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  1. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    ASU vs. Michigan

    So is the Pantaleo at 149 experiment over as quickly as it started?
  2. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Lack of Transparency

    On another related issue about transparency, why is the public not allowed to to see an active entry list to tournaments prior to the actual event? I dont see how the public knowing that only six of the ten starters for a team are going to a tournament four days prior changes anything. Maybe college can go the way of NHL injury reports (upper body, lower body, personal reasons, team discipline, etc). I understand the disclosing of collegiate athlete's injuries to the public is a different animal than professional sports, but eventually either months go by with rumors from message boards only to eventually get word that the wrestler is injured and out for the season or the wrestler shows up with a huge knee brace/shoulder wrap. Teasdale being officially registered and not making weight, if thats the reason, happens. But take Youssif Hemida. He was the #2 seed at Midlands initial bracket, then doesnt show up and the hwt bracket gets re-drawn. No one has commented on Hemida not wrestling one match this season, and if it is due to an injury or personal reasons, that is fine, i dont have a problem with it. As fans though, it would be nice to have a comment on it, even if it is due to "personal reasons." These are just some things that I have noticed doing season long fantasy wrestling. It gets difficult trying to stay up on who is entered, who is not, who is sitting/ducking, and who is injured. Side note: FLO does a great job with their content and reporting. They are probably prohibited from saying what they actually know about certain situations yet still get a lot of useful and insightful information to the fans. Keep up the good work.
  3. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Mat Town Open 1

    Small field, but the big news is that Yianni is back https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/d47f247f-107a-c81c-23a9-6f3197470892
  4. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Iowa vs Princeton

    BetDSI set the line at Lee -9
  5. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Division 1 Dual team Tournament Format for EVERY D1 Team

    I like the idea but I don’t know about automatically qualifying ALL teams from the get go. An athletic director might look at a smaller wrestling program that is always knocked out in the first round by Penn State, Iowa, NC State, etc while not getting anyone to Nationals and say “why do we continue to fund this program?” I had an idea similar to this but would mirror more like UEFA Champions League. Each Conference, based on the previous year’s results, will get at least two representatives into the 32 team Dual Tournament bracket and based on strength of conference can get more representatives (for example the final team standings of the NCAA Individual Championships). Each conference team champion would be seeded 1-8 and the remainder of the teams seeded so not to have the same teams of a conference meet in the first round. Dual Tournament Winner would get an automatic bid into next year’s tournament. It would only span at most 5 days that can be spread out though the season. This would help with logistics if teams form each coast have to meet For the remainder of the teams that did not make the Dual Tournament, there could be a play in bracket like the NIT, only the winner of the consolation tournament gets an automatic bid into next years National Dual Tournament. For example, the qualifying teams for this coming season could be (these are not exact 2018 final standings): ACC (4) Big Ten (7) Big XII (4) EIWA (5) EWL (3) MAC (3) SoCon (2) PAC12 (2) NC State Penn State Oklahoma St Cornell Rider Missouri App State Arizona State Virginia Tech Ohio State UNI Lehigh Edinboro C Michigan Chattanooga Oregon State North Carolina Michigan South Dakota St Binghamton Lock Haven Old Dominion Pittsburgh Nebraska Wyoming Navy Iowa Princeton Illinois Northwestern Two open spots for last year’s winner and Consolation Tournament winner The idea is two-fold in that it would put an emphasis on duals, especially within the conference, and a way for coaches to show that the program is achieving. It might also help with having wrestlers not sit out duals. Just a very rough idea.
  6. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Which wrestler will score the most for their team at NCAAs?

    I think they changed the tech rule in 2016 It did apply to tournaments too. Example: 2015 Tournamnet, Devin Carter won by 23-7 tech over Tyler Small without getting back points and scored 2 team pts
  7. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Big xii finals

    Looks like is FoxSportsGoOK only .... but somehow someone will say it's FLO's fault
  8. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    9th and 10th qualification spots

    On Flo, click the "Big Ten" dropdown in the light gray bar to bring up the 9th/10th brackets
  9. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Kanen storr

    Saw this on TheOpenMat: http://news.theopenmat.com/blog/2018/01/27/kevin-dresser-kanen-storr-tampered-will-ramifications/ Dresser says Storr was being "tampered with" by former coaches
  10. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    List of streaming/televised matches?

    Found video streams for today's events Saturday, November 4: OPENS- Princeton Open 9:00 AM- Track ($) Harold Nichols Cyclone Open 10:00 AM (N/a) Cowboy Open 11:00 AM- Flo ($) Menlo Open 12:00 PM (N/a) DUALS- Maryland at Rutgers, 12:00 PM- Flo ($) Chattanooga at VMI, 1:00 PM (not found, but try each team's Twitter closer to match time for a possible steam) Stanford at Virginia Tech, 1:30 PM (ESPN3) Stevens Tech, Delaware Valley at Navy, 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM (Facebook Live) Illinois at Missouri, 5:00 PM (MUtigers.com/watch) *Match is on the Missouri Softball field
  11. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Event Streams

    Stanford @ Virginia Tech will be on ESPN3 Saturday 12:30pm All Missouri home matches are free through MUtigers.com/watch
  12. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Arizona State Wrestle-offs?

    Friday Results: http://www.thesundevils.com/news/2017/10/23/-asuwrestling-prepares-for-annual-maroon-gold-intrasquad.aspx?path=wrestling Saturday matches start at 2pm Looks like Tsirtsis is at 157. Beat Oliver Pierce 4-2 and today has Shields.
  13. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    McKenna update

    165- TeShan Campbell
  14. Fighting_Blue_Jay

    Lehigh vs Virginia Tech

    Looks like Latona, Blees, McFadden, and a few other Hokies are registered for the Appalachian Open tomorrow