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  1. Cal State Fullerton DIVISION I ALL-AMERICANS 285 – Wade Sauer (Nevada Union HS, SJ): 6th Place (2007) 125 – TJ Hill (Famingtn HS, Missouri): 4th (2000) 126 – Joey Coughran (Calvary Chapel HS, S): 8th (1998) 167 – Laszlo Molnar (Hungry): 2nd (1994) 118 – Michael Grubbs (El Camino HS, SD): 5th (1993) 275 – David Jones (Montclair HS, S): 4th (1990), 4th (1991) 158 – Ardeshir Asgari (Iran): 6th Place (1986) 1980 – Mike Elliott (Fontana HS, S): 5th (1980) http://thecaliforniawrestler.com/cal-state-fullerton-d2-d1/
  2. He's not keto, if you know what I mean, and you do know what I mean.
  3. 1) People who don't call me "amigo." 2) People who don't tell me I'm like family. 3) People who don't boast about trysts with skanky, intoxicated cougars. 4) People who don't call it the world's oldest and gratest sport. 5) People who don't like to make fun of Tom and Terry.
  4. After the socialists gain control of the government, competitive sports will be outlawed because they are inherently unfair to the less gifted participants, and everyone will be out of a job.
  5. I already answered this, it was Pucillo-Varner in 2008.
  6. Was Wisconsin's last decent 125 Tyler Graff as a freshman?
  7. The absence of a reference to the world's oldest and gratest sport, and not mentioning us amigos are like a family to him, do raise suspicion.
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