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  1. They should have lost their accreditation when they dropped sports.
  2. I'm just guessing when they joined the conference, it could have been 1990 for all sports.
  3. The original Big10 schools look down on the later additions, starting with Michigan State in 1947, Penn State in what, 1992, Nebraska in 2010(?), and Rutgers and Maryland, 2013(?).
  4. My daughter graduated from San Francisco State so I root for their wrestling team. They sometimes have an All American.
  5. So Moran can't get over his torn muscle or whatever it is by post season?
  6. Would an Iowa alum public defender tell a Minnesota alum defendant to plead?
  7. I think if you're able to push the guy out of bounds you should get a point.
  8. I watch YouTube videos of my favorite college wrestlers when they were ten years old.
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