. Being an OSU cowboy alumni - the Oliver match still burns a bit but it's not Steibers fault that the match ended with a bit of controversy. Aside from the fact that putting together 4 titles is virtually impossible to do, you have to imagine that at least one match along the way is going to be too close for comfort.
  5. Calling more stalling isn't the answer. I would like to see more risk taking from the feet than I have seen in recently. I could be wrong but more and more matches are going all the way through the overtime periods and are being won by a second or two of riding time. This seems really cheap. Yeah, it's a win, but where's the satisfaction in it. How do you improve as a wrestler when you are not taking a chance on taking someone down? The most dominant wrestlers take calculated risks and learn to finish their takedowns and aren't afraid of taking bad shots. They have the confidence to score because they aren't afraid to succeed. It's a mindset. Same with getting out from bottom. Its a mindset. I think the coaches need to forcefully implore they're wrestlers to either learn to score some points and take risks, or put someone on the mat who will.
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