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  1. Geer should’ve always been the odd man out, Coach Smith out coached himself this year & they will be rewarded with zero AA’s at 65, 74, 84. If they would’ve kept it Rogers, Smith, Smith I think the get 3 AAs or at a minimum 2.
  2. CrewWrestling

    2020 Tickets

    Enclosed. 66k capacity. I’m sure it will be formatted so the seating is closer to 20k. It will be interesting to see it done in a football stadium, hope it will deliver.
  3. CrewWrestling

    Flo wrestling subscriptions

    The buck 50 is well worth it, do yourself a favor & keep the subscription.
  4. CrewWrestling

    How Penn State can lose at Nationals

    There is no possibility Penn State loses the National Championship in 2019. Most of your hypothetical scenario is in bounds, that said JoJo isn’t AA’ing this year & is lucky to be in the field. Jacobe earns AA somewhere 6-8th range & Geer is most likely 2-2 but maybe a R12. It’s a shame if they would’ve kept it Rogers, JoJo, Jacobe I think they would’ve had 3 AA’s all in the 6-8 range versus the 1 they’ll be getting.
  5. CrewWrestling

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    I’d think this would be a great candidate pool to find the next HC. None of the Olympic hopefuls are going to take on a D1 team, especially Burroughs whose goal is to take GOAT status from John Smith. Colat, Perry, Jaggers, Snyder, & Clemsen would all need to be actively recruited by UMD in order to leave the programs they’re at currently. I think the others on the list along with several others will apply & present interest. Not sure how committed the Athletic Department will be to aggressively hiring a great coach, would imagine they’ll let candidates come to them which rarely yields the best candidates. The best hires are often sought out & recruited away from a top tier program that they’re next in line for the job. Cary Kolat Mark Perry J Jaggers Scott Moore Kevin Ward Brent Metcalf Brad Dillon Alex Clemsen Jordan Leen Bryan Snyder Donny Pritzlaff
  6. CrewWrestling

    Need 2 All-Session Tix to NCAA. Thanks

    Thanks for this information, I was going off the total capacity without thinking about the configuration. I would hope the ncaa would have more thoughtfulness moving forward in choosing hosting venues that can maximize fans being in seats. Any idea how many seats will be available in MN next year?
  7. CrewWrestling

    OKST: Rogers, Smith, Smith, Geer

    Have you seen a Joe Smith that can go hard for 7mins? Maybe I’ve just forgotten the Joe Smith of 15-16’ & 16-17’, I have always thought one of his knocks is he doesn’t last 7minutes with guys of the same level. Watching him this season he struggled mightily with guys who can wrestle hard for 7mins for example Lujan & Lewis. I may may be over estimating Jacobe’s potential placement but it seems like 2 through 12 are interchangeable, & with his decisive win over Foster currently ranked 4th I’d like his chances to place higher at 84 than 74.
  8. CrewWrestling

    OKST: Rogers, Smith, Smith, Geer

    Perhaps I chose the wrong wording in saying he’s nowhere close to beating the top 4/5 at either weight. I have no doubt Joe Smith would keep it close on the scoreboard with most of the higher ranked wrestlers at those weights. That said, I believe he loses to every one of them all things considered. If he is the guy at 165 I’d pick him to finish 3rd/4th at Big 12’s which would have him in the same spot as Rogers heading into NCAAs. After thinking about what’s happening with the descents I have to believe that Geer must be beating Jacobe in the room, and Jacobe must be beating Joe, and Joe must be beating Rogers. I think if they continue with this weight drop they’ll end up with 1AA between the 3 weights, if I had to choose which guy that would be I’d say Jacobe at 174.
  9. CrewWrestling

    Need 2 All-Session Tix to NCAA. Thanks

    There will be tickets available as it gets closer, there always are after conference tournaments. I’m sure it would be more comforting to go with tixs already secured but you’ll find good tixs at reasonable prices outside the arena as well. The PPG is only a few hundred seats smaller than last years arena. I truly don’t get how there is such a shortage of seats this year. Directly from the schools ticket offices I’ve been hearing they weren’t allotted as many tickets but it’s not as if there were more tickets sold to the general public than previous years either.
  10. CrewWrestling

