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  1. potentiallydangerous


    Stoll shot himself in the foot in that match
  2. potentiallydangerous

    Battle of the Italians

    Logan "St Valentine's Day" Massa(cre)
  3. potentiallydangerous

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    Why don't they have protected match ups that happen every year between rivals, similar to football?
  4. potentiallydangerous

    WI State Champ out of states for 2 unsportsmanlikes

    State court, genius.
  5. potentiallydangerous

    Most like Cael

    Chris Bono hasn't changed in Chris Bono looks the same as he did 20 years ago.
  6. potentiallydangerous

    WI State Champ out of states for 2 unsportsmanlikes

    The bottom line is, if you want to flex or excessively celebrate after you win, have enough sense to not disrespect the ref prior to that.
  7. potentiallydangerous


    Of course
  8. potentiallydangerous


    "Oh, Officer Krupke You did it again That boy don't need a shrink He needs a year in the pen.."
  9. potentiallydangerous

    All- American Potential!

    Wisconsin 125 Connor Brown if he's healthy, maybe 141 Moran good chance 149 Cole Martin possibly 165 Evan Wick yes 174 Ryan Christensen if he's healthy, maybe 184 Hunter Ritter maybe 285 Hillger maybe
  10. potentiallydangerous

    Hawk Talk from Mudflap Stollhouse is a Crispy Critter Gents

    When I was serving time there was inmates that was in so long they lost there minds and folks just said they was "burned."
  11. potentiallydangerous

    Is taunting legal now?

    The only permissible celebrations after a match should be cartwheels and backflips. As in football, where the penalty for taunting is assessed on the kickoff, the penalty for taunting in a dual meet should be two points assessed against the next teammate's match.
  12. potentiallydangerous

    Wisconsin going forward

    Just like football and basketball, they will be at the top end of the middle bunch, not able to recruit like the dirty programs that pay for players.
  13. potentiallydangerous

    Jimmy Cinnabon

    Is this called "doxing," or "outing."
  14. potentiallydangerous

    Who Likes the Term Pinfall?

    Why do birds have pinfeathers?
  15. potentiallydangerous

    Why do people hate Cael?

    Even if I wanted to hate Cael, there is nothing to hate. On the other hand,Tom Brands acts like an entitled lunatic during matches.