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  1. Maybe it’s just me but does anyone else feel like Pyles is the Cris Collinsworth of wrestling...I love CP but sitting here listening to Collinsworth this evening & can’t help but feel like they’re kindred spirits. That said, I’d rather listen to Pyles all day than Bader...
  2. I I’d have to think the 1st goal is making the Olympic team for Cox. With that in mind, I’m sure he likes his chances of beating DT coming off injury, surgery, & a lay-off from training & competition. This seems like a no brainer to me so long as Cox can make the weight & compete at the same level down 13lbs. For what it’s worth I think Cox takes the spot at either weight 86 or 97 & I think he’ll win the Olympics at either weight as well. That said his odds are simply better at 86 given DT’s interruption of training & competition.
  3. Any idea if Flo will be streaming the OTT’s or will it be on NBC instead?
  4. Have to agree Greco is a snooze fest 99% of the time, just like baseball, soccer, watching paint dry, etc. I can appreciate that there are those who enjoy the style, personally I’d rather see Greco done away with & expand the number of weights for both men’s & women’s freestyle.
  5. Not sure of the answer on this one, but I sure am happy it will be at Rutgers as that’s just a short drive away.
  6. I know it’s a long ways off but I was curious if anyone knew when the Big 10 Championship tickets become available for purchase?
  7. The “sports world” isn’t paying that level of attention to freestyle wrestling.
  8. Sir, yes sir! I didn’t realize that those reasons were top secret highly classified. I now realize that we’re protecting matters of national security & won’t be so foolish to repeat my mistake.
  9. Could you elaborate on “for reasons no one has mentioned”? Thanks
  10. Truth is Yianni won that match and is actually now at a 3-1 advantage in the Zain series.
  11. Pure silliness, Yianni definitely won match #2 in that series. The overwhelming majority of people realize this and believe Yianni got hosed. But keep on believing this nonsense...
  12. LJB that was definitely points for Downey, maybe it was points for Punia as well but no doubt Downey scored on that exchange...
  13. Uh yeah it was & I’m a fan as well...the 2nd match at Final x was highway robbery, Yianni won 8-6. Just because he got screwed doesn’t mean he didn’t win the match.
  14. The other way of saying Zain won the spot is to say Yianni got screwed...that’s not Zain’s fault but it’s still true.
  15. No need to trust my logic, we will all get a chance to see it unfold over time. I hold true to my statement, Zain will struggle with guys “like” JO whose wrestling IQ is greater than Zain’s. Especially when he has to wrestle into them from a deficit. I think Zain is a great wrestler, I just don’t believe he has the finesse needed to not over wrestle & make mistakes against solid world level freestylers. That said I’ll always be rooting for him against international competition.
  16. Simply put Zain is a guy who thinks you just go hard & his opponent will break. That is just not true of the most talented freestylers worldwide. Zain will struggle to ever win a world medal, he’s just not technically savvy enough from what he’s shown thus far. He’s a damn good wrestler & tough as nails but he’ll get beat by guys like JO every time on the world/international stage. I actually don’t think he can help himself, it’s built into his philosophy that he’ll grind people down for wins...not a good philosophy when wrestling Russians & Europeans.
  17. For all the homers out there who’ve been holding on to “Zain won both matches at Final X & he earned the spot” you’re wrong & any unbiased party will tell you that Yianni won the 2nd match 8-6. Today Yianni didn’t leave any room for interpretation & showed he has a better skill set & understanding of freestyle wrestling. The last sequence was easy to predict & yet Zain seemed to be lost that he was getting ready to get dumped on his head for 4. Yianni deserves a 3rd match in the Final X series, but I doubt he’ll get that chance. The referee review panel from Final X should all be ashamed of themselves for allowing this debacle to happen. Anyone else think Bajrang didn’t enter the tournament to ensure that Yianni got a shot to show he really is the better wrestler between him & Zain?
