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  1. http://mmasucka.com/2018/03/29/russian-ministry-claims-us-refuses-to-grant-visas-out-of-2018-wrestling-world-cup/ A couple sources giving statements from a Ministry spokeswoman. Claims this is "an act of direct and open discrimination" and "they don't play fair." Personally I feel they're making excuses not to show up, knowing full well they'll have a poor showing. US is gonna run through this World Cup but it just won't be the same.
  2. CRITERIA 1. Has to be a senior 2. You need reasonable suspicion that they would fight, within the next couple of years. If they're returning world team members and world champions (Kyle, Zain, Richie Lewis), I think it's alright to assume they're going to stick to freestyle for some time. Here's my Top 5 http://mmasucka.com/2018/03/25/five-class-of-2018-wrestling-to-mma-prospects/ The only guy I think I dropped the ball with is Bryce Meredith, Willie Saylor claims he's going to fight. Thoughts?
  3. 125: Cruz Lee Tomasello Piccinnini Fausz Suriano Lizak Rivera R12 Fausz over Lamont Lizak over Russell Rivera over Hayes Piccinnini over Rios-Bresser 133: Micic Gross Brock Pletcher DeSanto Mueller Forys Parker R12 Mueller over Erneste Parker over Bridges DeSanto over Terao Forys over Tucker 141: Yianni D Meredith Jack Heil McKenna Eierman Lee Zanetta R12 Jack over Limmex Lee over Carr Zanetta over Red Heil over Alber 149: Retherford Sorensen Leeth Deakin Hayes Heilmann Kolodzik Donahue R12 Heilmann over Schuyler Donahue over Lewallen Deakin over McCrystal Kolodzik over Bannister 157: Nolf Hidlay Pantaleo Shields Kemdawg Jordan Lavallee Crone R12 Shields over Hammond Crone over Colgan Lavallee over Fox Kemerer over Berger 165: Cenzo IMar Massa McFadden Marstellar Marinelli Rogers Wick R12 Wick over Walsh Marstellar over White McFadden over Wanzek Rogers over Lewis 174: Zahid Valencia Hall Kutler Amine BoJo Lewis Lujan Ty Schoffstall?! R12 Amine over Sebastian Schoffstall over Kocer Lujan over Womack Lewis over Bolen 184: Nickal Martin Renda Preisch Abounader Zavatsky Dean Venz R12 Abounader over Marriott Dean over Gravina Venz over Bulsak Zavatsky over Foster 197: Moore Darmstadt Rasheed Macchiavello Miklus Haught Weigel Weiler R12 Macchiavello over Williams Weigel over Loiseau Weiler over Kasunic Haught over Rotert 285: Snyder Coon Nevills Stoll Kasper Wood Dhesi Boykin R12 Kasper over Butler Boykin over White Wood over Dunn Dhesi over Hall
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