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  1. potentiallydangerous

    DF or Russians?

    Imagine how it would be today with all the Trump Deranged spouting what they are fed by TV.
  2. potentiallydangerous

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    Victor Jaquez placed 5th at state in 2017 & 3rd in 2018, was ranked #1 most of the '18-'19 season but I think had a football injury that was aggravated at the 2019 state wrestling tournament or he might have placed again. That's not to dispute your conclusion about Cal Poly wanting another option.
  3. potentiallydangerous

    DF or Russians?

    Whenever you think about blaming Russia, the Chinese are really behind it.
  4. potentiallydangerous

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    + Cal Poly -San Luis Obispo, Cal State -Bakersfield, Cal Baptist
  5. potentiallydangerous

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    I hope Jaden Abas graduates from Stanford, gets a job in Silicon Valley, and puts Mark Zuckerberg in a headlock.
  6. potentiallydangerous

    UALR in the PAC-12

    I hope they save on travel expenses and have a six way dual meet once a year.
  7. potentiallydangerous

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    So what grad school major can you get at Wisconsin but not South Dakota St that would interest a wrestler? Molecular muscle physiology of left wing demonstrators?
  8. potentiallydangerous

    NCAA Eligibility - WHY does this Concept Exist

    Mark Emmert gets at least $2 million per year for being president of the NCAA, not including bribery. He has to justify his bureaucracy's existence.
  9. potentiallydangerous

    Beach wrestling shorts vs folk singlets

    It's easier to shake sand out of beach shorts.
  10. potentiallydangerous

    What college produces the best freestylers?

    Freesno State
  11. potentiallydangerous

    WI State Champ out of states for 2 unsportsmanlikes

    If it was the ref's intention was to teach the wrestler and his family that actions have consequences, he succeeded.
  12. potentiallydangerous

    How do you block a user?

    You can block someone's posts but to make whole threads invisible would take prayer.
  13. potentiallydangerous

    Bryant and Mudflap | The Untold Story

    Mudflap is in control until Tom Brands wins a national team title for Iowa.
  14. potentiallydangerous

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    "For any category, if there is a Penn State option, that one wins." - Jimmy Cinnabon
  15. potentiallydangerous

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Braking Stories

    Because of KMF, I never fail to tell my wife she's like family to me.