    OKST: Rogers, Smith, Smith, Geer

    Per his interviews here at the end of the season he has said a number of times that allocations & seeds have to factor into this decision. That said I think he’d be less concerned by seed as long as his guys get to the show. If John Smith is hoping Joe is a finalist/champion he has missed the ball which maybe that’s true given his judgement could be clouded given it’s his son. That said I think Coach Smith has to know that Joe is at best 6-8th at either weight 65/74. He’s nowhere close to beating any of the top 4/5 guys at either weight. So finalist/champ no chance. I would think there is a far better argument that Jacobe could be a finalist at 184 than Joe at 165 Rogers 6-8th, Joe 6-8th, Jacobe 2-8th, makes more sense to me than Rogers/Joe 6-8th at 165, Jacobe 7-8th at 174, and likely no AA for Geer. I do agree it may be smart to keep Geer at 97 over Weigel given he may still be hurt. That said Coach Smith said in an interview he feels he has to give Weigel a Sr a shot if he’s healthy, interesting the same thought doesn’t seem to apply to Rogers. Also Weigel has a style that can win & place even when he’s hurt, 4pt tilts favors guys like Weigel & Picc.
  11. CrewWrestling

    OKST: Rogers, Smith, Smith, Geer

    I couldn’t agree more with this...been saying this about both Joe Smith & McFadden since their entry into the season halfway through the regular season. Both have been given more credit than deserved, McFaddens best win on the season comes against the #14/15 ranked wrestler, outside of that he has wrestled one top 10 guy...that’s Joe Smith who oh yeah hasn’t beaten anyone significant other than McFadden. That said I still believe OKST stands a better chance of collecting more AA’s leaving it as Rogers, Joe, Jacobe than any other scenario.
  12. CrewWrestling

    OKST: Rogers, Smith, Smith, Geer

    I guess my thinking on Joe Smith is he’s not as good as rankings are projecting. I think he’s got a shot at 6-8th at 165 or 174, I don’t think he can sniff a win from 1-5 at either weight based on current rankings...not sure I would ever consider him a threat to make the finals at 165 but I do agree the top 4 at 174 are better than the 65 contingent. What is is bugging me is that by bumping everyone down and sliding Geer back in you’re bumping out an AA and likely a 2XAA for a previous qualifier in Geer, who doesn’t have the same level of quality wins as Jacobe at the weight. As well, if it’s Rogers you’re bumping out a Sr who’s produced at NCAA’s multiple times. The caveat to bumping Rogers out is if he’s still injured more than we know/have seen & isn't able to perform at his previous years NCAA level. I think Jacobe has a possibility of being Top 4 at 184 but if not Top 8 almost certainly. I don’t see Geer as an AA but agree he’s probably 12-16. I’d much rather roll the dice that Rogers is Top 8 at 165 considering he’s figured out a way to do that twice in his career already.
  13. CrewWrestling

    OKST: Rogers, Smith, Smith, Geer

    I’ve been trying to figure out the logic in moving these guys back down in weight & possibly bumping out a 2XAA in either Rogers or Joe Smith. It seems to me that OKST would be in a better position if Geer is the odd man out versus Rogers, Smith, or Smith. Jacobe has a better resume at 84 than Geer & he’s a returning AA. Joe is a 2XAA & while I personally don’t see him AA’ing at 74 this year, I think he has a better shot at 65 but it wouldn’t be a shocker if he did AA 6-8th at 74. Then there’s Rogers who is also a 2XAA, & I actually think he has just as good a chance to AA at 65 as Joe Smith would have. In the end end I just can’t see why you bump any one of those 3 out for a 1X qualifier. Where is he ranked seeded if he is indeed the starter at 84 @ BIG12’s?
  14. CrewWrestling

    IOWA 12 - OKST 18

    I honestly don’t think it will matter at 74 & 84. Joe Smith is better than whomever Iowa fields even giving up 6+lbs. Jacobe no doubt will have zero issue giving up weight, dude has muscles growing out of his eyeballs!
  15. CrewWrestling

    IOWA 12 - OKST 18

    If we’re lucky enough to see a full lineup from both squads which is highly unlikely imo. I could see Iowa sitting a number of starters as it’s an away meet. 125 Lee dec. Picc 3-0 133 DeSanto dec. Fix 6-0 141 Brock dec. Turk/Murin 6-3 149 Gfeller dec. Lugo 6-6 157 Young dec. Shomers 9-6 165 Marinelli dec. Rogers 12-6 174 Smith dec. whomever 12-9 184 Smith dec. Wilke 12-12 197 Weigel dec. Warner 12-15 285 White dec. Stoll 12-18