  18. You clearly don’t know Novo if you think he’s got business sense, there’s a reason he was ousted at Fortress once the brains to the business left him to start his own gig. You’ve also missed the point Chael made on the ppv, he wasn’t insinuating that annual subscribers also pay a ppv fee for the event, take the time and listen to the clip.
  19. I do question how long he's known he wasnt competing. A guy at his level, and given the timeline of events would’ve had an MRI before leaving NYC & I’d hope that Novogratz would’ve paid for it out of his own pocket given DT got injured at his charity event.
  20. Heflin has No Offense, this is not proof of an offensive skill set...
  21. Feels silly that NoBickal didn’t drop down & secure the 86kg spot given DT’s prognosis...
  22. Gilman Colon Yianni Nolf Burroughs Dake Taylor Nickal Snyder Gwiz
  23. I’ve purchased 8 tickets at the 50 yard line, in V7 Row 2. They were $345 a piece which is more than what I paid to attend this years tournament in Pittsburgh which were lower bowl but in the corner. I’ve sat in the same section of seats (lower bowl corner) for the past 7 years courtesy of UTC. The tickets went from $270 to $320 last year in Pittsburgh, which was a nominal amount for me personally & I understood that with less seating in PPG the criminal enterprise that is the NCAA had to make up the monetary difference. That said my first thought when seeing the tickets for 2020 being sold around the entire stadium wasn’t how great it will be to have 45k+ fans attending. It was that the NCAA doesn’t ultimately care how good of a fan experience is had, they’re exploring whether or not they can make as much money as possible for this event. I actually don’t believe that there will be 45k or more in the stadium, I think boat loads of the seats were purchased by scalping entities which the NCAA would’ve also figured when they opened up all sections to the general public via Ticketmaster. The NCAA will make a boat load more profit than previous years & many of the seats purchased will be wide open during the sessions because there will be zero demand to scalp, not that I care if the scalpers and second hand sellers are SOL. Undoubtedly this will not be a good viewing experience, even from the 50 yard line it will be further to see the action on the mats than ever before. The finals will be the least enjoyable for the majority of the fans in attendance. I will still be in attendance & I will still enjoy the tournament & fan experience. That said I hope that the NCAA will realize the intimacy of the tournament is what keeps the demand so high. Being able to see all of the action whether you’re in the corner or nose bleed seats is paramount to any other consideration. Otherwise you might as well watch at home on ESPN with a group of friends/fans and save a ton of money. As for the talk about the food & beer & other activities that Minneapolis will have on show, please be serious, who gives a flying f. The majority of the fans in attendance are drinking bud light, bud heavy, miller, coors, etc. & eating burgers & wings. This isn’t the crowd for 5 star restaurants & scotch tastings. Any city that can accommodate a surge of 25k in population over the course of 4/5 days and not miss a beat is a perfect host city. The major US cities that have multiple airports, a plethora of hotel options, and public transit make the cut. I live in NYC & have to say I didn’t love it at MSG, maybe that’s because I didn’t get to travel, but the overwhelming majority thought it was an amazing location for many of the reasons I stated. They could fly into 3 airports, there weren’t massive lines for food & drink between sessions because there is a million places to eat & drink, the hotel prices are high but they’re always high & don’t need to inflate them for a particular event. For what it’s worth I hope the tournament is a massive success & we’re all massively surprised. But for this guy the priority is proximity to the action happening on the mat & this venue isn’t going to deliver on that end.
  24. James Green just won his last match against Jason Nolf, they’ll be close for a little while but Nolf will Come out on top moving forward.
  25. I have to say Pritzlaff is getting a lot of mention on this forum related to this topic; I don’t mean to be harsh but I also won’t mince words, have you all heard him in an interview? Donny’s vocabulary & speech can not be doing him any favors when sitting down with the AD & chief fundraiser of the athletic department. I mean no disrespect in regards to his wrestling knowledge or pedigree but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say he sounds a bit like Rocky doing the aftershave commercial in his on camera pierces with Flo. He’d be smart to read a little more & maybe take some speech etiquette lessons.
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