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  1. Three 138 lbs and one 145 lbs. Where will they fit in?
  2. Are you and nyum married, or just living together?
  3. Thanks, that resolved the uncertainty.
  4. Not always, in your case I can't tell if you're bored or stupid.
  5. Are you that bitter Nebraska fan? I think I remember.
  6. Quite the contrary, but your reply indicates you still are missing the point, which is: Those who inaccurately label others as racist based on the results of an election ought to avoid racist behavior which exposes their own hypocrisy. Or to dumb it down, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  7. You're exactly right, Tobus Rex called them Mexican American and then assumed certain behavior would follow from it. He thought calling them Mexican American was politically correct as opposed to just calling them Mexicans, although that's what he meant. If you were trying to bait me about using the term ethnic, you didn't, yet.
  8. Implying an ethnic family would only name their children after their own ethnicity because, you know, they're ethnic. I could elaborate but it would probably lock the thread.
  9. They should be a very good dual meet team as well as having tournament fire power.
  10. There were not enough upsets when Wisconsin wrestlers were the underdog.
  11. I think this should become the custom, 1-8 placers are All American 1st team, round of 12 guys are 2nd team, round of 16 HM. Football and basketball have three layers plus HM.
  12. I bought a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels and finished it on the way home.
  13. I'm pretty much ok with anyone as long as they bathe or at least wear deodorant.
  14. Rob Rohn vs Josh Lambrecht as far as never giving up until it's over.
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