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  1. For those who use the word "choke," be advised Twitter will suspend your account for using that word in this context, claiming it is a threat of physical harm or harassment. Despite the naive beliefs of many, we are living in 1984.
  2. The requirement for a school to join the Ivy league is at least half the faculty must be receiving surreptitious payments from Red China.
  3. Wrestling tournaments are double elimination to allow wrestlers a second chance to prove in competition where they belong in the standings, in case they were seeded incorrectly. Reseeding after each championship round defeats that purpose, if it were implemented, then tournaments should be single elimination. If you want the top seeded ones to have that extra advantage, the trade off is, if they lose, they're out.
  4. Staying an extra year is a way of being babied and not having to grow up.
  5. I love the overdramatic virtue signaling here. Thanks
  6. Stanford gets matching funds to funnel to Antifa, they don't need wrestling.
  7. If society had not been conditioned to be offended and horrified by everything for the past 50 years, the woman would have replied in the same tone as Desanto and nothing else would have happened.
  8. I would not recommend Harvard, probably half their faculty gets under the table payments from China and could face indictments.
  9. All Americans Illinois 2 Wisconsin 2 Purdue 0 Michigan State 0
  10. Rather than trying to minimize the story with a passive aggressive meme, you should have the discernment to realize it was only ten years after World War II and there were probably members of the audience who had been casualties or family of casualties. Lefties always want to rewrite history, tear down statues, etc.
  11. In the 1950's the Chase Hotel on Kingshghway hosted a tv show, Wrestling at the Chase, which featured Cowboy Bob Ellis, Ginzhi Shabuya, Tairo Miyake and Rocky Lee. The Japanese wrestlers would perform a ceremony beforehand where they spread salt around the ring and meditated. The crowd would get impatient and boo. It was ignorant perhaps,to boo, but the lefties today would call it racist, which would be even more ignorant.
  12. I thought he got pinned because he wasn't accustomed to lasting that long in a match and ran out of gas. Maybe he had covid 18 Who cares?
  13. Every Wisconsin wrestler will reach the semifinals. You read it first.
  14. Not for any one wrestler, but before the 7-8 matches the arena should play A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada by Texas Tornados.
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