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  1. potentiallydangerous

    Weekend Upsets with WrestleStat - Week 5 2018-2019

    149 #27 Cole Martin Wisconsin Dec 1-0 #17 Josh Maruca ASU
  2. potentiallydangerous

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    My three bloodhounds sleep better at night ( or all day as well) if I tell them they're like family to me.
  3. potentiallydangerous

    Nebraska vs Wisconsin

    There was an obnoxious fool at the Wisconsin forum who used to personally attack anyone who complained about Barry Davis and tried to convince people there would never be a better coach, the idiot changed his screen name and now is a Bono fanboi.
  4. potentiallydangerous

    Nebraska vs Wisconsin

    How did Wisconsin lose a team point? At intermission they had 8 after Wick's decision and Christensen's pin.
  5. potentiallydangerous

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Trent Hillger Backup Connor Brown
  6. potentiallydangerous

    Dont Redshirt Young Freshmen

    You spelled "counsel" correctly, this ruined the whole rant.
  7. potentiallydangerous

    Good day for the Hawkeyes

    Hombres, if Tommy don't open up the coin purse to get hisself a strength and conditioning coach, this will all be for naught. Did I mention how much I appreciate communicating with you all? You amigos are like family to me.
  8. potentiallydangerous

    4 Year Collegiate Varsity Opportunities by Sport (As of May 2018)

    Women's beach volleyball.
  9. potentiallydangerous

    Hawkeye Strenth and Cond Coach Opening $40k a year

    For part time, it beets training a bunch of fat ladies down to the 24 Hour Fitness gym.
  10. potentiallydangerous

    Top 10 programs of the Future

    After the Saudis and Chinese finish the coup that was rudely interrupted by Donald Trump, there will be open borders and a college will recruit the Iranian Olympic team, which will dominate the NCAA, especially after they ban folkstyle rules in favor of freestyle.
  11. potentiallydangerous

    Wrestlings Marketing Efforts

    In a country where half the people get their opinions from Rachel Maddow and the other half from Sean Hannity, it's a good idea to dumb it down to get their attention.
  12. potentiallydangerous

    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    Sometimes I break the glass even if there is no fire.
  13. potentiallydangerous

    Goldman Retired....

    All things come to those who wait.
  14. potentiallydangerous

    Push-back against the 3pt TD?

    Single leg takedown = 1 pt Double leg takedown = 2 pts
  15. It all began when people started referring to funerals as "life celebrations."