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  1. Is Cox expected to go 92 for the sake of the team? Because it's more his natural weight? He gets an automatic Final X berth at 86 and has medaled at the weight twice. Bigger guys at 92kg seemed to be able to slow his movement. If it's me, I'm going 86...but then you more than likely have to be beat Taylor.
  2. This is their first meet? And it will be streamed on the NBC Sports app, correct? Will every meet be on the NBC Sports app?
  3. Sir, what does it feel like getting trolled?
  4. Not really relevant to the brackets, but trying to plan my day tomorrow to not miss a second of action. First session starts at 10 est and second session starts at 6 est, so do we expect the first session to end around 3 eastern?
  5. A lot of great wrestlers and great young men in the arena last night. I sat in the front row right behind PSU's warm-up mat and Bo, Nolf, and Zain all gave autographs to some young fans (Cael and Varner too). Always enjoy seeing that.
  6. Snyder's full finals match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBAKeIRJhlc
  7. No one is calling him the next Ringer.... or a potential Hodge finalist... sounds like you're the one overrating him.
  8. Bo Jordan is 76-5 in college. So overrated! (4 losses to Zeke, 1 to Ringer) Nice win Iowa!
  9. 125: Gilman TF JRod 5-0 Iowa 133: NaTo dec. Clark 5-3 Iowa 141: Pletcher dec. Carton 6-5 Ohio St. 149: Jordan dec. Sorensen 9-5 Ohio St. (not really that confident in this, especially in Carver, just got that feeling, ya know) 157: Kemerer MD Ryan 9-9 165: Burcher dec. Gunther 12-9 Ohio St. 174: BoJo dec. Meyer 15-9 Ohio St. (word was he could have gone last week if needed) 184: Brooks dec. Martin 15-12 Ohio St. 197: Moore MD Wilke 19-12 Ohio St. 285: Holloway dec Fox 19-15 Ohio St
  10. JRod and Micah sat due to illness. Bo could have gone today if he was needed. According to Curt Heinrichs.
  11. Not the greatest feed but it'll do. https://www.facebook.com/ohiostateuniversitywrestling/
  12. Is Maryland and Ohio St not being aired on BTN Plus?
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