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  1. Maybe it’s just me but does anyone else feel like Pyles is the Cris Collinsworth of wrestling...I love CP but sitting here listening to Collinsworth this evening & can’t help but feel like they’re kindred spirits. That said, I’d rather listen to Pyles all day than Bader...
  2. I I’d have to think the 1st goal is making the Olympic team for Cox. With that in mind, I’m sure he likes his chances of beating DT coming off injury, surgery, & a lay-off from training & competition. This seems like a no brainer to me so long as Cox can make the weight & compete at the same level down 13lbs. For what it’s worth I think Cox takes the spot at either weight 86 or 97 & I think he’ll win the Olympics at either weight as well. That said his odds are simply better at 86 given DT’s interruption of training & competition.
  3. Any idea if Flo will be streaming the OTT’s or will it be on NBC instead?
  4. Have to agree Greco is a snooze fest 99% of the time, just like baseball, soccer, watching paint dry, etc. I can appreciate that there are those who enjoy the style, personally I’d rather see Greco done away with & expand the number of weights for both men’s & women’s freestyle.
  5. Not sure of the answer on this one, but I sure am happy it will be at Rutgers as that’s just a short drive away.
  6. I know it’s a long ways off but I was curious if anyone knew when the Big 10 Championship tickets become available for purchase?
  7. The “sports world” isn’t paying that level of attention to freestyle wrestling.
  8. Sir, yes sir! I didn’t realize that those reasons were top secret highly classified. I now realize that we’re protecting matters of national security & won’t be so foolish to repeat my mistake.
  9. Could you elaborate on “for reasons no one has mentioned”? Thanks
  10. Truth is Yianni won that match and is actually now at a 3-1 advantage in the Zain series.
  11. Pure silliness, Yianni definitely won match #2 in that series. The overwhelming majority of people realize this and believe Yianni got hosed. But keep on believing this nonsense...
  12. LJB that was definitely points for Downey, maybe it was points for Punia as well but no doubt Downey scored on that exchange...
  13. Uh yeah it was & I’m a fan as well...the 2nd match at Final x was highway robbery, Yianni won 8-6. Just because he got screwed doesn’t mean he didn’t win the match.
  14. The other way of saying Zain won the spot is to say Yianni got screwed...that’s not Zain’s fault but it’s still true.
  15. No need to trust my logic, we will all get a chance to see it unfold over time. I hold true to my statement, Zain will struggle with guys “like” JO whose wrestling IQ is greater than Zain’s. Especially when he has to wrestle into them from a deficit. I think Zain is a great wrestler, I just don’t believe he has the finesse needed to not over wrestle & make mistakes against solid world level freestylers. That said I’ll always be rooting for him against international competition.
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