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  1. actually Haines would be a good 220 lber if there were such a weight. he can't make 97 and is not a heavyweight. just a bad fit to expect results like high school
  2. Now that I am back in the US of A, all my time and energy will be focused on PSU. There is no team I’d like to destroy more. OOPS!!!!!!!!
  3. Pete is helping out with the elementary program in Lancaster (Manheim Twp) and helping/watching his two sons wrestle for Twp. at the Varsity and Middle school level.
  4. I tried to add pics but for some reason they got erased when i push post
  5. Cael and Casey and Cody Tim Flynn
  6. i asked them but they didn't respond on how they liked the cold yet. guess they were too busy supplying the oil you need for your car or to transport the food you eat or to fuel your transportation to nationals. i think we should organize a riot, ummmmmm i mean protest and set fires and loot stores and destroy property. perhaps if all goes well we can beat up some people and abuse the police. nah, too cold just gonna take my crayons and play dough and hide in my safe space or the closest university.
  7. guess i am confused on what the letters are that you pay for or not but to watch anything but the finals you will have to subscribe and pay. the finals are free
  8. on BTN2Go now lists the early rounds on their schedule. this is the pay portion for those that ask. the finals will be on free BTN on TV.
  9. don't you follow the news???? no sources are needed. hahahaha with suriano back it's hard to see how psu doesn't win both big tens and nationals. that was a serious butt whooping on #2 cowboys. IF IF suriano doesn't get hurt and wins the match he was winning and the ref slaps the mat against heil that score would have been even more embarrassing. as the t shirt says Cael knows wrestling.
  10. Oh, Well then if you guarantee it, that settles it. hahaha
  11. Penn State fact... 27-13. Didn't even need the missed pin!!! If ALL the breaks or (non breaks) go PSU's way it's 36-4!!!! Any way ya look at it, quite a butt whipping..
  12. and still loses. maybe he should figure out something else
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