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  1. That is correct, was only on FoxSports Southwest or something like that. The dual was Feb 8, 2019: https://twitter.com/mutigerstyle/status/1094103193057804288?s=20
  2. Michael McGee transferring from Old Dominion to ASU Who is the odd man out between Courtney, McGee, Raimo, Chlebove, and Belton?
  3. Brackets have been updated with 165 Phillip Conigliaro and 285 Yaralslau Slavilouski out for Harvard, 165 Dazjon Castro (The Citadel) and 285 Luke Luffman (Illinois) in https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=503102132
  4. It was also Senior Night for Missouri, that might have played a part in not sending the ISU A-team a lot of questions surrounding this that we won’t get the answers to
  5. Coleman's first match was listed as FFT and the Sebastian match was listed as MFF... now it is showing Inj 0:01. Not sure why it was changed, or why Sebastian showed up to this tournament all all to MFF out
  6. The Fantasy College Wrestling regular season has just come to an end and it’s time for the playoffs. shoutout to @andegre and @obrats of WrestleStat for their time and effort into making this a reality. So, how did everyones season end up?!
  7. Silly me for thinking this had something to do with Virginia Tech...
  8. good dual indeed... where was Tate Orndorff and Requir van der Merwe?
  9. Yes, i think they were being humorous in their 'wish list of punishments'... which is where the joke of Nomad's love for corporal punishment came from or expanded on.
  10. could have said the same thing for your post, because this has been explained many times in many posts for many people. If you dont bother to read them or try to understand the logistics of it, that's on you BTN+ broadcasts anything that is Big Ten hosted that the actual network channel is not scheduled to show. FLO has a contract to distribute anything BTN+ though a FLO subscription. They are a middle man for the stream being produced and sent by BTN+. FLO does not add or subtract anything from the stream, its an added as a bonus to the subscription to FLOsports. Please bookmark this so next time you want to complain about FLO not starting on time (and the BTN logo with the time clock ticking away) you can remember that you should be complaining to the Big Ten Network, not FLO
  11. because it's not... if you paid for BTN+, you would be seeing the same thing. Flo is re-transmitting what BTN+ is streaming
  12. The FloSports Bathroom Saga (A Summary... from what i can remember): Maybe in late Spring, it was mentioned on FRL that someone had found a pickle slice in one of the urinals of the Men's bathroom. From there, after threats of what would happen if the culprit was found, i believe something else was discovered in the bathroom (i want to say a burger bun or soda cup, something like that). The biggest threat was that whoever was found to be the FLO bathroom Vandal would be terminated... shortly after Willie left FLO Please add as I have forgotten a lot of details
  13. Im assuming you mean Berge was re-injured? He wrestled against Humphreys at Lehigh
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