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  1. What’s going on with penn state? Does every guy on the starting roster have a bad knee or 2 ?
  2. I remember being impressed in the whittlake match when he was winning and could of hung on and continued to attack.
  3. With the piece of major news regarding NCAA and the Olympic team trickling out, I can’t help but think of how wrestling continues to shoot itself in the foot. Every major sport has a relationship with the media, except for wrestling where everything is kept top secret and any discussion of such things is deleted. The reason these stories get out is because the coaches are expected to make statements almost immediately regarding major incidents with the program. Does the media just not care? Does Flo not want to burn a bridge with the cash cow? like it or not people talking about the sport is the biggest way to grow it, whether it’s good or bad. I understand these are student athletes, but how many of us watched the dash cam of baker mayfield getting arrested? Just frustrating.
  4. It takes me a minimum of 3 attempts to watch any video. Either it's the login nonsense or it will just cut out and completely reload. This happens on all of devices and my best guess is it has to do with the overload of advertising on the sites. It seems that spending less money on getting flo tennis off the ground and getting the functionality of your current content to at least 80% would be a wise play but we keep throwing money at them so why bother.
  5. I remember Jp O'Connor making a living off of this in his college days
  6. I hate to keep beating a dead horse but the eiwa broadcast plagued with problems for me again, tried watching on my iPad, laptop and even my phone to no avail. Anybody else having problems?
  7. Attending for the first time this year and don't post much so I thought I'd give ya my 2 cents on the big dance this year. My picks for no particular reasons (excuse the names if I misspell) 125: tommasello 133:Garrett 141: Kevin Cracker Jack 149: Zain 157: Imar 165: dieringer 174: Realbuto (the fans) 184: dean 197: cox 285: Gwiz Team: penn state by a lap The tourney itself: In my opinion the potential Gwiz vs Snyder match is probably the biggest match of the tourney and a top 10 all time. I think Gwiz takes it, but itll be worth the price of admission Zain retherford is having one of the best years in college wrestling history, anyone that opens up against him is going to get blown out of the water. Can he finish strong? 141 is going to be a blood bath. Can heil continue his run as the reincarnation of Kellen Russell ? My thought is if you wrestle this bracket 10 times, the top 8 would be different every time. Something in my gut says the crack jack kid brings it home. Gonna be fun to watch Alex dieringer finish up a somewhat overshadowed but all time great career. He's lost 1 time at ncaas and I think it stays that way. 174 what a difference a year makes, I think nickal falls to 3-6 range -and Realbuto gets a title but man we're going to see some action. 184 is the modern day hunger games and gabe dean has a bow and arrow. Didn't read the books but I think he gets it done. I think people are really overlooking Tommy Gun Gant at 157 and I like palacio the Instagram prophet to find the podium. Most likely scenario is we see Imar and Nolf get into insane scrambles for about 11 minutes on Saturday night. Overall outside of dieringer I don't think there's a safe bet in this tourney and Friday night will provide its usual fireworks. Regardless I'm excited for the long weekend in the big apple drinking and eating too much, crossing an item off my bucket list ( I'm hoping Kate upton texts me back so I can make it two) and to have my predictions proved wrong. Safe travels and see everyone this weekend!
  8. Taylor is an exciting wrestler and who knows maybe he lights the world on fire or maybe he's never really a threat. But let's not act like he hasn't already successful jumped weight classes like this in his career....twice. Hs senior he went from 112-135 And took all comers. College he went from lanky 157 to nearly being an undefeated freshman. Who knows but the history is there.
  9. I believe they did special wrestle offs last year for that exact situation? Didn't oliver miss weight to challenge ashnault? And mcdonough beat Nahson ?
  10. How old is hall? Not trying to get into a debate about high school age just wondering if he's gonna keep growing or he'll be at that 165 174 range for awhile?
  11. Love metcalf and would love to see him punch his ticket at worlds and get a medal but this is the 3rd year in a row he's "been at his best" and I don't believe he's won a match at worlds yet.
  12. Always wanted to attend this event and this year I'm going to, quick question though do you buy tickets for this or is it just a walk up and watch type of event ?
  13. 1. Who really knows, could be a 4x aa couple time champ or could never sniff the podium again. 2. Zain would be a clear #1 here if he comes back at 41. 3. Push out!? Duals meaning something !? 4. Right now it's hard to imagine anyone beating a healthy imar but then again this time last year no one would have predicted him being in the conversation as the next Cael or 4xer 5.both guys are on teams in the title hunt so take that into account with them moving around, who knows. I don't think ringer loses again in college. 6. Not enough knowledge to take a crack at that. Depends if psu red shirts have a year like the Ohio state red shirts did this year 7. I think cox gets one more title but it will be as a heavy. He plays the close match game and Snyder beat him at that game and I thinj that hurt his confidence and he dropped his next match because of it. 8. Will uber talented wrestlers, I'm excited for fresh blood at 174
  14. After reffing some of the 149 matches the refs forgot what scoring in bunches or just scoring in general looked like!
  15. There's not a single person who could say they wouldn't of handled it the same way he has with a straight face. He did lose that match but the Kent state coaching staff, the red, the scorers table, the ncaa honchos all should take blame before you belittle him.
  16. If this was such an easy kindergarten level mix up why did the 3 guys sitting in the Kent state corner not lose their collective minds? This problem wouldn't exist if they caught it at the time it happened. I'm a fan of both guys but they missed the opportunity to stop this before it got to this point
  17. Jeva looked like he wanted to lose. Zero fire at all
  18. If everyone wrestled like palacio we would be watching wrestling on ESPN more than once a year that's for sure
  19. That's certainly one way to look at it!
  20. It's the postseason...everyone's undefeated
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