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  1. I have seen Maghsoudi wrestle in real life when he was cadet. I also followed him in juniors. Magsoudi doesnt have enough attributes to be Irans best guy. I personally like Amir Yazdani wrestling. What is he doing now? I belive in near future he will show him self. Magsoudi is very big that means he is not staying for long in 65.
  2. Greco - Roman team and Female team also train there, they just put down curtains and divide the wrestling mats.
  3. My nephew practices at the national wrestling center in Baku capital of Azerbaijan. National wrestling center consists of all cadets, junior and seniors. Juniors and seniors train together at the same time. Cadets have their own training time but are allowed to train with juniors and seniors 50% of the time in year time. The have mixed up trainings during the year where all of them practice together. My nephew daily sees Asgarov, Haji Aliyev, Jabrayil Hasanov and many other senior wrestlers. He many times had sparrings with Haji Aliyev (most of the time Aliyev takes him when he needs someone light right before competition). My nephew two time European championship bronze and silver medal prizer. For now he is a number one cadet in Azerbaijan for 60 kg ( I don’t know how the national championship in may will end up, it will decide everything). The quantatity of wrestlers is about 80-100 people. The national wrestling center consists of 16 wrestling mats. I am not sure if I know American youth wrestling enough to compare it with one we have in Azerbaijan. You see at the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku, rich people rarely put their kids into wrestling. Middle class and rich class most of the time put their kids into judo (very popular in Azerbaijan). Wrestling is considered for below middle class people. I am not talking the ones that have family tradition wrestling, those can be reach and will put their kids into wrestling. Anyways if you wanna wrestle there is enough options. But obviously wrestling is not taught in schools. You have to manage education and wrestling apart. First go to school do your classes and only after school go to wrestling classes.
  4. Overall I like American Wrestling system. I wonder my self how it will end up. I can only say that all wrestling coaches from ex Soviet countries (including Russia) are expecting American domination in freestyle wrestling in near future. Personally I think the more wrestling is popular in America the better it’s for wrestling being commercialized and becoming popular globally.
  5. No Depends what age you talking about. 10,11,12,13,14 age wrestlers dont bother they self cuting weight so they can wrestle even every month.
  6. My nephew wrestles 4-5 on average per tournament. Those who wrestle less that means they have to wrestle more competition (6 tournaments per year thats enough in my opinion). Dont forget you have to cut weight as well (if you cut weight every month thats not good for your health). Also if you are national team member automatically you get to train at the National Wrestling Center, every week (fridays only) you have 3-4 sparring matches with scoring and stuff. Every 2-3 month we have united camps with other international teams that come and train at our wrestling center. Other than that you have friendly matches between guest teams as a conclusion to every camp.
  7. On an average 4-6 tournaments per year. It’s individual. Some wrestle more, some less. You have few compulsory tournaments that you must get through in order to make national team. Everything else is up to you. Also if you really wanna wrestle and there is no tournament in calendar, you can always take a bus and go to Dagestan.
  8. Everything is based around a tournament. Rarely we do have friendly matches between clubs but it’s not systematic.
  9. No worries. I didnt even get what you mean at that time. Now I got it.
  10. Most of the time its parents, family tradition. Although we do have schools that are specilized in some individual sports(including wrestling) but they are very few. The season starts in September ends right after Cadet World Championship. Speaking on my nephew.This season he had tournaments in september, november and january (tournaments make the national cadet team its allows best guys to participate at international tournaments until the national championship in may 2020). We are planning to wrestle in april (international tournament), in may national championship (if you are ordinary wrestler without European/World medal you have to get through qualification tournament in you region/city). I dont understand what you mean by match. If you mean quantity of wrestling matches during the year it depends how well you participate at the tournaments. All of the tournaments are ollympic system type, you loose a match you are out.
  11. Thanks for quality answer. Unfortunately the website doesnt work properly.
  12. He studies at Kirkwood Community College and wrestles for Hawkeye. That means you don’t have to study in university of IOWA to be member of hawkeye wrestling club?
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