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  1. Where we can watch Asgarov vs Jordan Oliver? I dont get flowrestling, you spent so much money on the event, you ask to pay in order to watch it live, but at least post the matches after ther event so people around the world can watch it as well.
  2. Is there going to be live broadcasting of the "beat the streat" event? If yes, please guys tell what time and where we can watch it
  3. Khadziyev has no relation to Dagestan. The guy is Chechen, from Chechen Republic.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkaUX6WTbYE
  5. Asgarovs suspension is over. He will wrestle at the World Championship this year.
  6. US giving hard time givining visa's to Azerbaijans wrestling team. Some of them already been refused. Haji Aliyev also having trouble getting American visa.
  7. Azerbaijan is a wrestling country without a doubt. It has a rich wrestling history with many great wrestlers. When it comes to modern day wrestlers you mentioned Haji Aliyev 3 time World Champion who beat(easily) by the way Russian/Dagestani Gajimurad Rashidov in 2017 World final. We have Togrul Asgarov gold and silver Ollympic medalist. We have Jabrayil Hasanov, Mahir Amiraslanov, Afghan Khashalov, Murad Suleymanov and many more upcoming youngsters. Ofcourse it can not be compared with Dagestan in terms of number of quality wrestlers but to say that Azerbaijan is not a wrestling country is ridiculous. In fact Dagestanis should be thankful that Azerbaijan allows guys from Dagestan to come and compete for Azerbaijan because they get their chance to realize their dreams.
  8. Asgarov has a neck injury. He was suppose to have a surgery right after he wrestled in India. He will wrestle 70 until Tokyo Ollympics and for the Ollympics he will cut 65
  9. if anybody gets to know excatly if US team is going and who will be representing US team please let me know. I wanna see Arujau wrestle in Russia
  10. January 5-th in Moscow there are will be held CADET international tournament in freestyle and greeco-roman. I heard that US freestyle cadet team is going to Russia for that tournament. Its also anticipated that Russias first cadet team, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Greece and other European countries will participate. Does anybody knows what US squad will be sent? infos_01_moscow.pdf
  11. Arujau is a son of 2 time World Champion Vougar Orujev
  12. Its a second time he lost to Khashalov. Both time with no chance. Badruddinov is not a high level wrestler. He is not going to be like Rashidov. I really like Uguyev, but he lost too much time being disqulified.
  13. Best for Hadi is to move out of Iran and wrestle for Azerbaijan!
  14. I dont think its fair at all. Hadi was the better wrestler all Ollympic cycle. Its obvious that they wanted Ghasemi badly. Same they did last Ollympics. Hadi should move and wrestle for some other country.
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