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  1. gotcha, you knew the correct scoring as 1 Dake when it happened in real time. Except in freestyle it isnt always "one or the other" as we have seen both wrestlers can score off one sequence ... the ref held up four for Dieringer and Pyles & Bader didnt know if it would be 4-0, 4-2, or 2-0 and then they ruled 1 for Dake because he stepped out before the throw.
  2. i thought freestyle was supposed to be ultra-scoring, no stalling, 110% action, and to be less confusing than folkstyle.... that was 12 min of boredom and 30 sec of confusion between judges, refs, and announcers. also, the gym looked more packed than Jr worlds
  3. I thought freestyle doesnt have stalling problems?
  4. Brock at 141 is probably better for himself and the team. 133 is packed whereas 141 cleared out, comparatively ... even more so if Yianni takes an Olympic Redshirt
  5. MFFT needs to count as a loss. I never understood why it shouldnt count against the wrestler
  6. Does Wick get the #4 after being beaten by Massa? Or will the seeding committee do the right thing and have Joseph and Wick on the same side to prevent Marinelli/Wick IV
  7. How can it not be hands to the face if the other wrestler's contact comes out? * beginning of Suriano v DeSanto
  8. Just looked at the allocations before Rogers was taken out:
  9. Does the BigXII have 5 or 6 allocations at 165?
  10. I would assume that most of the people on this board, as well as the rankers, would have Joe Smith ranked higher in the national rankings than Demetrius Romero... Also hurts his chances at nationals since he had to steal a spot
  11. Joe Smith loses 14-8 to Demetrius Romero in BigXII Quarters
  12. Bullard and Finesilver wrestled for the National Championship at 177 just now
  13. I think top 6 at 149 qualify, so yes he did
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