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  1. America is full of brainwashed, television addicted sheep. It's actually amusing.
  2. https://obits.oregonlive.com/us/obituaries/oregon/name/jessica-wilson-obituary?pid=200278331
  3. A typo due to auto correct is all you got? The real answer was, no it's not news about you being brainwashed, it has been known for a long time.
  4. She's the news is, Katie is a brainwashed, television addicted fool.
  5. Carl is homesick and is taking over at Utah Valley.
  6. I'm old enough to remember when Spencer Lee was pinned by Nick Piccininni.
  7. Wisconsin https://uwbadgers.com/sports/wrestling/schedule
  8. Now wrestlestat has Gomez ranked #6 at 149, so maybe...
  9. "Vincent, you ain't doing a G!D! thing, don't pay any attention to him, Honey Bunny."
  10. Greco Roman is under appreciated
  11. I'd like to see a tag team match Gable and Amos vs Parris and Ferrari.
  12. Your Wisconsin Badgers 125 Eric Barnett 8th 2021 133 Kyle Burwick 1-2 '21 NCAA 141 Austin Gomez 3-2 '21 NCAA 149 Drew Scharenbrock real good kid 157 Garrett Model real good kid 165 Josh Otto real good kid 174 Andrew McNally L R12 '21 184 Chris Weiler 0-2 '21 197 Braxton Amos vs Ford Focus or Ferrari 285 Trent Hilger multiple times AA
  13. 125 Eric Barnett 133 KyleBurwick 141 Austin Gomez 174 Andrew McNally 184 Chris Weiler 197 Braxton Amos
  14. Oops I misread your question. There were rumors USC, Colorado, Utah, but yeah it doesn't work from distance point of view.
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